In M City, precisely In Feng Prison, which was one of the big prisons in the city.

”0977, come out! Today you
e released, ” an officer said arrogantly.

The metal door creaked, breaking the silence. The tall, thin, and shabby figure of a man, who was originally sitting quietly in the corner of his cell bed, automatically stood up and walked out after hearing the voice.

The expression on his face was pathetic. His physique looked extremely pitiful.

Yes, spending ten years in prison had eaten away at his body and left only bones covered with skin. The handsome and tough figure had now lost his glory. His face lost much of its gleam, lacked the light of happiness.

No one knew how much misery he had endured all this time, the face just continued to be gloomy without any passion for life.

If the other prisoners were going to cheer with heaven when their prison term was up, the man was different. His release didn guarantee any redemption in the past.

When it was like a wind blew from outside, greeted him, and hit his pitiful body.

On the day of his release, no one came to pick him up as if no one had wanted this. His departure was only accompanied by clouds and a bone-chilling cold wind. These were the things that welcomed and celebrated his release.

Unlike ten years ago. Many people wept over him when the court sentence was set. But, it was hypocrisy he would never forget. The relatives who were weeping over him just wanted him to rot for life in prison.

Even during his ten-year sentence; stepmother, stepbrother, even his wife, no one of them came to visit him. If it wasn for his ex-wife, he would be alone as if he didn have any relatives in this world.

However, it was a long time ago. For the last five years, his ex-wife stopped visiting him in prison. He expected his ex-wife to come to surprise him on his day of release and didn want anyone to come except for him. But, what he found now was an empty space; the world he just saw was empty and strange because the only person he knew didn come for him.

Amid his contemplation, an ironic smile suddenly appeared on his face. His ex-wife already had a boyfriend, of course, they were married by now. He shouldn be expecting something that would never happen.

He deserved that emptiness!

Now, he could only walk aimlessly and was reluctant to return to his familys mansion that could guarantee his life.

He would never go back there.

If there was a choice, a lifetime in an iron cell was better than a week in that place.

After an hour down the road, a black McLaren Elva pulled up beside him. He also stopped and looked at the car.

Inside the car, there was a beautiful and graceful woman. It took a long time for the man to remember the woman in the car.

”Lu … Xinai …, ” he muttered.

”You, Jiang … Yanxu? Are you Jiang Yanxu? ”

The man didn respond. He just stood frozen like a dazed person. It had been a long time since someone had said the name, it sounded strange to him.

”Brother-in-law, come on in. Well talk in the car. ”

The woman opened the car door, the man got in immediately.

On the seat, Jiang Yanxu looked blankly at Lu Xinai who was sitting next to him.

He didn know how many years he hadn seen her.

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