Winsons pov

I know the seriousness of the problem.

Edward saw my dilemma and thought about Natashas state. He couldn help but say, ”what is Wendy doing? Does she really want to live? If she doesn want to live, why should I bother to save her… ”

I raised my eyes and interrupted Edward, ”I asked Philip to bring Natasha. ”

Edward was surprised, ”Emily saved me and Wendy also saved me. She was also insulted because of me. Do you want me not to save her? ”

Edward questioned, ”what about Natasha? Do you really want her to die? ”

”No, ” I said without thinking

Edward said gravely, ”she won this time. As I said just now, the survival rate of surgery in this state is almost zero. ”

I said coldly, ”I will let them find the right kidney source as soon as possible. Even if Natasha dies, she must die in my hands. ”

Edwards eyebrows are slightly raised. This is not Natashas kidney.

But… Let Natasha die at his hands?

”I think its not so easy to choose the right kidney source. You have to be successful in blood type and matching. Its really too difficult for patients with rare blood types. ”

Edward was afraid of irritating me. Then he patted me on the shoulder and said, ”its not that theres no hope at all. I just want you to make some psychological preparations. In short, lets get through the current difficulties first. Come on, follow me to the doctors office to do some routine business. ”

On the hospital bed, Wendy, who has been keeping her eyes closed, slowly opened her weak eyes.

Wendys pov

Winson wants to let Natasha go?


Natashas kidney, Ill fix it.

After Natashas operation, she must die.

Natashas pov

I was just about to have a rest after the infusion when Philip came.

As always, he respectfully said, ”Natasha, second master invites you to the hospital. ”

Natasha said in a deep voice, ”what are you doing in the hospital? ”

Philip kept his just posture, ”Wendy needs a blood transfusion, but she can find a suitable blood donor at this moment, so… ”

It was my blood.

”What if I don go? ”

Philip is embarrassed.

I got out of bed and went to the hospital with Philip with a proud face.

Winsons pov

Natasha was arranged to be hospitalized and stayed in the hospital for rest after blood was drawn.

After I finished dealing with Wendy, I came to Natashas ward

Natasha was half lying there, and her unrivalled and indifferent eyes swept over me, then she looked away and looked out of the window.

Seeing Natashas estrangement from the bottom of her eyes, and thinking that she asked Edward to help her contact arrange the afterlife, my anger, which has not yet subsided, burns again.

I quickly stepped forward, pulled Natashas collar and pulled her up.

Natashas face was pale and there was almost no blood on her lips.

My eyebrows tightened, but I immediately thought that Wendy cut her wrist for her.

”Its said that youve even made arrangements for the future. Why, you can wait to die? ”

Seeing that she didn talk, I was a little angry, ”why don you talk? Natasha, do you think I will let you succeed? I tell you, you can die. ”

” If I don die, do you want the woman you really love to die? ”

I bent over angrily and squeezed her chin.

”Natasha, you wicked woman? ”

”Winson, make no mistake. Wendy is the one you love. You can love, protect and trade my life for her. But why do you want me to feel the same way with you? I hate her. I just want her to die. ”

I squeezed Natashas shoulder.

”Natasha, you have no right to curse her because you owe her too much. ”

Natasha reached out and grabbed my collar. She almost collapsed and asked me, ”Winson, what do I owe Wendy? Skin, blood, even kidney. Ill give it to her. ”

”If you don incite your brother to hurt her, stimulate her, and make her sick, who will want your kidney? ”

Natasha was puzzled, ”my brother? ”

Seeing her puzzled expression, I laughed sarcastically, ”whats wrong? You want to repudiate? He admitted it himself, but you still want to deny it? ”

”What did he admit? ”

”Oh, Natasha, your acting skills are really getting better. Since you can remember, Ill send someone to find him to help you remember. ”

I took out my mobile phone and called Philip.

”Take Edmond to Natashas ward in half an hour. ”

Natashas pov

Wison carried the collar of the back neck of a man over 180 in height.

I looked at the man in a suit and shoes, who was similar to his fathers handsome face, but had a Wimpy face.

Winson roughly pushes the man to Natasha.

”Edmond, your good sister, forgot what you were asked to do before. Come on, remind her personally. ”

Edmond stumbled forward two steps, looked at Natasha in the hospital bed and said urgently, ”Natasha, have you forgotten that when I secretly established a relationship and visited you in prison, you asked me to help you find someone to clean up Wendy. I… I hurt Wendy after listening to you and made her sick. ”

I looked at Edmond in surprise, with disbelief on my face. ”You
e talking nonsense, Edmond. Why do you lie? ”

”I didn lie. You said that Wendy killed your child, and you should let Wendy die. ”

Brother, are you crazy? When did I see you in prison? ”

”You can go to the prison to check the visiting records. I haven seen him. I really haven . ”

Edmond said, ”Natasha, don hurt me, will you? How can I leave any records since I secretly went them? I know you
e smart, but you can leave me alone at this time. Im doing all this for you. You
e not going to turn a blind eye to me. Let me go to prison. ”

I looked at my brother in agony. How could he

Winson couldn help sneering.

”Its really a good play, Natasha. Since you think Edmond framed you, as a husband, do you want me to help you make justice? Just send him to prison… ”

”Natasha…… ”

Upon hearing Winsons words, Edmond grabbed my hand with fear and held it tighter and tighter.

Edmond pleaded, ”Natasha, your family has always loved you the most. If you personally sent me to prison, would mom forgive you? ”

Winson took out his mobile phone and said, ”whats up? Can I call the police for you now? ”

I moved my eyes from Edmonds face to Winsons body, and my voice was trembling, ”no need. ”

”Im reminded that this… Has nothing to do with Edmond, its my fault. ”

Edmond turned back, looked at Winson, and said urgently, ”look, brother-in-law… ”

Winsons eyes widened, ”don call me brother-in-law in the future. You don deserve it. ”

”Well, look, this matter really has nothing to do with me. My sister should be responsible for it. Let me go. ”

Winson looked at this worthless man with contempt.

”Go away. ”

”Ill go, Ill go. ” Edmond leaned over and ran quickly out of the ward.

He ran so fast that he didn even look back.

When the door of the ward closes, Winson looks askance at me and scoffs.

”Are you tough now? ”

”As soon as I recognize it, I will definitely return it. I will return my life to her and all of you. ”

”Your life? Its not worth money. You can rely on death to get rid of it. Its just a dream. I want you to live to atone for your sins. I want you to live worse than death every day. ”

”Can I live and let your Wendy die? ”

”With me protecting her, she certainly won die. Ill let her see with her own eyes how I avenge you for her. You deserve it. ”

Edmends pov

After I trotted out of the hospital, I immediately took out my mobile phone, found a number and dialed it.

When the mobile phone was connected, a familiar voice came from the other end, ”didn I tell you not to call me on your own initiative? ”

EDMed said nervously, ”Winson just asked me to confront Natasha. ”

”What? Did you confess? ”

”Of course not. Ive done everything to Natasha as you said. Wendy, don forget what you promised me. ”

Wendy, at the other end of the phone, raised her lips and said, ”cousin, don worry. Im not Natashas kind of unscrupulous person who only recognizes men and doesn want relatives. As long as Im the presidents wife of night emperor group, let along money. Even if I make you the president, whats the difficulty? ”

Hearing Wendys promise, I felt happy.

Thinking about the source of the kidney, Wendy immediately said, ”by the way, cousin, you need to help me do another thing… ”

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