> ”Of course someone asked us to take care of you. ”

”Winson asked you to die. How long do you think you can live? ”

”Its impossible. Its not him. You are lying. ”

”Believe it or not, its up to you. ”

After saying that, the man said to the people beside him, ”lets do it. ”

The man next to her took out a knife and walked towards me.

I shouted ”help ”, turned around and was about to run out, but my hair was grabbed and pulled back.

”At this point, your life is not up to you. ” ”No, No. ”

With a sinister smile on her face, she slashed the knife at my face.

I lowered my head to avoid it, and the knife cut my throat.

”How dare you hide? ”

The woman grabbed my hair and cut it into pieces from the top of her head with a knife.

I lay on the ground with blood all over my face, and my eyes were filled with despair and heartache.

For a month, the group of people had been torturing at midnight and never stopped.

They will pull me out, let me squat in the corner and pee on me.

They will let me lick their shoes until they are spotless.

They gave me leftovers and beat me every day just to listen to me begging for mercy.

I was so desperate that I used the knife I secretly picked up to cut my wrist.

When the blood was slowly drawn away from my body, I knew that I couldn wait for Winson.

Bye, Winson

Natashas pov

Philip came to me when I woke up in the hospital and told me that if I comit suicide again, my father and brother would die.

I really don dare to commit suicide for my father and brother.

But because of what happened last time, I was tortured more miserably after I went back to prison.

There were new and old scars one after another.

I gradually became numb.

I don struggle anymore. I don want to be slaughtered.

I can even feel that Im still alive.

I only hope that my father and brother can live.


In the early morning, the prison door was suddenly opened with a bang.

”Natasha, come out. ”

The voice sounded extraordinarily abrupt in the middle of the night.

I stood up numbly and dragged my tired body out of the ward.

I had thought that as usual, i would face all kinds of bullying today.

But strangely, they changed my clothes and sent me to the prison gate.

There is still one year left before I am released from prison

The prison guard said coldly, ”behave yourself when you go out. ”

When I walked out of the prison, it rained.

I looked up at the dark sky, and the rain thorns fell down like needles.

Suddenly, a bright light came from the car light.

But then someone got out of the car and held an umbrella

”Natasha, long time no see. ”

Seeing the face of the person, I took a step back inexplicably.

This was Philip, Winsons butler.

”Winson is waiting for you in the car. Please get in. ”

”Did he get me out? ”

Philip bowed respectfully without saying anything.

I walked over, got on the lengthened luxury car and sat diagonally opposite Winson.

Winson was still as noble and cold as ever.

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