Reincarnated As A Demon

Chapter 5 ArchAngel


”Ahhhhhh!! ”

”Master! Whats wrong? ” Garren approach Zerha immediately.

Master?Why would that Dragon call her Master? I know this Dragon is not any ordinary creature and much stronger than her. Why would he called her Master and worst, shes a Demon!

The nine tailed fox suddenly got confused why Garren called Zerha Master

”Waaahhh Garren!! This is not my face! Waaaahhhh!! ”

”Ah Master, you got reincarnated remember?~_~ ”

”Huh? Oh yeah ha-ha-ha! ”

Garren just look at his Master with a pitiful look.

This Master of mine is somewhat stupid. Sigh.

Garren said to his mind.

”Wahahahaha! I still have a beautiful face! Wa-ha! ”

The fox approaches Garren and ask him with a low voice.

”Hey, why did you call her Master? Theres no doubt that your more stronger than her. And reincarnated? Whats that mean? ”

”She saved my life ”

”What? Shes a Demon why did she saved you? ”

”Shes different from the others, and shes more powerful than I am ”

”Shes a demon! You cannot trust her! ”

”I know, ”

”Garren lets go! Huhu I want to leave this place. I can hear creepy noises >_< "

”Okay Master! ” Garren quickly turn into a small dragon and fly to Zerhas shoulder.

They was about to leave when the fox called the dragon.

”Wait! You want to leave the place? Who will gonna protect this place? Im sure the humans or demons will come and get all your treasures in here! ”

”Ehhh?? Garren this are all yours?! Why didn you say so! Here Ill be giving this to you back ” Zerha handed her backpack to Garren but Garren refuses to take it back.

”Its all yours Master. Ill give all my treasures to you ”

After Zerha hears what Garren said shes jumping in happiness.

”Yehey!! ”

Garren was about to cast some spell to collect all his treasures in this cave when the fox stop him.

”What are you doing?! You protected this cave from humans and demons for how many years! But youll just gonna give it to her?! ”

”Yes, I also want to leave this place. Do you want to come with us? ” Garren asks.

”H-Ha? But as much as I want to leave the place I can because this water makes me alive ” the fox suddenly feel so down.

”What do you mean? ”

”Humans! They poison me! Now I don know how much time I have. This water only slow down the poison flowing in my body but it didn make the poison disappear ”

Zerha hears what they are talking about and approach the fox.

”What if Garren will heal you? He has a healing power right? ” Zerha looks at Garren.

”Im sorry Master but I can only heal myself ”

”Is that so, then let me try to heal you ” Zerha walks closer to the fox but the fox quickly walks backward.

”I would never trusts a demon like you! ”

Ouch! Huhuhu, it really hates a demon? I want that fox to become my pet, its tail is so fluffy! I want to hug it!!

”You can trust her, if you still wants to live then trust her ” Garren said.

”Yes! Yes! ^_^ ” Zerha nods two times.

The fox looks at Garren and Garren just nods at the fox. The fox trusted the dragon so the fox walks closer to Zerha even though its still thinking if Zerha can be trusted.

Zerha puts her both palm to the foxs head and perform healing. A bright light came out and vanished after Zerha remove her palm from the fox.

”How was it? Did you already feel better? Did the poison already gone? Did it work? ” Zerha is also feel nervous because she doesn really sure if her healing power removed the poison.

The fox suddenly stop moving and spits something!

”Waaahhh! What is that?! Are you okay? ”

”It looks like she spits out the poison! You did it Master! ” Garren said in amusement.

”Im glad I did it ”

The fox suddenly feel something about Zerha and unexpectedly it decided to become Zerhas guardian!

”Please let me be your guardian also Master ” The fox bow to Zerha.

I don know why but I felt something about her, I feel like theres an overwhelming power in her. Is this the reason why that dragon want to become her guardian?

”Whats your name? ” Zerha ask.

”We creature doesn have a name ” the fox said.

”I see, so can I name you? Are you male? ”

”Im a female -_- ”

”Okay then, you
e name would be foxy! ^_^ ”

”F-foxy? ”

”You don like it? ”

”I like it master thank you ”

”Okay then lets go!! ” Zerha shouted but Garren stop her.

”Wait Master ” Garren cast a spell and suddenly all the rare treasures from the cave is coming to him!

”This are all yours Master ”

Zerhas eyes started sparkling in amusement.

”Waaahhhh really Garren?! But, I hope I can put all of that inside my bag. This backpack is almost full. Huhuhu my dear treasures (。•́︿•̀。) ”

”I can make you a storage equipment Master ” the fox suddenly said.

”Waaaahh really? ”

”Yes, but I need some of your treasures to make it ”

Zerha nods at her and the fox started to make the storage equipment. The materials are flying to the foxs paw and slowly forming into a ring.

”Its done Master ” Foxy gave the ring to Zerha.

”Ehh?? Its a ring? How can I put all the treasures here? ”

”Wear it Master, I cast and enchantment on that, every time you wants to collect a treasures or materials, it will automatically activate it. ”

”Try it Master! ” Garren.

Zerha nods and point the finger where she wears the ring, and suddenly all the rare materials and treasures are all stored inside the ring!

”Waahhh this is so cool, but how can I take them out? ”

”Try to double tap the diamond Master ”

This ring looks like a wedding ring -_-

Zerha said to her mind and double tap the ring, and suddenly something just pop up!

What the hell?! Its like a game interface! You can see what are the items inside of this ring! Huhuhu foxy is so cool!

”Waaahhh foxy you are so cool! Thank you! ”

”Ha, Im good at that! ” Foxy said proudly.

”Okay then, lets go! ” Zerha said.

The three of them started to move and leave the cave. And as they get outside Zerha take a deep breath as she saw the scenery outside of the cave.

”Wow! The view is so beautiful it seems so peaceful! ”

Garren and Foxy just fake a smile of what Zerha said.

”Hm? Is something wrong? ” Zerha ask when she notice about their reaction.

”A-ha-ha nothing Master ” both Garren and Foxy said.

”Where do you want to go Master? ” Garren asks.

Oh yeah, I didn think of that sooner. Since I already got reincarnated here in this world I should find a place to stay

”We should find a place to stay first. Where can we find a house to stay? ”

”There are three places, the Kingdom of Haria, the Demon Kingdom and the Beast Kingdom. Maybe you should choose the Demon Kingdom Master since you are a Demon. ” Garren

”But how about us? Demons and creatures does not in good terms! ” Foxy let out.

”We can also go in the Beast Kingdom because Master is a Demon. ” Garren.

”How about the Kingdom of Haria? What kind of Kingdom is that? ” Zerha suddenly ask.

”Kingdom of Haria is where humans lives. But you can also go in there Master because they are Demon Hunters, they possesses some magical powers thats why they can defeat a Demons and Beasts. But whatever you choose, you don have to worry because who ever dares to harm you, we will kill them Master! ” Garren declared while wearing a serious face.

”Yes! You can count on us Master! ” Foxy.

I don want to cause trouble! >.< and why the hell the three Kingdoms are not in good terms?!

”Do you have some ability to– ” Zerha stops because they hear something.

”What was that?! ” Zerha.

”Looks like someone is fighting ” Garren.

”We should leave Mas– ” Foxy didn finish her words when someone suddenly hit into the tree!

”UGH! ”

The three of them look at the person who got crash into the tree in front of them.

”An angel? ” Zerha asks in confuse.


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