When An Ning woke up, she felt tired and even dizzy. She rubbed her aching head and looked out the window.

The sky was still dark, and the electronic clock hanging on the wall showed that it was two in the morning. She felt a little urgent to urinate, so she lifted the quilt and got out of bed. The mother beside her was still snoring, apparently sleeping soundly.

An Ning has a habit, that is, she sleeps soundly in bed with her mother. She is very clingy and always likes to listen to her mothers snoring to fall asleep. She knows that this is a bit perverted, so what? She still lived twenty-two years.

When I walked to the living room, it was dark, and I turned on the toilet light in a daze, and there were some strange sounds in my ears.

When the dim yellow light came on, An Ning was stunned!

”Dad! ” An Ning exclaimed, why is Dad eating shit?

At this time, Dad An was squatting by the toilet, and he took out a piece of stool from the toilet with a look of enjoyment, and threw it into his mouth without thinking. This stuff is delicious!

An Ning was horrified, but she was stunned again as soon as she screamed to the ground!

Dad An raised his head and looked at An Ning with dull eyes. Although the lights were dim, An Ning could see clearly. His fathers left face was actually dark and swollen, with a feeling of loose skin and raised eyes. out, very scary!

”Ah! ” An Ning let out a terrified scream for the first time in her life. Her brain was completely in a state of shutdown. Where is the father who loves her in every way, this is clearly a ghost on TV!

Dad Ans dull eyes gradually became fierce and fierce, and his breath gradually became heavy. Obviously, An Nings voice made him a little manic!

He opened his mouth full of feces, and the brownish-yellow color was stuffed between his teeth!

An Ning suddenly felt nauseous!

”Ho! Hoho! ” Dad An bared his teeth and stared at An Ning with his bulging eyes, as if he was going to eat her!

Suddenly, Dad An moved, and when An Ning screamed, he suddenly got up and rushed over, and the loose skin on his face shook slightly!

An Ning was terrified, she closed the toilet door tightly, because it was a sliding door made of thick glass and there was no lock, so she had to stick behind the door to prevent the father inside from breaking out!

”Mom! Mom! Mom! ” An Ning cried out loudly. She knew that her mother was sleeping very hard, and she was unstoppable every time, otherwise the scream just now should have woken her up!

”Mom! Ah! Mom! ” An Ning yelled frantically, her heart almost jumping out of her throat. What she saw just now was beyond all her knowledge. What the hell was going on! Dad doesn look like a sleepwalker at all!

An Nings helpless screams resounded throughout the building, and An Nings mother also got up in a daze. She rubbed her sore eyes, her consciousness was still a little fuzzy, and when she heard An Nings voice sounded again, she returned to her brain, and she felt in her heart. Surprised, she thought something had happened to her daughter. [www.mhtxs.la super many good novels]

”Xiao Ning, whats the matter? ” An Ning quickly got out of bed and turned on the lamp beside her. When she walked out of the room, she saw An Ning was firmly against the glass door of the toilet, and behind the glass door, you could see a hazy light The figure, who was slamming against the door vigorously, was obviously very manic.

”Ah! Its been burglarized inside? ” Because the glass door was made of frosted glass with a pattern for bathrooms, only a hazy figure could be seen, so Mother An didn know that it was her husband inside.

”No! Its Dad! What should I do! Dad is crazy! No! He looks like a ghost! ” An Ning cried and explained, but her brain was also in chaos. How could she explain it clearly?

”What? ” Mother An was stunned. She had already walked quickly to the landline, but then she stopped, ”Your dad? ”

”Yes! Woohoo! Dad, Dad, he ate shit, and his eyes were about to fall out… What should I do! Ah! ” Feeling that the people inside were about to break through the door, An Ning shouted in horror, her words were slurred, and she was obviously in a mess state.

”Mom! You open the door first, lets run first, hurry up, I can hold on anymore! ” An Ning cried and shouted at An Nings mother, she knew that her father was definitely not the gentle father in normal times, she didn know What happened to the father, in short, he must not be his father!

An Nings mother heard An Nings words, and then heard the manic, animal-like roars inside, and her heart trembled with fright. She hurried over to join An Ning and blocked the door, but was yelled at by her daughter, ”Quick. Go open the door, or what if we can get out! ”

”Oh, yes, yes! Im going to open the door first, be careful! ” Mother An had just woken up when she encountered this kind of thing. She was obviously a little dazed. She hurried to the entrance to open the door, and then walked back quickly and said , ”Lets go to the police station first, if you have any problems, let the police solve it! ”

”Mom, lets run! ” An Ning let go of the bathroom door, grabbed her mothers hand and ran out, and An Ning glanced in curiously, which almost scared her to death! The lamp in his hand fell to the ground.

There was still a trace of feces left on the mans mouth, the left side of his face was bloody, and a layer of skin was attached to the muscles, hanging on his face, very terrifying! His pupils were shrunk very small, and people could see at a glance that his wide-open mouth, full of eyes, paused for a second at the toilet door, and then rushed towards the mother and daughter!

”Ah! ” Ans mother was frightened, where does this still look like a human?

”Lets go! ” An Ning pulled hard, and An Nings mother came back to her senses and ran away. The two of them forgot that they were still wearing pajamas and slippers, but they couldn care less.

Because they were terrified!

After the two ran out the door, there was an elevator beside them. Seeing that the elevator was exactly on the eleventh floor, An Ning pressed the elevator to open it, pulled her mother in, and pressed the button on the first floor with her index finger, but there was no response at all!

”Mom! ” An Ning said tremblingly, ”Did you bring the elevator card? ”

”What? ” Mama An hadn recovered yet.

”Run the stairs! ” An Ning shouted full of tears, dragged her mother and rushed out of the elevator. At this time, Dad An had just rushed out of the door, and the distance between them was only three meters, which made them scared to pieces, not only because That stench is more because of Dad Ans carrion-like appearance!

The two ran away screaming and rushed down the stairs. Every time they turned, they were almost caught by Dad Ans dirty hands full of feces. It was really thrilling. They didn dare to look back. Down rush, don dare to waste a second!

”Roar! ”

There was a roaring sound like an animal from behind, and there was even the sound of rotting flesh on the ground, but An Ning and her mother did not feel disgusted at all, because in their hearts they only knew how to run desperately!

Run, run, run! The only way to survive is to run away!

This is An Nings voice at this time. As a young man in the new era, seeing her fathers appearance, she has long thought of the so-called zombies in the movie, and she is terrified! Does it really exist?

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