He couldn remember it clearly. The only thing he remembered was that Lu Xinai was the successor of the Lu Company, which was one of the hugest animation companies after his Jiang-Shi Company.

She …

Jiang Yanxu finally could remember after the images of the past were replayed in his head.

Lu Xinai was the female cousin of his ex-wife. Her figure reminded him of the insulting words he had ever uttered, made him instantly feel awkward.

He had never thought of reuniting when things were getting worse.

Instantly a gentle, smiling figure appeared in Jiang Yanxus memory. The man lowered his head, his heart instantly filled with deep sorrow.

His eyes were teary. He realized it when the drops of water fell on the shabby clothes he was wearing.

No one thought that he could still cry. If someone asked, do you regret everything now? No one would believe if Jiang Yanxu said that he regretted everything impeccably.

”Brother-in-law, whats wrong? ” Lu Xinai asked worriedly.

However, because the man kept crying, Lu Xinai finally pulled the car over. She touched the mans arm gently, asking softly, ”Brother-in-law, whats wrong? You just released, then why are you crying? ”

Yan An …

Of course, the tears were for his ex-wife, Yan An. Jiang Yanxu didn feel embarrassed anymore to show his imperfection in front of Yan Ans family.

After years of trying hard, but his life was still far from prosperous.

Jiang Yanxu divorced Yan An to marry his ex-lover. But, after their divorce; three years later after his new marriage; he was framed. All treasures were confiscated, even his Jiang-shi Company.

Spending ten years in prison, he always remembered Yan An every moment. As his abandoned wife, Yan An was the only person who still cared about him. Bringing him food; telling many stories; even every word he said didn change, still sounded gentle, typical of Southerners.

He married Yan An for business. It was also his parents wish. Since Yan Company had no daughters, Yan An was an offer in Yan Family which Jiang Family immediately agreed to.

During their marriage, he didn know how many tears Yan An poured into the cup just to get the mans acknowledgment of him as a wife, but the man even poured wine as a mockery.

He didn know exactly what kind of sweetness he had given to Yan An besides constantly making him cry.

Judging by the look, Lu Xinai immediately knew what made the man burst into tears. However, she didn dare to bring up anything other than showing sympathy and tried to comfort the man by the words, ”Brother-in-law, Yan An has never hated you. Every time, after he visited you, he always told good things about you. ”

Lu Xinai was slightly surprised by this mans reaction. She never expected that what Jiang Yanxu believed in the past now made him so regretful.

However, she couldn do anything. Her eldest cousin, Yan An, often told her not to hate Jiang Family. Yan An loved Jiang Yanxu and didn hold any grudges. So, year after year, Lu Xinai took a good meaning at the words and tried not to hate Jiang Yanxu even though what Jiang Yanxu had done to one of her family was inhumane.

In the end, she was able to talk friendly to Yan Ans ex-husband today, not even hesitating to call him rother-in-law.

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