I raised my hand with difficulty and wanted to ring the bell to ask someone for help.

Osen stepped forward and held my hand.

”Now even if the king comes, you can run away. ”

Then he lowered his head and wanted to kiss me.

I turned my head away, struggled to dodge, and shouted hard, ”help… No, help! ”

Osen was impatient. He slapped me across the face, covered my mouth with one hand and pulled my hospital gown away with the other.

The door of the ward was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

Osen turned around and said angrily, ”who the hell… Winson? Why are you here? ”

Wearing a hospital gown, Winson shifted his gaze from Osen to me, with a fierce look on his face.

Osen reacted and jumped off the bed.

”Winson, don get me wrong. She asked me to come here. I came to see her like this and refused. But she… Seduced me, so I… ”

When I was about to say something, I saw Wendy following behind Winson. She looked at me in surprise.

”Oh my God, Natasha, what are you doing? How can you betray Winson at this time… ”

Seeing that there was no response on Winsons face, Wendy walked up to him and said in a somewhat sad voice, ”Natasha, although Winson doesn say anything, I know that he has always been worried about you. But how can you do such a thing with his cousin just to revenge on him? What are you doing? ”

”Shut up! Don confuse right and wrong here. It was Osen… ”

Osen stepped forward and interrupted me. He pointed at my face and shouted, ”Natasha, don wrong me. I saw that you were injured just now and clearly refused you. It was you who said that you were unwilling to see Winson and Wendy together, so even if you died, you had to follow me. Winson, believe me. If she didn take the initiative, how could I dare to hurt your woman? I don have the courage. ”

Winson said in a cold voice, ”make me sad? Well, she doesn deserve it. ”

I wanted to explain, but when I heard this, my heart seemed to be frozen in an instant.

”Winson, please don say that. Natasha was also confused for a while. Its all my fault. If it weren for me, Natasha wouldn be so angry with you. Its my fault. Winson, please forgive her. ”

”Wendy, who wants your hypocrisy? Get out of here! ”

Winson put his arm around Wendys shoulder

”Speaking of hypocrisy, who can compare with you? ”

I tried so hard to maintain my relationship with him, but what did I get in the end?

It was so ironic.

Wendy shook her head at Winson and said, ”no, Winson. I grew up with Natasha. I know her well. She is not that kind of person. There must be some misunderstanding between you and Natasha. ”

”Natasha, haven you always said that you were wronged? These days, aunt has signs of waking up. As long as she wakes up and tells the truth of the car accident,you will be clear. At that time, you and Winson can get back together. Don worry. I won take Winson away from you. I just want you to be happy. ”

Im a little surprised. Is my mother-in-law going to wake up?

Osen said sarcastically, ”look, You are so vicious. I feel pity for Winson. Winson, why don you just… ”

Winson cast a cold glance at Osen.

Winson disdained to be with someone like Osen. ”Get out of here. ”

Seeing the horrible look in Winsons eyes, Osen didn finish his words. He quickly bent down, picked up his clothes on the ground and walked out.

Wendy said, ”Winson, can I have a talk with Natasha alone? I want to persuade her. ”

”Theres no need. I have told you that from now on, the life or death of this woman has nothing to do with us. ”

Then he walked out with Wendy in his arms.

Mom, I won let you die for nothing. I will clear up the grievance for you.

For the next few days, Winson didn show up in front of me.

As for Wendy, she came here to provoke me from time to time, just like what she is doing now.

Seeing that her words no longer work on me.

Wendy knew that I should have given up on Winson.

But she was not satisfied.

”Oh, by the way, I have something to tell you. When I came here just now, I received a phone call. Auntie woke up. ”

Wendy snickered, ”you finally have an expression on your annoying face. It seems that Auntie will really be good for you if she wakes up. But do you think I will let your wish succeed? ”

”Wendy, what do you want? ”

”I want to push you into hell. So, of course, I want to make the person who is good for you never speak. ”

Wendy raised her wrist and looked at her watch. ”Winson has received the news and is rushing over from the company. I don have time to talk to you anymore. I have to completely destroy your hope before he comes back. ”

With an evil smile, Wendy turned around and walked out of the ward.

No, I couldn let anything happen to my mother-in-law

I pulled out the infusion set, got out of bed and rushed forward to hold Wendys hand.

”Are you crazy? She is Winsons mother. ”

Wendy smiled evilly, ”so what? I will get rid of anyone who blocks my way. ”

Wendy pushed me away and I fell to the ground. It hurt so much that I couldn get up for a long time.

Wendy opened the door and left.

I struggled to get up, chased out and pulled the nurse passing by.

”Wendy wants to kill Winsons mother. Please stop her for me… ”

The nurse pushed me away in disgust. ”Are you crazy? Why are you pulling me?. ”

Another nurse came over and whispered, ”Hey, why are you angry with her? She is a real lunatic. She has lived in a psychiatric hospital for a year. She gave birth to a child and fed the wolf herself. Don care about her. ”

The two nurses left.

I have no choice but to chase myself. I can let Wendy succeed.

If mother in law died, my mother would die in vain.

No way.

Natasha staggered all the way to Selinas ward.

In the ward, only Wendy sat beside the mother in law bed.

On the bed, mother in law was closing his eyes, just like usual.

Mother in law didn wake up. Wendy must have a purpose to lie.

Thinking of that Winson didn trust me very much now, I was afraid that if I stayed here, I would cause more trouble. So I turned around and was about to leave.

However, Wendy picked up the fruit knife on the table and said slowly, ”as long as you get out of this door, your mother in law will die, and you will become the murderer of her. ”

I turned around and saw Wendy put the fruit knife on Selinas neck with a vicious smile on her face.

”Wendy, don be silly. She is Winsons mother. Don you love her? ”

”Yes, I love him, so I have to remove all the obstacles that hinder my love for him. ”

”I won be a stumbling block to you. I will divorce him. ”

”Divorce? Well, its not enough, ”

Wendy stood up, lifted the knife and stabbed it into Selinas body.

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