Jiang Yanxu touched the young mans face gently with both hands, looked at him with concern; at least this was what he should show to the young man on the outside. While in the most hidden part, his heart was sneering, holding back hatred for Ye Xinxin.

As Jiang Yanxu expected, Ye Xinxin was just a weak young man without Tang Shiliu and Shen Ke. He didn have any authority at all.

Like a parasite dependent on its host, Ye Xinxin lived well in the Jiang Family as he relied on his status as Jiang Yanxus legal wife and relied on the old Jiang Yanxu, who had always loved and obeyed him, to protect him from all the mistakes he had done. Besides, when Jiang Yanxu, who he had always hoped to help him, changed all of a sudden, he was just an ordinary young man who cried easily and was too spoiled when he was pressed by urgency.

Heh, as he recalled, Ye Xinxins tears were the most powerful way to conquer his heart!

Jiang Yanxu suddenly smiled.

In Ye Xinxins eyes, the smile was very sincere. However, what Jiang Yanxu had shown him was an incredibly perfect trick. There was no way to tell that the smile was a grudge in the depths of his heart, and on closer inspection, Jiang Yanxu didn seem to have any mercy in his anymore as if he had left it all behind in his previous life.

Jiang Yanxu couldn wait to see how Ye Xinxin would react to his current self.

Will he beg for sympathy?

Will he stand any longer to live with him?

Jiang Yanxu wanted to watch the stage act he put on!

After all, if Ye Xinxin didn claw at him in the previous life, then he didn need to rise in this life, and they could live heartily in the old life.

Who threw him in prison?

Who locked him all of a sudden and then killed him so mercilessly?

As if Ye Xinxin had annoyed a hibernating bear, Jiang Yanxu smiled as if to reveal the fangs and claws he had hidden for long ago, and couldn wait to show them off to the people in his family.

This life slightly favored Jiang Yanxu. He remembered how his life had been in his previous life, so he only needed to change a few plots to see some shocking reactions from the people who had made him suffer.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yanxu got more excited. He couldn wait to see Tang Shiliu and his beloved son, Shen Ke, react.

Jiang Yanxu wiped the remaining tears on Ye Xinxins eyelids, and said, ”Don cry anymore. You look ugly when you cry. Now, lets go to the room to talk. ”

Ye Xinxin immediately wiped his tears. Even though he was no longer crying, he still had a somber face but it looked better than before.

”What do we need to talk about, though? ” Ye Xinxin lifted his chin as he asked, revealing two bright round eyes like shining cat eyes.

Jiang Yanxu used to truly love Ye Xinxins eyes, even when he looked at them now, he felt like he still loved them. However, now Jiang Yanxus feelings were different. He no longer loved him and would never love him again no matter what, as if his resentment for Ye Xinxin was congealing in his veins.

”Didn you want to have a nice talk with me earlier? ”

Ye Xinxin lowered his head after hearing the words, hanging his head, as if he was hiding all the rottenness on his face.

Meanwhile, Song Yutong, who had been standing like a neglected human carved statue between them, also asked to leave first on the grounds that he wanted to arrange some schedules.

Jiang Yanxu let him take his leave. He knew how awkward he was there alone … or even disgusted to watch them?

It was reasonable. Jiang Yanxu was barely able to hold back the disgust over there and almost sprinted to vomit.

Then, Jiang Yanxu grabbed Ye Xinxins hand and pulled him inside.

In the bedroom, Ye Xinxin sat on the side of the bed. He didn say anything yet until Jiang Yanxu spoke first.

”Honey, don pout anymore. Earlier, my head really hurt, so I couldn think straight, ” Jiang Yanxu said as he stood before Ye Xinxin; smoking a cigarette.

While Ye Xinxin wasn looking at him, he took the chance to look at Ye Xinxin with disdain while sipping the tobacco that was clamped on his fingers.

Getting no response, Jiang Yanxu put out the cigarette flame on the tip, then sat down beside Ye Xinxin. He put his arm around Ye Xinxin, advising him, ”We just got married. This is what youve always wanted, isn this? Its not good if lovers have to fight at their early marriage. People say, such a relationship won last. So, cheer up because we
e made this trip for the honeymoon, not to fight along the voyage. ”

Eventually, Ye Xinxin showed a reaction. He spun his head towards Jiang Yanxu, showing how his face was shrouded in tenderness and affection. He stared at Jiang Yanxu intently before he kissed him all of a sudden.

Jiang Yanxu was surprised at first, but in the end, he responded.

After all, Jiang Yanxu was a grown man and knew, that after a couple of quarrels took place, it would end with sharing love as a sign that they had made up.

Even though Jiang Yanxu failed in his first and second marriages, the man knew what a love relationship was all about. He had been in a relationship with Ye Xinxin for many years and he had also slept with many women and men out there, so a bastard like Jiang Yanxu couldn be doubted about his experience to please those beneath his body.

Jiang Yanxu pressed Ye Xinxins lips deeper and deeper, causing Ye Xinxin to have pain on his lips. Ye Xinxin felt himself being squeezed too much and started to feel pain in certain parts.

However, when the young man was about to breathe, Jiang Yanxu, who wasn actually in the mood for making love now didn allow the young man to move an inch. Jiang Yanxu even shortly pressed Ye Xinxin beneath his body and gave kiss by kiss on the lips roughly.

Ye Xinxin was in so much pain as soon as Jiang Yanxu gave him a bite on his lips. After he found a chance to pause, he took the chance to breathe even if only for a second because Jiang Yanxu pressed his lips again and again; making Ye Xinxins mind go into chaos.

Finally, after feeling satisfied, Jiang Yanxu stopped kissing him while looking at Ye Xinxin beneath him who had teary eyes. They were both panting although they were in a different mood.

Ye Xinxins both hands were pressed firmly by the big and strong hands and he became a helpless kitten, who was only waiting for mercy. He tried to take a closer look at Jiang Yanxus face to see what the man he loved looked like while they were in intimacy, but the mist on his eyes was too thick; he couldn see anything but a faint figure.

Jiang Yanxu was usually never this rough when he stimulated his partner when they were about to make love and had always been gentle as if he didn want to hurt Ye Xinxin, the young man he had initially considered so precious in his life.

But now, living again with growing resentment, outrage, and hatred, Jiang Yanxu thought that he didn need to guard anything anymore. Worse yet, the young man wanted sex, so Jiang Yanxu would give it to him in his own way without holding back.

Jiang Yanxu couldn beat him by hands to vent his wrath, so sex was a good chance for him to harm this young man.

He would slowly drown him in satisfaction until he couldn differentiate between pain and pleasure itself.

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