Reincarnated Into Another World As a Maid

{Chapter Two} Wishful Thinking.

”Sandy…. ” Diana yelled poping her gum, she was putting on a red tight gown, her expensive handbag resting comfortably on her leg as she relaxed more into the silky cushion allowing the hairdresser work on her hair. Her high heels glowing from miles aways.

A young lady in a maid outfit ran towards her panting heavily, She stretched her hand out to Diana showing her the already dripping icecream.

Diana on seeing the not so cold Ice cream got up from her cushion and gave Sandy a resounding slap. The workers who were busy doing their work gasped out loud when they heard the sound of hand meeting cheek.

”I told you to get me a cold ice cream and you went and bought a dripping ice cream! ” Diana voice thundered in the salon parlour.

Sandy shiver in fear, her hands to her already red face,tears dripping from her eyes. ” The… Line..was ..much. ” She stuttered.

Diana scoffed and folded her hands. ”That explain why you were late,but not why my ice cream is no longer ice but cream. ”

Sandy bite her lips and looked down not knowing what to say.

Diana let out a loud sign. ” I don know why i am always surrounded by incompetent fools. ” She said and glared sharply at Sandy. She gasped loudly when she saw her reflection in the mirror, her hand on her mouth as she stared back at herself in shock. She turned to the hairdresser.

”Is this what you call work? ” She yelled at the hairdresser pointing at her hair. ”Youve ruin my hair. ” She shouted and drag the hairdresser by the collar. ”Where did they pick you from? You incompetent fool. ” She said and slapped the hairdresser.

The hairdresser fell on the floor crying heavily, her hands on her cheek. ”Please ma, i did what you told me to. ” She muttered wailing loudly.

Some of the customers shook their head in pity, but could not say anything so as not to incur the wrath of Diana Ross.

”What i told you to. ” She yelled angrily and gave the lady a kick to her stomach.

She wailed loudly rolling on the floor her hands to her stomach as blood splatter from her mouth.

”Calm down ma, Fiona didn mean to make you angry. ” One of the workers said bravely, she could not stand the inhumane act done to her fellow worker.

Diana turned to her with a death glare. ”What is your name? ” She asked her hands on her waist.

”Lissa ma. ” Lissa said.

”Well Lissa. You are fired. ” Diana said with a wave to her hand.

”Fired? ” Lissa asked shocked, she could not believe she lost her job for trying to help. ”Please ma i need this job. ” She pleaded.

”You could have thought of that before putting your mouth in what does not concern you. ” She said and motion to her guards.

”Please ma, am sorry i need this job to take care of my family. ” She pleaded and got on her knees tears steaming down her eyes.

”Drag her out. ” Diana said to her guards.

”Yes ma. ” They gave a curt nod and walked towards Lissa.

”No ma. Please. ” Lissa pleaded as the guards dragged her out of the salon.

”Back to you. ” Diana said and turned towards Fiona who was on the floor in pain.

”Ma. Please i am sorry. ” Fiona pleaded cleaning the blood grom her mouth.

”Will your sorry fixed my hair? ” Diana asked angrily and have her another kick, this time to her leg.

”Aahhhh. ” Fiona screamed in pain.

The manager hearing the commotion left his office and was surprised to see his favourite and Charitable customer beating his worker.

”What is going on here? ” He boomed.

Diana stopped in her track and turned to glare at the manager. ” If i had known my money would be use to hired useless workers. I wouldn have contributed a dime talk more of billons. ” She said with a glare.

The manager stared at her in shock. ”What do you mean? ” He asked moving closer. ”And what has Fiona done for you to beat her till she bled? ” He continued with a shake to his head at the sight of Fiona already bruised body.

Diana folded her hands and gave the manager a deathly glare. ” You don have the right to ask me that question,unless you want to join her. ” She said and motion to her guards.

The manager stared at her,his eyes wide open in shock. ” So you want to beat me? ” He asked helping Fiona to her feet. ”Take her to the hospital. ” He told Gabriel,his worker.

”Yes boss. ” Gabriel said and place one hand on her back and the other underneath her leg as he carried her bridal style.

”Thank…you.. boss. ” Fiona stuttered out her mouth swollen as Gabriel carried her away.

Diana became furious and moved to the manager her hand raised to slapped him.

The manager let out a scoff and caught her hand before it can reach his cheek, he then pushed her back.

Diana stumbled back in shocked. ”How dare you? ” She asked her breathing labour. ” Doug. Lex. Fred.Max and Fabian. ” She called her guards.

Five men in suit ran up to her,gave her a short salute. ”Maam. ” They answered in unison.

”Teach this old fool a lesson. ” She said pointing at the manager.

The guards stood transfix.

”What are you stsnding there for? ” She yelled at them.

”Sorry ma, but Mr Ross warned us not to touch his….. ”

Before he could finished, she gave him a hot slap.

Lex gasps but said nothing bowing his head in submission.

”How dare you. ” She shouted and kicked his middle.

Lex yelp in pain holding his balls. The remaining four guards moved back.

She glared at him before she got her phone dialing a number.

”Hello. ” A male voice boomed at the other end,from the voice you could tell just how powerful he was.

”Dad…. ” She whined.

”What is it? ” Mr Ross asked sitting up straight in his mahogany chair.

”Its your friend Mr Alfred the manager of *Beauty Salon. ” She pouted but then sent a glared to mr Alfred.

”How is he? I miss him. ” Mr Ross said cheerfully.

”But… Dad…. He bullied me. ” Diana said into the phone. ”And i want to teach him a lesson. ” She finished.

”He bullied you or you bullied him? ” Mr Ross asked his eyebrows raise. He knew his daughter very well.

She removed the phone from her ears and glared into it before placing it back on her ears. ”Dad… Can you just tell the guards to listen to me? ” She asked cutely.

”No. And goodbye. ” Mr Ross said and hung up with a heavy sign, Just then his secretary walked in.

Diana stared at the phone in shock before throwing it away in anger.

”Aaaahhhh. ” She yelled her hands to her hair. ”Damn you Dad. ” She mumbled and faced Alfred. ” You are one lucky son of a gun. ” She said and shot him a glare.

Alfred let out a scoff,then face his workers. ”Please continue your work. ” He said and went into his office.

Diana fumed. ”How dare he! ” She exclaimed in raged.

Outside the salon, Lissa was seething in rage for being fired without any reason and in front of her friends and workers.

She did not know what she would tell her family and how they can survive now that she is jobless. It was very hard for her to get this job.

She stared up at the salon. ”Because you are rich youve decided to misused your privilege. ” She worded tears flowing from her eyes. ” We shall see. ” She click her tongue and turned to go.

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