”Little Grandmother ” replies Arianna affectionately. Although, she is her grandfathers eldest sister and her eldest grandaunt , Arianna has always called her Little grandmother.

”Do you know how worried I was when I heard about your accident? Why didn you bring any soldier to escort you safely to your destination? ”

Princess Ming questions Arianna worriedly.

”How is my brother, little grandma? can I see him now? ” Arianna urgently wanted to know about her brothers current situation. she have no idea whether her twin elder brother was seriously injured in car accident as the original Arianna fainted before car crash. Now, that she has accepted her transmigration. she is ready to move on to her new life and of course most importantly her family.

”Your brother is fine, baby. You will see him soon . ” Princess Ming, Bellina Walton replies nervously. she has heard little about her brothers plan from her husband and had some idea about what her brother is going to do now. But she don know how to explain it to her little darling. she also didn know how much about the plan is her brother is going to reveal to her little darling regarding her brothers current situation. But she trusts her wise brother. He is a good ruler and not to mention the best grandfather.

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