Jiang Yanxu glared at the man furiously, revealing the hatred he had harbored for nearly eleven years through his eyes. So, as soon as he said words, his voice sounded cold and terrible like a roar from deep in the forest, ”Go to hell. ”

Fortunately, Jiang Yanxus hands and feet were tied so that it didn give him a chance to move. Otherwise, he didn hesitate to swing many punches at Ye Xinxin. Even if Ye Xinxin died because of him, he would have no regrets, and would instead spit on his corpse proudly.

Ye Xinxin giggled, finding the cursing funny.

However, in Jiang Yanxus ears, Ye Xinxins giggles were like a mental disorder person.

Ye Xinxin then spoke up, questioning the sweet things that Jiang Yanxu had confessed to him thirteen years ago as if collecting millions of yuan in debt, ”My hubby, don you miss me? Aren you crazy about me? Don you love me so much? Im meaningful in your life, right? But, why are you being cold to me now? ”

Jiang Yanxu suddenly felt disgusted, which made him want to vomit all the memories with Ye Xinxin in the past.

He didn expect that the words he used to say straight from the depth of his heart to Ye Xinxin were now so disgusting when he heard them back thirteen years later.

Getting up from his seat, Ye Xinxin walked up to Jiang Yanxu with graceful steps, but the arrogance on his face was the exact opposite of his demeanor on the outside.

Its deceiving!

Hes a fraud!

Ye Xinxin crouched down as soon as he arrived before Jiang Yanxu. He tilted his head, looking up his husbands face carefully. Suddenly there was a nasty feeling in his heart, he sneered, ”Ten years ago, you were so handsome and glorious. Now, you
e just a pathetic old man— ”

”No need for small talk, ” Jiang Yanxu cut in firmly, ”What do you want again? Youve already taken everything from me. Now, I have nothing left. ”

As soon as Jiang Yanxu finished his sentence, there was a break of silence before Ye Xinxins voice resounded.

”What do I want? Hmm … ” Ye Xinxin repeated Jiang Yanxus words as if asking himself but in a tone that seemed to mock the previous speaker, ”Have I taken everything from you? Hmm … ”

Ye Xinxin immediately stood up, while Jiang Yanxus eyes followed Ye Xinxins motion with a ferocious look. At that instant, Jiang Yanxu felt his hatred and anger towards Ye Xinxin boost many times over.

However, Jiang Yanxu was a calm and apathetic person. He had faced various characters in the business, so he could still refrain from cursing.

Ye Xinxin looked at Jiang Yanxu expressionlessly. A mysterious smile appeared on his face as if he had just won a new victory. Then, he turned wordlessly, walking towards a black bag lying on the ground by the chair.

Not long after, he returned with a folder and a pen in his hand. Right in front of Jiang Yanxu, he took out a document, then waved to a man standing not far from both of them.

The man who saw Ye Xinxins gesture immediately understood his instructions. He immediately came over by lifting the dusty wooden table, placing it between them, and then untying Jiang Yanxus right hand with a dagger.

Ye Xinxin put the document and pen on the table while saying in a commanding tone to Jiang Yanxu, ”Sign it. ”

Jiang Yanxu looked at the document with an almost knitted brows, read the contents carefully, and suddenly burst out laughing like someone who had lost his mind. He lifted his head; his eyes flashed a bright fireball, and sneered, ”I was in prison for ten years, then why didn you file for the divorce long ago? ”

Ye Xinxin tilted his head slightly, acting as if he was thinking about something. He replied casually, ”Hm, maybe I was too busy with my new boyfriend, so I forgot that I had a pet in the cage. But, you look okay though, so I think they (police officers) take good care of my pet. ”

As if Jiang Yanxu had gotten used to it, Ye Xinxins words were nothing now. How Ye Xinxin betrayed him and how Ye Xinxin, stepbrother, and stepmother accused him in the past, couldn be compared to the mockery of a pet.

Jiang Yanxu slightly lifted his chin, didn have any humiliation on his face at all, and even arrogantly said to Ye Xinxin, ”You shouldn bother yourself for a divorce sheet. Ill still sign it. ”

Ye Xinxin smirked. ”Think of it as a surprise on your release day, babe. ”

Jiang Yanxu didn give any response. He then lowered his face, looking at the document containing the divorce suit with a smile in his eyes.

If it was possible for him to thank Ye Xinxin, he would definitely say so.

It was as he expected. After all, if Ye Xinxin didn file it first, Jiang Yanxu would be the one to file the divorce for him, even Jiang Yanxu had thought of this when he was in prison.

Jiang Yanxu immediately took out a pen and directly signed their divorce paper without hesitation.

As soon as Jiang Yanxu put the pen on the table, Ye Xinxin immediately grabbed the document impatiently. He looked at the white paper with Jiang Yanxus signature on it; he even showed a playful face and excitement. Then, he put it back in the folder, and pull out another document.

Placing the document in front of Jiang Yanxu, an incomparably smile suddenly appeared on his thin and beaming face. He reminded Jiang Yanxu, ”You said you had nothing left, but you seem to be mistaken. I found something more valuable and this is a gift your father gave to Yan An. ”


Hearing about this, Jiang Yanxus body immediately froze. He felt like his soul had just separated from his body, then returned to a daze.

He slowly lowered his gaze, reading the document with a frown.

As if someone had pressed the play button on a video game, Jiang Yanxus fist immediately hit the wooden table hard. He lifted his face, showing how the wrath exploded as if his red eyes were bleeding. He yelled, his voice booming like thunder from cloud-to-ground during a storm, ”How dare you! How dare you! So this is your real plan?! Fck you Ye Xinxin! Go to hell! You— ”

Before Jiang Yanxu finished cursing, a man who was standing behind the chair where Jiang Yanxu was tied up immediately tightened the rope around the mans neck, leaving a long-blood-red-mark on his neck.

Jiang Yanxus breath suddenly clogged up in his throat, and an extremely painful choking sound was heard.

Jiang Yanxu tried as hard as he could to untie the rope around his neck, but with one hand, plus the rope was already entwined in the flesh of his neck, he was helpless. He could only feel his body get weaker.

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