ve any weaknesses ”

”But everyone deserves happiness in their lives ”

”Not me ” she angrily yet softly replies and shuts of communication with her new and powerful ally.

Once she reaches the door handle she turns to look at the King one last time before exiting the room.

On her way to her room she couldn help but dwell back to what Calisto said. Everyone did deserve happiness including her right?

She continues to surface out her troubles as she walks alone through the never ending hallways, fnally arriving to get destination and quickly heading over to her sectry stash of magic potions all having one purpose. Stuffing all her emotions away along with hiding her scent.

Rummaging through the uniquely designed chest she discovers a horrific find. All her potions were empty.

”I have to get more ” she says to herself as she clears the center of the room and places vanilla scented lit candles in a circle formation ready to chant out the spell of teleportation.

”Why do you need more emotion and scent blockers? ” Calisto questions with curiosity.

”To keep me safe ” Kyra bluntly responds.

”But being in love is not dangerous at all in fact its a beautiful thing, I was once in love many years ago and I never regretted a single thing ” Calisto answers as she sighs dreamingly lost in thought of remembrance to her past life.

”Well Im glad you were in love and happy, it worked out for you but not for me ” she once again bluntly states as a stray tear drops down her face.

”Oh you wanna talk about it Im here to talk if you want to, I may be badass and confident but Im an amazing listener ”

”I have a spell to chant out and need complete silence of you don mind ” Kyra rudely quickly states as she ignores the Phoenix completely.

When Calisto remains silent she takes it as her cue to go in with the spell. Her hands wave around magically, the room begins to illuminate colours of blue and red. Her eyes are now adorned with colour of indigo, she thinks of the destination she wishes to go to. Wizard and Witches Coven Kingdom.

With one final whisper ”Telaportius ” the witch now finds herself in her designated destination.

Instead of finding her fellow people walking around town happily she is faced with pure disaster. The kingdom is under attack.

And the people leading the attack were vampires and werewolves? Working side by side??? What the hell

In that flight and fight moment she chose the latter for she was already in battle with the nearest vampire. With the help of her speed and magic she was able to kill a dozen werewolves and twenty vampires. And with the help of the many witches and wizards fighting by her side they were actually going to win this one.

But alas for her victory is short lived as more of their accomplices had joined in and she was cornered.

”Let me help ” the all too familiar voice urges. A fiery woman was now replaced with a fiery dragon. Fighting off the unwanted guests effortlessly that most of them had already ran away too afraid to face such a gruesome death such as the ones they had witnessed. They were certainly eager to spread the news about their new fiery discovery to one angry leader.

Luckily for her she was able to catch one of the vampires trying to escape. Knowing the history of vampires well known arrogance Calisto gladly volunteers herself to question the vampire.

”What are you doing here?! ” She booms out as she holds the vampire by his neck.

”I do not answer to you ” he says as he attempts to break himself free.

”Well in this situation where Im the one that calls the shots you sure as hell do ” she yells out along with pushing more pressure to his pale coloured neck.

”You all must watch out, he is coming ” he states as he rolls his eyes at her. That already seemed to anger Kyra her being the impatient one she takes control and effortlessly rips the vampires neck off his body with one of her giant Dragon fiery claws and happily watches the blood ooze out and burning away in the flames.

”So the bloodsuckers have blood too, who would have known ” she answers and shifts back to her human form not before getting an ear-piercing headache, a sign that Calisto was mad.

Really mad.

”I had it under control you know that right!! ”

”He clearly was not going to give us the answers we needed so yeah you definitely had it in the bag ” Kyra sarcastically responds as she makes her way through market place to survey through the damage and assist the injured.

Once Kyra arrives at the Palace the sight before her is truly saddening. The great wizard leader is craddled in the arms of his sobbing wife who grips onto his bloodied chest and on the floor besides the dead body is his lifeless heart thats been ripped out of his chest.

No magic could be able to save him at all. All they could do was circulate around the sobbing family as they stood in saddening silence.

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