Chapter 2: A Gift From a God of Reincarnation.

Francisca POV

So… Im not going to remember anything at all, my parents, my house, my sister, my friends and all the people Ive helped.

This angel of death Azrael, I won remember him.

We were still talking to each other and I forgot.

”Hey, Azreal? ”

”Yes, is something the matter? ” (Azreal)

Well if Im in heaven probably I want to meet the man himself.

”Would it be possible if I could talk to… God? ” I asked, staring at his face. He didn look too happy when I asked, a human asking the time of being responsible for every life in the universe- ”I… don know if God is making time to visit but-. ”

”Sure he has time? ”

”B-But thats absurd! ” (Azreal) shakes his head glaring at me.

”P-Please… ” I gave him my best puppy eyes that no one would ever resist.

”Well, Ill see what I can do. Wait here. ” (Azreal)

His wings spread at his back and flew.

Theres nothing for me to do, so I waited standing in place in the sea of clouds, there were other angels flying around carrying stacks of papers and talking to one another.

How weird… I don see any humans here besides me.

”Francisca! He said yes! I don know why but he said yes and meet him at that gate entrance. ” (Azreal) came back after a few minutes.

That was fast but when he said to meet God at the entry gate, I couldn seem to find any. ”What gate entrance- ”

The clouds behind me became a gate. And I thought of all things why a gate? wouldn be better if he flew me. ”Azreal, wouldn it be better if you flew me to god? ”

”Yes but only angels can only go to the main level of heaven, this part of heaven just you know guides souls of humans where we want them to go. ” (Azreal) explained and I suppose the idea of having an angel carry me over flying was crushed.

I came closer to the gate and opened it. The light blinded me for a moment, it was a sudden flashbang that hurted my eye but then I heard a faint voice calling my name.

”Francisca. ” it was a figure of an old man in white robes, he stood before me while I could feel the entrance doors closing and I looked up at his face, for some reason… his face looked sad.

e… God? ” I asked, not expecting his figure to be like this.

”Listen, that accident of yours was caused by one of my subordinates so your death was unplanned. All I can say is Im sorry. ” After that, he kneels before me in dogeza style and I panicked.

”My name is Mirai. A God of reincarnation. ”

A God… of reincarnation?

”I hope you forgive my subordinate for ending your life so abruptly. ” (Mirai) tells me still in the position of kneeling.

”Mirai- please stand up- a God kneeling to a human seems wrong. ” I told him and he stood up soon after. ”A god like you shouldn be doing things like this- I believe you
e making up for my death by giving me a new life in return. ”

”You are correct, even the deities are not perfect and we just do our best to get back to our faults. ” He answers wisely, looking wistful. ”Your new life- youll forget your old one that youve lived and well see to it that it will be better. ”

”A decent life would be enough for me. ” I didn need much. As long as I have a place to stay and I could eat three times a day- it would be enough.

I could hear the God of Reincarnation smiling looking into the vast distance of clouds. ”Tomorrow in the human world is your birthday right? ” (Mirai) asks me and I blinked in confusion on how he knew.

Then again, hes God so he mustve known.

Tomorrow… is Christmas, the day where people would usually enjoy their time with family being together but- I believe my family will be holding a funeral instead of a celebration.

”Yes… I shouldve turned twenty this year. ” I smiled a little grievously imagining-

Mother and Father sitting all alone in front of a table as my sister looked at her plate not even touching her food because she was using her whole time at the dinner table just wistfully looking at my chair, expecting me to come back late like always.

Mirai, the God mustve seen my saddened expression because he held my shoulder gently before offering something. ”How about I give you an early present for your birthday. ” (Mirai) tells me and I smile.

That was rather considerate of him but I don think I have anything I would need in a new world. ”Being resurrected and being able to live another life is more than enough. ” I tell the deity who shakes his head pushing me on.

”No, I insist. Is there anything you want? ” (Mirai) asks me again and I tried thinking of anything I would want. I placed a hand on my waist as I wondered but I felt something building into the pockets of my skirt.

Is that-?

”Well can I use this in the new world? ” I pulled out a cellphone that I bought before.

”Oh? That should be one of those phone contraptions you humans have made right? May I take a look at it? ” (Mirai) asks for an inspection on my phone.

”Here. ” I offered it to me as he took it in his hands. Mirai holds it in his hands before snapping his finger, the no bar signal suddenly gained bars and the internet bar became full-

”I have made it possible for you to have a stable network connection, and I modified things such as the maps, search bar, information on the new world and storage to be unlimited. ” (Mirai) tells me with a smile, handing back my phone.

I scrolled at the many apps whose profile was changed into different designs. It seemed to have been more fantasy themed but at least there were a stable source of network now.

I wouldn live without the internet and neither would be people from my generation. Im telling the truth here.

I stopped scrolling when I noticed I still have contacts- having saved the number from all the people from my past life. ”God- would it be possible to contact or call anyone from earth? ”

”No, Im sorry- I thought your family contacts would place a sentimental value for you so I didn delete it. ” He explained and I was thankful that he didn delete it at least. Though, the cons of having this phone- it wouldn matter because in the end I would be forgetting everyone whos in this list of contacts after I get reincarnated.

”However this item is special, Im only giving this to you. ”

Special- How I am even gonna charge this to the other world.

”I know you
e wondering how am I gonna charge this phone. ” (Mirai)

”How did you know that? ”

”One sentence. IM. A. GOD ” (God)

Well, hes right-

”You can charge your phone with magic there. Don worry we
e gonna turn you to a little infant and there is a chance you will have your memories intact. We will put you at a church, of course, where its an adoption house for kids. ” (Mirai)

After hearing that I guess Im going to be adopted by some strangers in a world full of magic?

”Magic- I never thought such a world could exist! ” Im so excited to be resurrected even if I don get my memory back.

”There is no pregnant woman for you to be in- So we
e just going to turn you into a baby and you know the rest or would you rather wait, we can if you want. ” (Mirai)

Waiting- I don mind but Im rather curious about the new world set with such a magical place. I would like to travel there immediately. ”No, its alright I don mind. ” I held my phone before putting it back in my pockets.

”Thank you. ” I lowered my head slightly giving thanks before we heard a horrible sound of a horn being blown, the whole heaven wouldve heard its ear piercing noise.

I instinctively covered my ears and I could see the God of Reincarnation laughing slightly. ”For a human to handle the horn of soul calling, quite impressive. ”

”Its time for you to leave for the other world. ” (Mirai) he tells me and I could feel the gate entryway coiling up.

”Thank you for the gift, Mirai. I will make sure to use it responsibly when I get to the other world. ” I bowed deeply before heading outside the gates. The light was blinding once more- but when I regained my vision there were almost a dozen angels looking around the gate entrance.

”The human- ”

”A soul like her was able to meet- God- ”

”Shes the only human whos been able to be here. A special case she must be- ”

The whispers didn subside but I was able to see Azreal trying to make his way into my direction but he wasn able to do it easily because he tried to bump shoulders with the other angels gawking around at the entrance.

”F-Francisca! ” He raises his arms, gaining my attention and finally when he gets to me he pants for his breath.

”You couldve flown. ” I told him and he shook his head.

”How did it go? ” (Azreal) he asked nervously.

”Well, it was fine. I mean he gave me a gift to hold when I resurrect back to life. ” I told him, feeling the phone in my pocket.

I couldn help but smile, feeling that the God of Reincarnation was a kind one enough to entrust me with something like this.

”A gift…? No other human should be allowed to have such- ” He was about to tell me something but another angel called out to us saying that it was time for the soul displacement.

Azreal told me to follow him, leading me to a different room, where the clouds were gone and there was a glowing magic circle in the middle. ”Its your time now, can you please get on the magic circle? ” (Azreal) instructed and I couldn help but look at him in doubt.

”Umm… Is this safe? ”

”Of course it is! ” (Azreal) he tried to reassure me but the panicked tone of his voice says otherwise. He looked really unsure as I stood inside the magic circle, watching several angels converse in a language I couldn understand.

”Incarno… Feuverinus… Montomalis! ” Then he started chanting, the other angels around the circle started to become in sync with him. It felt… weird, my body… is slowly starting to feel rather weak.

Then a long five minutes of chanting the magic circle began to light blinding my eyes, then after that I couldn see anything its all black.


I can still move. Im… probably an adorable creature right now.

After a week I can see a little, it was too blurry for my baby eyes, but I can see a woman and a man, who are these people?

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