Jiang Yanxu suddenly burst into tears. He didn know it until he saw his reflection in the glass shedding tears while smiling. He knew clearly that what he felt by this time was different where there was elation slowly filling the nothingness of his heart.

Finally, he realized that it wasn a tear of grief due to the burden he had previously endured, but a tear of happiness because a person who had a grave sin like him could still be given one more chance to live even though he had to work hard for his life and love again.

So, that was why he could be so quiet while shedding tears.

He wailed himself as if he was somewhere between sorrow and gratitude.

Unexpectedly time rolled back the situation.

In the past, Jiang Yanxu hated Yan An who always cried in front of him. He didn even hesitate to show him how much he despised to see him look so wistful in his eyes, and how many tears fell on the ground, doubly made him disgusted and indignant. He wouldn hesitate to give Yan An a punishment, which even now he couldn visualize how cruel the punishment would be.

Jiang Yanxu silently thought that Yan An should have run away from him back then, yet why didn he do that? How could he let his love fool him like that?

But now, Jiang Yanxu faced himself who was in tears, and it could be called a crybaby. Then, should he hate himself?

The smile on Jiang Yanxus face suddenly turned into mockery to his reflection.

There was no need to ask such a stupid thing. Surely, he had hated himself long before and didn mind being fooled by love as how he thought of Yan An.

All the disrespects, ridicule, cursing that he had once hurled at Yan An, now backfired on himself. He could feel how painful the words were as they hit his heart, and he knew clearly—that Yan An was in more pain than he was feeling right now.

He could understand Yan Ans feelings …

He understood why he had become a crybaby.

Betrayal … tormenting …

Who wouldn be a grumbler because of them?

He only didn want to bring up anything for now until the tears in his eyes dried up.

Suddenly, the cell phone on the bedside table rang loudly. He reached out to pick up his phone and saw a familiar ID. Jiang Yanxu immediately answered in a hoarse voice like there was a cut in his throat, ”Whats going on? ”

”Mr. Jiang, you have to come to the main deck. Mr. Ye is crying here, ” Assistant Song said anxiously over the phone.

Jiang Yanxu fell silent for a while before he asked again, ”Whats wrong? ”

”Um, I just found him running to the main deck, so I followed him to make sure that hes fine but …. ”

Jiang Yanxu didn respond until he hung up.

His gaze was blank for a while before it was filled with common sense. Then, he took a puff of the cigarette on his finger; blowing smoke from his mouth and nose; sparking flames at the tip of the cigarette, falling like sparks that shattered into pieces to the ground. Instantly the room was filled with the smell of tobacco. He rubbed the tip of his cigarette on the table, then got up from where he was standing.

He had been given one chance and there probably wouldn be another chance for him. So, he must do his best in this precious life; starting with adjusting himself first in this world.


Song Yutong was squatting beside a chair where a young man was crying while holding a tissue box.

He just woke up when he accidentally saw Ye Xinxin running out of his room with bloodshot eyes. So, he followed the young man worriedly and ended up there, accompanying the young man who was in tears.

”Mr. Ye, its okay, don cry anymore. ”

Song Yutong, an assistant at Jiang-shi Company, couldn do much but keep repeating the same words several times. He didn know how to comfort someone heartbroken, so he said the words that he thought he needed to say.

While Ye Xinxin kept babbling something that Song Yutong couldn understand, ”Yanxu doesn love me anymore. I want to go back to my home. I want to go home! Take me home now! I don want to be here! Yanxu doesn love me anymore! He hurt me! ”

Are they arguing? For real?

The first question that came to Song Yutongs mind.

For many years, Jiang Yanxu loved Ye Xinxin a lot. Even during his first marriage to Yan An, Jiang Yanxu spent most of his time with Ye Xinxin. So, as soon as the question popped up in Song Yutongs head, he doubted it.

From a distance, the figure of a tall man walked towards them. Closer up, the mans line of the face was revealing the handsomeness of a god flawlessly. There was a domineering firmness in his eyes, looked like a blade that could cut through anything he glimpse.

His outfit looked casual; wearing only black shorts and a white t-shirt. Still, how people saw him, couldn cover up the air of a powerful presence like an ancient king.

The mans presence made Song Yutong immediately stand up. He felt relieved, ”Mr. Jiang, you
e finally here … ”

Seeing Jiang Yanxu, Ye Xinxin immediately looked away as if he didn want to see the mans face after what he did to him.

As soon as Jiang Yanxu stood near Ye Xinxin, he felt concerned, not towards Ye Xinxin but himself. He was forced to wear a mask on his face to live this new life. How ironic!

”Xinxin, come on, go back to the bedroom. ” Jiang Yanxu said, reaching out to Ye Xinxin.

Jiang Yanxu suddenly forgot how to persuade someone. However, not wanting to lose the role he played, he did his best to act casually as he still remembered in his past, that he was good at persuading Ye Xinxin.

Ye Xinxin didn respond, but his gestures clearly refused the invitation.

Jiang Yanxu tried to persuade him again, ”Come on, get up, lets go back to the bedroom if you need to talk about something. ”

However, Ye Xinxin held to his opinion not to talk to Jiang Yanxu until Jiang Yanxu confessed to him that he felt guilty.

Song Yutong stood staring at the couple before him in bewilderment. Seeing Jiang Yanxu having a hard time persuading Ye Xinxin, he finally tried to help him by adding, ”Mr. Ye, Mr. Jiang looks very guilty now, you should talk with him in a more private place. ”

Hearing Song Yutongs words, Jiang Yanxu reflexively gave a dead glance to him, making the twenty-seven-year-old man startled.

Song Yutong felt that something was wrong. Whether it was his words or it was his boss acting different, yet he couldn say anything other than lowering his gaze to admit that he was wrong to interfere by saying the words.

As for Ye Xinxin, the man became so hard-headed. He stood up immediately and was about to leave, but Jiang Yanxu swiftly grabbed his waist, then a kiss landed on Ye Xinxins lips.

Ye Xinxin was surprised by the act, but gradually he felt calm after the fire that burned his heart was doused with cool water from the man.

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