A video titled. Humans went viral. And old man who talked about his whole life in a 6 hour video. At first people didn believe what the old man was saying but when the US government confirmed what the man was saying was true an explosion went off.

Everyone now knew the name Smith Bourfoisy. The man who killed 5000 people on his own and with his own hands.

The cold case that us had dropped 40 years ago resurfaced. And the hunt for Smith started. But Smith had dissapeared. But where too?

He was in the biggest forest of the whole planet, the Amazone.

A place filled with dangerous animals.

The whole USA had send special trained troops into the forest, the hunt went on for 3 years.

”Code 4 ”. Teamcaptain David said. David was leading a 10 man team. It was already 3 years when the hunt first started but they still couldn find one of the biggest killers of the 21st century.

David saw the hut but didn really think anything of it he still said code 4 so that his teammates would be on standby.

David opend the entrance of the hut and saw an old man sitting there. He immediately recognized him ;Smith Bourfoisy. His first thought was only one thing.

Im going to die the bloodlust that the old man gave off was one of the worst ones he had ever felt, And David had fought some tough battles.

But his battle hardened instincts were screaming at him to run away.

To run for his life.

David eventually regained control over his body and jumped out of the hut. And started screaming two words. ”CODE BLACK ” ”CODE BLACK !! ”.

David ran back to his teammates, his professional demeaner was gone.

His teammates saw Davids face filled with terror. They immediately called their higher ups. In less than an hour, 20 helicopters were surrounding the place were the hut stood. The elite forces of the USA had arrived.

David gave a full report to his supirior, all the other special forces were also listening to what he was saying.

And after 15 minutes the elite force got send in. They slowly approached the hut with fully equipped special body armor and shields.

”1! ” ”2! ” ”3! ” the door of the little hut was smashed to pieces and the first team went inside. They immediately surrounded the old man. ”HANDS UP! ” they all yelled in usion.

But no reaction came out of the old man but they could feel one thing, they felt the bloodlust. I thought David was kidding they all thought, they all felt fear, a deep-rooted fear. Their primal instincts were also screaming at them. But on of them moved forward, the team captain.

He slowly approached and put his gun against the dome of the old man he then felt the heart beat of the man.

There was no heartbeat. ”Code green ” ”target has already died ” ”cause of death unknown. ”

Everyone immediately lowered there gaurd but they were still on edge, how could a man who was already dead still indulge such fear in them.

They dragged the man outside. Once they were outside they could see everyone get scared. There faces were filled with fear. They all felt a tingle running trough there whole body.

1 day prior. ”so this is it ” Smith said. He then felt his last breath escape trough his mouth.

Smith Bourfoisy died on March the 13th in 2022.








why can I still think? Smith asked himself


After an unknown amount of time Smith felt like he could open his eyes.

So he slowly opend them.

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