Jiang Yanxus eyes were still puffy. He wiped the tears that welled up in his eyes with the sleeve, leaving a red mark in the corner of his eyes. He said without wavering, ”Its been thirteen years and I still regret everything. Ten years in jail, I kept mourning for my sins to him. If only I wasn blind to see someones integrity, I would never have regrets as I do now. Im sorry … Im sorry. ” There was a pain at the end of his words.

Lu Xinai looked at the man with darkness in her eyes for a while before she turned her face back to ahead. When she heard the man keep apologizing, a deep sorrow suddenly arose in her heart, made her chest feel tight and sore. There was an outrage and regret that she couldn express.

How many apologetic words Jiang Yanxu said and how often Jiang Yanxu said them, even if Yan An had forgiven him, it wouldn change what had happened in the past that Jiang Yanxu had dumped her eldest cousin.

After all, not hating someone who broke one of her familys hearts was unthinkable. It had been thirteen years, the man was still regretful and the wound in Lu Xinais heart was still scarred.

However, hatred, revenge, anger, weren the solution.

Lu Xinai was brought up like a man by her father. She was told not to be a crybaby; she wasn allowed to be a complainer; and she shouldn be overly sensitive to people, so she couldn cry easily.

Yet, Yan Ans past was too bitter to remember. Lu Xinai fought desperately to hold back the tears that were about to burst in her eyes.

But, Lu Xinai was a woman and had a womans heart. She couldn avoid it.

If a man could cry over this problem, what about a woman?

Lu Xinai was crying secretly. Her heart couldn lie to herself once she remembered how Yan An had stood all the time.

Yan An suffered a lot after the divorce. But, his love for Jiang Yanxu was always truthful. It was just that someone he loved never wanted to accept it.

Whos sorry now?

If it weren for the conflict in the Jiang Family, Jiang Yanxu would never know how much Yan An loved him. He would never mourn anything in his life. And, for thirteen years, Lu Xinai was sure that Jiang Yanxu would spend that time spoiling his new wife no matter how Yan An cried for him over the years.

Silence filled the atmosphere between them for a long moment, until Jiang Yanxu finally asked hesitantly, ”Yan An hadn visited me in the past five years. Is he married to Wen Huiyi? ” his raspy voice sounded terrible, breaking the air in the gloomy gap.

Hearing Jiang Yanxus question, Lu Xinais face suddenly lost its expression. She turned to Jiang Yanxu beside her, focusing her eyes on the same spot emotionlessly.

For a moment the air became very cold, freezing both people in the car.

Lu Xinai didn have any feelings of hatred or anger towards him anymore; it was a kind of stagnation emotion due to extreme grief.

The woman then turned her face ahead, smiling but what was seen wasn euphoria. He repeated Jiang Yanxus words to herself, ”Is he married … is he married to Wen Huiyi? ”

The womans voice was quiet. Every sound that came out of her mouth was like with blood from her torn vocal cords, ”He … is dead. Five years ago. Thats why he didn come to visit you over the years. ”

Followed by silence, Jiang Yanxu froze and the air around them instantly became silent as if the world was muted. There was no wind blowing, not even the sound of their breathing.

Was Jiang Yanxu deaf or was it the world that had become noiseless?

For a moment, Jiang Yanxu seemed to be being tricked. He heard Lu Xinans words clearly, but when he opened his mouth, nothing came out.

As if someone hit his heart hard, Both of Jiang Yanxus eyes turned red like a crazy beast. He clenched his fists, immediately hit the car window with a loud bang, yelling like he was spitting blood and pain, ”Don lie to me! You
e lying, right?! Don shock me! ”

If Lu Xinai wasn a woman, Jiang Yanxu would have committed acts of violence. No matter if he had to go to prison a second time and be sentenced to death, this madman just wanted to hear Lu Xinai say: Yes, I lied. It was just a joke, and at the end of her words she burst out laughing to reassure Jiang Yanxu.

He expected that. His red, soggy eyes revealed how much he wanted to hear that.

However, until the end, Lu Xinai didn say anything. She even said something that blew Jiang Yanxus heart even more, even Jiang Yanxu felt the blow pierce his back.

”I will take you to the place where Brother Yan is buried. ”

As soon as Lu Xinai finished her words, she pulled the gas lever, then sped off on the crowded road.

Meanwhile, Jiang Yanxus body instantly went limp as if he was just a boneless lump of flesh leaning against the seat. His angry eyes were gradually shrouded in a mist of sorrow, staring blankly ahead, seeing nothing in front of him but grief and despair.

He tried to quiet himself down, trying not to yell, and in the end, he managed to stand it until they arrived at the cemetery.

Jiang Yanxu hurriedly got out of the car, but as soon as he was standing right in front of the cemetery gates, he suddenly stopped. He looked at the funeral pamphlet, with the words: Rest in Peace for the Next Life. He read it over and over again without knowing what the meaning he wanted to know by the clause.

He was stunned for a long time, still unable to believe the news he just heard.

He had a plan initially. If Yan An and Wen Huiyi weren married, then Jiang Yanxu wanted to take the chance to beg Yan An to harmonize with him again.

However, it was as if he had just been thrown down hard onto the earth and shattered into pieces. He could accept the news of Yan An and Wen Huiyis marriage, but he couldn accept Yan Ans death.

Soon after that, Lu Xinai, who had been watching him for a long time, touched his shoulder gently. ”Brother-in-law, come with me. ”

Lu Xinai walked in first, while Jiang Yanxu was still stunned in silence.

At first, Jiang Yanxu was hesitant to take a step in, but he finally followed Lu Xinai from behind.

As soon as they arrived at a grave, Jiang Yanxu felt his heart explode, throwing many tears in his eyes when he saw the name on the gravestone. His legs became paralyzed and fell to the ground, he immediately embraced the gravestone and said something loudly, expressing many regrets that he hadn expressed yet.

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