Chapter two

Everyone in the company seems to know that the simple project has been approved.

The man standing at the corner of the reception Snared and walked into the elevator, taking out his phone he made a call

”You never told me that the contract was signed! ” He scolded when the call was picked

”Slow down why are you being so loud this morning? Yes the contract is signed, but the transfer documents is yet to be given, so don be in a haste ” a husky irregular voice came from the other side of the line

Taking a deep breath he asked once more to be sure ” so the plan is still going on, and I hope you hid all the traces of my involvement in this, and it won be tracked back to me? ”

Ha ha… the laugh was loud, stretched out and very wild,

”You have nothing to worry about, if thats all don call me again, wait for my call and next instructions ” the beep sound rang in his head.

Ahh!! Shouting he kicked the elevator door, just for it to open at that moment, Matthews shocked face came into view

The black RollRoyce phantom went through the business district neither fast nor slow, as they approached the thirty story building, the car drove into the underground parking lot.

Tesfaye took the reserved elevator all the way to the twenty fifth floor.

The elevator opened up to a long corridor covered with a black carpet, with the second receptionist station, where a five feet, long hair blond stood.

”Good morning sir ”

” morning ” he replied, gathering the documents she took two steps at a time, turning left the large ceiling to floor window came into view, jogging she entered the office, the soft click came from behind her taking a deep breath she walked up to the large brown office table, looking at her he stretched for the documents, passing it she knocked down the documents on the side. Her eyes bulged as she bent down to pick them.

”call Andrew ” he said while flipping through the files

”Yes sir ” she got up immediately, opening the door she came face to face with James, seeing her red face he didn need to ask, bowing she moved aside.

Watching her leave he went in, and moved to the fallen files, like second nature, the documents were placed back to their original position.

”Sir, big boss would like to see you in his office now ”

”Alright ” a tan skinned man sporting a black slicked hair replied.

Up on the twenty fifth floor, a smile spreed across his face.

”Hello Ada you look stunning today as always ”

She laughed it off, never took his compliment seriously as Andrew Is know for his numerous pick up lines

”He would see you now ”

”Someday you would take me more serious ” he said as he walked into the office with one hand in his brown suit pocket.

Shaking her head she went back to her work

Pushing the double door, the white theme room came into view.

”Big boss you requested for my humble presence and here Im ” putting on his award winning smile he made himself comfortable on the office couch facing the city view.

He looked up to see Tesfaye typing seriously on his system.

Looking he wondered how someone could have it all

He and Tesfaye have been friends for so long, but he believed that the world could sometimes be unfair, it gave some people all while others even after slaving away for so long nothing.

Tesfaye looked up at the man who seemed present yet far.

”I need you to collect the transfer letter for the project, they only signed the contract.

”Ahh..okay sure, the team needs a bonus ”

His hands stopped moving, looking at him for a while.

”Sure, when we start construction we could have a team dinner too ”

Laughing Andrew clapped

”Thats good, alright then, see you later buddy ” with that he got up

”Laras pregnant ” a low voice came from behind him.

Turning in surprise

He walked back in a haste

”Seriously, why are you just saying it now, we don need to wait for the construction to start we can start celebrating now ” he said with a wide grin.

”No need we have the gathering this tonight we can celebrate then ”

”Yeah! That would be good ” he said tapping his friends back.

”Alright, get going get the transfer letter ”

”Alright ” with that he left, there was a subtle hop in his steps.

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