ument as the instruments have minds of their and joyously play the night away.

Everyone seems to be having the time of their lives all except her son and general Kyra in fact she was standing among the guards giving them instruction instead enjoying her own party.

With an idea popping up in her head and a sly smirk forming upon her lips. She walks over to the playing instrument and asks for a different more slow song. Once the music stops a new tune begins everyone now has someone to dance with. Satisfied the queen mother pulls her sons ears towards her lips and whispers, ” I do not like how you rudely interrupted me while I was talking to your mate you have a lot of explaining to do so for now I want you to go ask her for a dance right this instant ” she whisper yells before releasing her furious motherly grip and tapping his cheek.

Not wanting to anger his mother he steps of his throne and takes powerful confident steps to were she gracefully stands with a firm expression upon her face. Most of the people stopled to watch the fascinating encounter between the two.

” Care to have this dance with me general? ” He asks with hopeful glint sparkling within his stormy blue eyes.

”It would be an honour your highness ”she reluctantly agrees even though she really wanted to say no.

The make their way to the center of the ball room. The cream ceiling has turned into the night sky with the many stars appearing. With the music gracefully playing in the background they dance with one harmonial sync. Soon enough they are no longer on the ground but are floating above everyone. They a stop dancing to watch the two dance so beautifully.

As they dance everything else around them has been channeled out and it is as if they are the only one. Without realising it a small portion of general Kyras scent accidentally slips out leaving the king a small whiff of it his stormy blue eyes turn universal colours only his blood line posses symbolizing every One one of the powers he owns. To his surprise his wolf and vampire seemed to be in more control than the others as there is one thing lingering in his mind. Mark mate

General Kyra looks into his eyes and a face of horror appears on her feature expression as he leans in towards her neck with his werewolf vampire canines reaching for her neck. His strong grip on her waist would make it impossible for Kyra of the past.

She tries to call out his nane bur he does not seem to be in his right mind. ”We are not Damien we are Mozzar and Rex ” two very deeps voices resonate from within him. His alcoholic breath seems to strike some of her memory in realisation. He has been drugged with a strong dose of Alexia. She turns into a bee finally out of his grip. Quickly turning into a hawk flying fast so he does not channel any of the anger on the now frightened people.

Already aware that he was hit on her feather tail using the advantage of the night sky she turns into a midnight coloured tiger *this is a fantasy book so anything is possible*.

Stealthily hiding on the rooftops watching the angry king grunt in frustration of not being able to find her. Trying to step back a bit she stops dead in her tracks as he too stops from below and his ears perk up to see a little kids laughing loudly in the flowery garden unaware of a now dangerous presence.

Smiling evilly as he turns into his Dragon ( the one creature that could turn him to the dark side forever just by killing an innocent soul) and what is more innocent than two happy kids.

She turns to watch his line of vision and is quick to act, giving away her hiding spot she leaps towards him in human form with two daggers in hand ready to strike the dragons attention from her. But that was the whole idea of getting her out as she is hit with a universal coloured flame of fire. Hitting her head against the pillars he line of vision is blurred as she helplessly watched the king slowly approach the kids. While her whole body is on fire.

Not wanting to give up she tried to get up but fails terribly. ”Open your eyes ” a voice that belonged to no one around her left her in shock she begins to search around hopelessly until the voice speaks again. Finally able to find the voice only to find it in inside of her.

”Who are You? ” She manages to say as the fire begins to seethe through her a lot more violently. ”Im your Phoenix dragon and you have summoned me from within ” the voice grawfully states with a strong and confident voice.

”Now open your eyes then close them again and breathe in and out that way I can align with your thoughts and we can become one ” the voice responds. With nothing left to save the kids she hastily agrees following the instructions laid out to her.

The world begins to silence around her as she is now lifted up the ground and fire flames surrounding her. The light being too bright it distracts the ferocious beast once known as the king.

Crystal coloured eyes glazed with firey gold. Brown curly locks lengthened with golden streaks at the end. Sharp claws and a large firey dragon now in the line sight of the king and once clueless kids who have gripped each other for comfort.

”I am Calisto The Phoenix Dragon ”

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