Reincarnated As A Demon

Chapter 11 Who Is She?

-Another dimension, Human World

Zale headed to the cemetery bringing flowers to Zerhas grave. He stared at the grave with melancholy. He stays there for a while before getting inside his car and drives to home.

As he parks his car in their garage, he notices an old lady standing outside of his gate. He quickly open the door of his car and went to open the gate when he recognize who it is.

”Is there a problem, Grandma? Did you wait for me for too long? Come inside. ”

”Thank you. ”

As they get inside, Zale went straight to the kitchen to make tea for the old lady.

”Is something wrong, Grandma? ” he asked as he give a cup of tea to her and sits down on the couch.

”Thank you. You and Zerha are so kind… ” she said as she receive the tea. Zale just smile bitterly when he heard the name of his sister.

”Thats because you treat us well, you treat us like your own grandchildren. ”

”I hope you also treat your classmates kindly. ”

”I-I am… ” Zale replied without making eye contact with her. Zale has a cold personality towards other people.

”Zerha…do you want to bring her back into this world? ” she suddenly asked.

Zale got confused, what is she talking about? Bring her back?

”It may sound impossible but I can bring her back with your help. Her soul is not here but in another dimension. ”

”Gr-grandma, did you hit your head or something? ” i-is she becomes crazy?!

The old lady made a poker face look and speak.

”I know what you
e thinking. Im not crazy, Im telling you the truth, I can bring her back but of course, I need your help. You don want to bring her back? ”

Zale smiles bitterly and speaks. ” If theres such a thing of course Ill grab that opportunity, but I know I can bring her back, neither of us. I miss her so much, I failed to protect her. ”

”I can trust me. ”

Zale looks at her and notices that shes being serious, but hes still doubting if she really can bring Zerha back, that is just impossible, he thought.

”Since you and Zerha always help me, treat me so well, Ill help you. I send Zerhas soul to another dimension so that shell have another chance to live. To bring her back to this world, shell have a mission, and that is to defeat the evil. ” why do I feel that shes telling the truth but lying at the same time? Zale got confused.

”E-evil?! How can she do that?! Does Zerha knows about it? ”

”Unfortunately, she doesn know about it. Thats why I need your help and this time youll have another chance to protect and help her. ”

”If you are capable of doing it, can you just bring her soul back here? ”

”I can control her fate, it is not up to me where should I send her soul to another dimension. After her soul reincarnate, I can only know where she is. I only can give a person another chance to live and after that, its all up to them how to continue their lives. But with your help, I can bring her back… ”

”Ill send your soul there, find her and help her accomplish her mission, defeat the evil. ”

”How can I find her? ”

”Im not sure what kind of reincarnation she got but, remember the pair pendant of the necklace I gave you and Zerha? ”

”This one? ” Zale pointed his necklace which has a padlock pendant.

”Yes, Zerha is wearing the key pendant. So thats the only way to know if she is your sister. That pair of pendants will come at hand at last… ”

”Whats this supposed to do? ”

”Once you unlock that padlock, you can open another dimension with it, and the key to open it is the key that Zerha wearing. Remember, you can only use it once, so you better choose this dimension, your original world…hm?… I need to send you there right now, someone just died this is an opportunity since the previous host has a powerful ability, you can help Zerha defeat the evil with that body! ” the old woman said and quickly enchant a spell, Zale got surprised because his shining and feel like his soul is dragging out from his body.

”W-w-wait!! G-grandma!! ”

”Don worry, Ill take care of Zerhas original body here! Goodluck in there, Zale! ”

” A-are you sending me there right now?!! How can I find the devil and how can I defeat it?!! Grandma? Grandmaaa!! Gahhhhh!! ” Zale didn get an answer from the old lady, as he open his eyes he notice that he was lying on the floor.

Where am I?

”Grandma? ” he tried to call the lady but no one answered. He gets up and suddenly notices that hes wearing different clothes. He saw a mirror inside the room and he looks at himself.

Whos this? Me? No, Im so much more handsome than this man standing. He looks the same age as me, 18. Is this what grandma meant? My soul is in this body? A prince…? Hold on… I need to send you there right now, someone just died, this is an opportunity since the previous host has a powerful ability, you can help Zerha defeat the evil with that body! Zale suddenly remembers what his grandma said. This… Prince, just… died? But why? Who did this to him? ”Urgh! ” he groans in pain when he suddenly feels his head is hurting, and suddenly saw the past memories of the Prince.

”what? How cruel. Why would he kill his son? ” and what kind of world is this? The people here even have superpowers! And worst there are also demons! defeat the evil do we have to kill those demons?is this Zerhas mission? This world is very dangerous, I hope Zerha is fine. I need to find her as soon as possible.

-At the same time at the meeting room of Demon Hunters.

”So, tell me what exactly happened. ”

”Sir Leo caught an archdemon… ”

”A-archdemon?! Archdemons are powerful, no wonder he ended up dead. But why are you two still alive? Did you just let Leo fight on his own?! ” Luke asked angrily.

”A-actually, its very strange that the archdemon didn hurt us. Sir Leo punishes that demon, he keeps beating him but the archdemon didn fight back. ”

”Thats strange indeed. But you said you encounter a demon that can melt a human in an instant, that isn the archdemon you encountered? ”

”While sir Leo keeps beating the archdemon, another demon came out of nowhere and suddenly splashes poison on sir Leo. ”

”Yes even…even his bones are melted! ”

”Is it another archdemon? ”

”No, it isn an archdemon, but maybe shes a high-level demon, she kill sir Leo with her poison. ”

”Are you sure shes a demon? ”

”Yes, sir. ”

”Thats so rare, normal demon uses dark magic. If she can use that kind of magic, then shes not ordinary at all. ” she might be dangerous. If shes not an archdemon, why would she help that archdemon? Normal demons and archdemons are not on good terms, they are enemies, Luke thought.

”What should we do, sir Luke? Should we go and find that demon? ”

”Can you describe her face? ”

”Its…her face…um…she has two big horns on her head… ” the demon hunter said trying to picture the demon he saw.

”…shes also beautiful! ” the other demon hunter said while fantasizing about the image.

Luke frowned while looking at those two.

”Sigh, call Russ to take a look at their memory, ” Luke told Clavin.

*Two minutes later*

”What is it you want, old man? ” Russ asked while yawning. Russ can see peoples memories, he rarely hunts demons because hes lazy.

”You lazy brat, Im not that old! Take a look at their memories on this day. They saw a strange demon girl, draw her face on this white paper. ”

”…*groan*… Why do I have to draw- yes, of course, Ill draw that demon right away! ” he said in panic when he notice Luke is surrounded by his dark aura while giving him a death glare, he gulp and quickly check their memories.

After he checks their memories, he grabs the pencil and draws the demon he saw in their memories while his eyes are closed. It only took him three minutes to finish his drawing.

”This demon? ” he asked while showing them the demon he draws.

”Yes! Thats her! ”

The other demon hunter nods at him.

”Thanks, Russ. Leave this to me, I need to inform the King that Leo is dead. ” Luke grabs the paper and leave.


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