Murdered An Ning and her mother ran all the way, and a roar like a beast came from behind!


”Ah! ” The pajamas were torn apart, revealing the fair skin inside, making the monster behind him look hideous!

Seeing that she was about to be overtaken by the monster, An Ning was so frightened that she screamed, resounding throughout the building, but strangely, she screamed one after another, and the building seemed dead silent, and no one came out curiously to investigate.

Suddenly, a figure rushed out from one side of the corridor. Just when An Ning was caught off guard, he picked up a stick and hit the monster behind An Ning in the head!


The monster was knocked to the ground, and An Ning and her mother raised their heads in astonishment. She didn look at the man who rescued them for the first time, but looked at her father who was knocked to the ground and exclaimed, ”Dad! ”

Seeing that An Ning wanted to rush over, her mother quickly grabbed An Ning, ”He…hes not your dad! ”

An Nings heart skipped a beat, she stared blankly at her mother, her heart was complicated and difficult to understand, what happened today, is this her father, at this time, the muscles of his fathers face had all rotted away, and his whole body exuded a foul smell. I don know if its the smell of the stool, or its emitting from the body, but its very disgusting.

”Come on! ” The man pulled up An Ning, who was trembling all over, and dragged him to the door. An Ning vaguely saw his downed father slowly getting up, and at the entrance of the stairs, there were two swaying figures, staggering. go upstairs…

An Ning was led into the door beside her by her mother and the man. She didn know how she was thrown onto the sofa and how she was crying with her mother.

At the door, the sound of smashing the door continued, and the anti-theft door was almost smashed out of a hole! It can be seen how powerful the monster at the door is!

The clanging sound awakened the sense of tranquility.

When she looked up at the man with red and swollen eyes, she realized that this was Uncle Fang, the father of her high school classmates, who now lived in the same building as them, An Nings house was on the eleventh floor, and Uncle Fangs house was on the eighth floor.

”Uncle Fang, thank you. ” An Ning looked at Fang Jian with red eyes and sobbed.

Fang Jian was obviously exhausted. He leaned on the sofa panting heavily and waved his hand, ”Xiao Ning, are you okay with your mother? ”

An Ning nodded lightly, but when he thought of his fathers appearance, his heart felt unbearable, ”Uncle Fang, what happened to my father, should we call the police? ”

”Call the police? ” Fang Jian laughed, his smile was very desolate and helpless, he whispered, ”I tried it, but I can get through… ”

”How is that possible? ” Why can the call to the police get through? Is it busy? It should be able to get through now!

Anning was sitting at the coffee table. She grabbed the phone on the coffee table and dialed 999.

The phone came: Sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily unavailable.

An Ning was immediately stunned.

She looked at her mother, and mother An obviously didn expect this to happen, and they suddenly had a bad feeling in their minds.

What should we do now? Anning looked at her mother and asked.

Mother An looked at Fang Jian.

”Uncle Fang, whats the matter with you? ” An Ning suddenly noticed that Fang Jians face was getting paler and paler. Looking closely, he was scratched by something and was bleeding!

”Yeah! ” An Ning was taken aback. The wound was not small. If she didn deal with it, she would probably lose too much blood. She had studied medical care, so she naturally knew more about it. So she quickly got up and said, ”Uncle Fang, do you have any gauze or something in your house? Let me wrap it up for you? ”

”In the kitchen. ” Fang Jian leaned on the sofa and struggled to speak.

An Ning walked quickly into the kitchen, but screamed!

Immediately afterwards, her stomach churned for a while!

what did she see? Her high school classmate Fang Yuan was lying in a pool of blood, rotting all over, with his head cut off on one side. He looked like that kind of monster! And An Ning found that not only did their flesh and skin rot, but even their finger joints became very long and very sharp!


Suddenly, the roar of the beast and the screams of An Ning came from the hall. An Ning was terrified. She picked up the kitchen knife on the kitchen table and rushed out!

Fang Jians pale face just now turned black, and it festered and fell off at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his eyes bulged out terrifyingly! And his knuckles, like those monsters, became very long and thin!

”Mom! ” An Ning didn care about trembling, she strode to her mother, but Fang Jian heard her scream, but suddenly turned around, those tiny pupils full of white eyes stared at An Ning.

Anning was terrified! Her legs were shaking and she tried to talk to him, ”Uncle Fang, Im An Ning, do you still know me? ”

Fang Jian dragged his steps, bared his teeth and swayed towards An Ning. An Ning stepped back and swallowed hard. She felt that her breath was trembling!

”Uncle Fang, you, listen to me! ” An Ning stepped back cautiously, for fear of causing him a manic mood.

However, Fang Jian would not understand her words after all.


Fang Jian leaned forward and pounced vigorously. An Ning screamed and held onto the kitchen door frame and ran in. There was a worried cry from his mother outside.

How to do! How to do!

What should I do myself!

She didn want to die, she didn want to die, and her mother was still out there, if the monster turned back on her mother…

An Ning didn dare to think about it, because Fang Jian had already rushed into the kitchen, less than a meter away from him!

An Ning always thought she was very docile, but she had a very strong side in her bones, just like when Fang Yuan sat behind her in high school and tugged at her hair every day, she turned around and slapped him in the end. !

Therefore, An Ning believes that although she is quiet and gentle, she is also a violent woman.

Now, Fang Jian is no different from the zombies in the movie. An Ning is thinking, should he cut off his head?

Holding the kitchen knife in his hand tightly, An Ning roared and rushed forward, but when he rushed in front of the monster, the kitchen knife in his hand did not fall!

Are you going to die? An Ning laughed at himself, hoping that Uncle Fang hadn eaten poop, or he would be too sad to bite down that poop-covered mouth!

boom! With a bang, An Ning opened his eyes and saw his mother in shock, holding the baseball bat that Uncle Fang knocked down his father and hitting the monster on the head, and the monster really fell to the ground!

”Mom! You are so handsome! ” An Ning said hoarsely, grinning.

Mama An grabbed An Ning and ran out. After the monster was beaten, it was obviously more violent. He roared and wanted to get up from the ground!


Hearing the frightening roar, An Ning gritted her teeth. She broke free from her mothers hand and rushed back to the kitchen with the kitchen knife. Before the monster got up, she closed her eyes and glared at the monsters head. Dayton slashed, waving the kitchen knife in his hand!

She screamed vigorously while slashing, and screamed vigorously as she slashed! She didn know how many times she waved like this. In short, it was not until there were no more monsters heavy breathing and wild beast-like roars in the room, and An Ning opened her eyes tremblingly…

Looking at the muddy pieces of meat and heads under her body, she vomited!

I can imagine that this is Uncle Fang who saved her just now…

She killed Uncle Fang with her own hands…

An Ning vomited desperately, as if to pour out all the contents in his stomach!

The reason why she came back to kill this monster was because she knew that it was not safe outside the door, maybe there was one, maybe there were two… She and her mother had no way to run, this kind of life and death, the desire to survive overcame the fear !

After An Ning vomited, she left the kitchen. Mother An wiped her face for her and scolded distressedly, ”Silly child, hey! ” In the end, Mother An had to sigh silently.

What happened tonight was too weird. No one could tell what was going on. In short, those monsters must not be human.

An Nings face was pale, her expression was sluggish, she killed, killed…

The sound of the knife rubbing against the bone when the knife pierced the flesh, she thought, she would never forget it in her life…

No matter whether the other party is a monster or not, he was a human after all, and he was an acquaintance he knew!

Its alright, I did this, perhaps to help him free, Uncle Fang didn want to become such a monster… An Ning justified himself like this.

At this time, An Ning had mixed feelings in her heart. Just now, in order to survive, she didn think much about it, but now, fear has prevailed, and her courage has been defeated.

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