”I remember we didn have any problems. ” Zhao Wei frowned and said in a deep voice.

”Well, you
e right, we don have any problems. But Im a little bored, so I want the three of you to do something for me. ” Zhou Yuan said indifferently as he crossed his arms.

”Doing something for you? Since when did I, Zhao Wei get ordered by someone else? ” Zhao Wei said coldly.

”Then, I was the first to order you. ” Zhou Yuan grinned.

Hearing Zhou Yuans words, Zhao Wei frowned. He wanted to say disparaging words, even he wanted to teach Zhou Yuan a lesson.

But considering the status of the Zhou family, he did not dare to do so. Although the Zhou family was not a cultivator family, they did have money and power.

The Zhao family was indeed one of the top families, but they were still inferior to the Zhou family. He didn want to cause trouble for his family.

But still, he would not allow others to trample on his pride.

”What if I refuse? ”

Hearing this, the corners of Zhou Yuans mouth curled up, and an evil smile appeared.

”Kowloon company, Han group, Qingzhou mayor, and Aster company… As I recall, there are still several other companies, do you want me to mention more? ” Zhou Yuan smirked.

”You devil! Well then, what do you want me to do? ”

Even though he wasn willing, Zhao Wei had to accept the fact that Zhou Yuan was more powerful than him.

He knew the names of the companies mentioned by Zhou Yuan. They all went bankrupt because of the Zhou family.

”Its good that you know. ” Zhou Yuan crossed his arms and nodded.

”Then, what do you want me to do? ”

”Thats pretty easy, you just need to do this… ”

”…. ”

”Okay, I understand. ” Zhao Wei nodded.

”Well, you guys can get out of here. ”

After that, Zhao Wei and two others left the roof of this building.

Zhao Wei thought that he was ordered to commit a crime or something that was against the law.

But not, it was just a small matter, he was told to beat someone up.


Seeing the departure of the three of them, Zhou Yuan was still standing on the roof of the building, but he smiled devilishly.

”I still have one more thing to do. ”

Zhou Yuan immediately left this place and went downstairs.


It was 7:00 am, half an hour before the flag ceremony started.

Meanwhile, in the classroom…

”Thats Zhao Wei, why is he in our class? ”

”Uh, Zhao Wei, he is one of the most respected young masters in the school. I hope he doesn have any problems with our class. ”

Zhao Wei instantly became the subject of conversation when he walked into the classroom.

He looked around and didn see Zhou Yuan. Then, he looked at the seat by the window.

Xiao Chen was asleep at the classroom table.

”Take him to the garden, Ill wait for him there. ” Zhao Wei said nonchalantly and immediately left the class.

”Hehehe, okay boss. ” The 5 people behind him nodded and said with a grin.

As Zhao Wei walked out of the classroom, the five people walked toward Xiao Chen.


The sound of the table slapping was heard by everyone.

Xiao Chen woke up and looked up to the side and saw five people looking at him arrogantly.

”Are you Xiao Chen? Our boss wants you to go to the garden, come on up and come with us. ” One of them said arrogantly.

”Why should I do it? ” Xiao Chen said coldly.

”If you don want to, maybe Lin Ziyan will be in danger. ” The person said with a grin.

Hearing this, Xiao Chen looked to the side and looked at Lin Ziyan who was reading a book, she looked indifferent even though many students were looking at him curiously.

Then, he frowned and looked at the person in front of him.

”Alright, show me the way, Ill kick his ass. ”

Xiao Chen would not remain silent when Lin Ziyan was targeted by bad people. Even though she was angry with him now, he would not give up.


Xiao Chen walked out of the school gate along with five people wearing the same school uniform.

They were not blocked by the gatekeepers because Zhao Wei had bribed him.

Xiao Chen and the five people finally arrived at the garden, it was not far from the school area, only need to walk one minute after exiting the gate.

Xiao Chen frowned, he saw that there were 6 people carrying bats and knuckles, plus the five people in front of him, there were 11 people in this garden.

But one person was sitting by the fountain, then he must be the boss.

”Xiao Chen huh? I heard you got out of Lin Ziyans car. You said that you were Lin Ziyans fiancé, but she didn admit it. But why do you go to school with her every day? ” Zhao Wei walked over to Xiao Chen and asked curiously.

”I am his fiancé. ” Xiao Chen said coldly.

”I knew you wouldn tell me. Well, you can enjoy the service Ive prepared. ”

”All of you, beat him up. ”

”Hehehe, okay boss. ”

The 11 people immediately walked up to Xiao Chen and were ready to beat him up.

Meanwhile, Zhao Wei sat back down by the fountain to witness it.

Zhou Yuan told him to beat Xiao Chen with various weapons, he even told him to bring a lot of people to beat him up.

Actually, he was enough, he was from a martial family, and his cultivation base had already reached the 2nd level of the Qi foundation realm.

”Looks like you
e aiming for Lin Ziyan too, but she doesn like you either. Its okay, Ill kick your ass to make you self-aware. ” Xiao Chen said coldly.

Not waiting for Zhao Weis response, a bat came towards him quickly.


Everyones expressions froze when they saw that the bat was precisely bent when Xiao Chen caught it.


Xiao Chen hit the person so that he bounced back and hit the fountain.

”Lets attack him together! ”

”Knock him out! ”

The rest of the 10 people immediately shouted and attacked Xiao Chen even more ferociously.

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