Rebirth To Chase My ExWife [BL]

Back To Life Thirteen Years Ago

The people in this old warehouse didn even care about the man. His situation even seemed like a pastime show for them.

Ye Xinxin smiled meaningfully, reached out to take the document back, and read it. He asked himself in a low tone as if there was something he couldn understand, ”Whats wrong with this, huh? ”

In the past, Jiang Yanxu had always said that whatever belonged to him would belong to Ye Xinxin as well. And now, Ye Xinxin found a hidden property, but Jiang Yanxu instead cursed him like a thief.

Wasn Jiang Yanxu who used to be crazy about him could give up his property to him?

Jiang Yanxu struggled to keep breathing in because the rope wrapped around his neck made his throat feel like it was crushing. He tried hard to stay awake until a single tear fell like blood in his eye from the extreme pain.

In his half-dead state, he wanted to tell Ye Xinxin that he didn mind dying if Ye Xinxin wanted to kill him now but his only wish was to tell Ye Xinxin not to take what should belong to Yan An.

After all, even if Yan An died, Yan Ans right was still his and should be given to his family.

However, when he opened his mouth, there was no tongue that should be in his mouth.

Ye Xinxin looked at the half-dying Jiang Yanxu in front of him while pointing the document right at Jiang Yanxus face. He said, ”How can you hide this from me, my hubby? Its unfair. Aren I special for you? ”

Amid the pain Jiang Yanxu was feeling right now, he barely heard Ye Xinxins words clearly except for the word ”unfair ”, which made him feel ticklish as if he wanted to burst of a laugh in the midst of facing the death before his own eyes.

After pouring out his affection for Ye Xinxin for so many years; spending all his possessions and even throw away someone who loved him sincerely; how could someone like Ye Xinxin say the word ”unfair ”? How exactly was that ”unfair ” meaning in Ye Xinxins mind after toying with him and throwing him away like a broken plastic that could no longer cheer him up?

Jiang Yanxu muttered inwardly, If only time could turn back, then I would never let Yan An go at that chance and let the little demon settle in hell as he should!

Jiang Yanxu just never showed his bad side to Ye Xinxin because he loved him at that time, so Ye Xinxin could play with him as he pleased. If only he hadn acted weak and dutiful in front of Ye Xinxin, there wouldn have been such suppression as now.

The misfortune that had befallen Jiang Yanxu all this time was naturally caused by himself in the past!

Ye Xinxin smirked. His beautiful face was enveloped by a cold mist, it was even felt as he spoke once more, ”Hm, forget it. I don need your signature for this anyway. I just need your fingerprints because your fathers lawyer said that it needs your fingerprints so I can get the land, ” paused for a moment, Ye Xinxin placed the folder and documents on the table, then he continued in a playful tone, ”Ive waited two years for this, you know. So, please cooperate. ”

Jiang Yanxu turned his eyes towards Ye Xinxin. Even though he was fighting for his life from another persons hands right now, he could still feel indignant as soon as he heard Ye Xinxins words.

After Jiang Yanxu read the second document earlier, he immediately remembered that it was the land he wanted from his father to build an armament project on. However, because he and his father had disagreements regarding the project, the land was kept by his father to build a different project.

Finally, when Jiang Yanxu refused to marry Yan An, his father used the land to persuade him but also as a guarantee that if within five years Jiang Yanxu divorced Yan An, the land would belong to Yan An. In other words, Jiang Yanxu couldn build anything on the land before his marriage to Yan An was five years.

Unfortunately, his father died when his marriage to Yan An just reached four years. However, because Jiang Yanxu had only thought of divorcing Yan An as soon as possible to marry Ye Xinxin, he forgot about the document right after he divorced Yan An one year later.

Now, Jiang Yanxu didn expect that it would be discovered by Ye Xinxin.

Ye Xinxin took a deep breath, then continued to say, ”Hm, but if you don want to, then its not a big deal for me either. Although you would never want to do it for me, then Ill use an easier alternative. ”

The flamboyant man didn hesitate to say his words at all. He even had a deadly smile on his face, showing the most hated antagonist. He then ordered the man who was snaring Jiang Yanxus neck with a rope in an arrogant tone, ”Finish it now. ”

The fierce-looking man nodded in understanding. As soon as he got the order, he mercilessly put all his strength into pulling the rope around Jiang Yanxus neck so that Jiang Yanxus voice sounded like a pig choking in pain.

Jiang Yanxus body shook violently, his face was bluish red from the lack of oxygen in his head. He spasmed for a while before his body finally went numb. His hands drooped limply, falling beside his helpless body, making a loud thud as they hit the chair.

Jiang Yanxus eyes opened upwards and began to feel a chill from his toes slowly rising to his head.

In his dying state, his mind was already between life and death. In his dazed mind, his skin still managed to feel the gentle touch on his face and hear the echo-like words that brought him to the afterlife.

”You must think of me as a criminal, don you? But, it doesn matter. You just need to know how much Ive loved you all along. Its just that we
e not a match. Besides, we
e even now. I don need to endure anything anymore. ”

Before Jiang Yanxu asked a few things in his mind, suddenly from the front he could feel something sharp stabbed into his liver and felt a warm fluid seep where the sharp object had stuck.

However, because Jiang Yanxu was already dying, the pain in his stomach was only like being stung by something.

Over time, Jiang Yanxus vision began to blur. Then, as he was starting to lose his consciousness, he caught a glimpse of Ye Xinxins sly smile. Just before he closed his eyes, he heard a cold, flat voice say, ”Take care of his body. Don leave any traces that could make the police suspicious. Tell people that he died by suicide. ”

Suicide? Jiang Yanxu thought. The only thing that lingered on his memory was that one word. After that, his body slowly stiffened and cold as if sleeping in the snow without wearing anything, then silence …

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