Not too far from the sea shore was a luxury hotel. In it were guests who obviously were there because of the birthday celebration of the Tangs only male heir. It was indeed luxurious inside the boat as many drinks were spilled by the raging guests who couldn wait any longer to see the Tang heir. The Tang family had succeeded in hiding their only heir from the business world and from the media also because of the line of business they were in. If the enemy should get hold of their only heir then all of their investments and property would be spilled milk. Nevertheless, they had to protect him for the future of Tangs family.

However, unknown to the Tang family, two snipers have been marked out to eliminate their gem.

”Elsa, do you copy? ” One of the snipers at the other far end of the deck said over the boot phone.

”Copy, ” Elsa replied, earnestly waiting for the target to come into view.

”Remember, shoot once you have eyes on the target, ” Elsa told her friend.

Carmi was her childhood friend who worked together with her since their childhood. Though both lost their parents when they still were juveniles, they never seemed to have lost hope. They went through difficulties together even after they entered the business they were in now. The two were more like sisters. Elsa was more of a tomboy type having grown up with a dreadful childhood with a drinking father and a vulnerable mother who would always end up being a pouncing sack for her drunk husband.

While Carmi was a bullied kid type. She wasn a badass like Elsa but more of a calm Lady and smile deceitful type. So with this, the two made a perfect team together.

”Copy that, I will keep that in mind boss, ” Carmi said mimicking the voice Elsa usually uses while answering their bosss order.

”Carmi, will you stop joking around and focus on the task at hand? Im hanging up now. ” Elsa scolded before keeping the call.

A few minutes later the Celebrant was announced to be coming out soon. They had bugs all around the hotel so they got the info that the celebrant was about to come into the picture through the bug. Elsa looked over at the other side of the deck where Carmi was. When their eyes met, she signaled her to be alert as they were gonna shoot any moment from now.

”Lets welcome Deon Tang, the only heir of the Tang family! ” The announcer said as he signaled in the direction he was to come out from. The guest cheered out loud on seeing the handsome face of Deon as he walked all elegant and prideful but never did they know that beneath that elegant and handsome demeanor was emptiness, coldness, and loneliness.

Meanwhile, on seeing the person come out all prideful and elegant she assumed he was the one.

”Don take a shot till I give my signal, do you copy? ” Elsa said over the boot phone.

”Copy, ” Carmi responded, completely confused. She was the one nagging her about being alert and taking the shot when the target comes into view, but here she is again telling her to not shoot till she gives her signal.

”Such a waste killing a young blood like this one. ” She muttered as she positioned her sniper to get a better view of him since she was curious on what the people saw that made them cheer like he was some Greek God. She grew up in the streets and then the gang so she never got to see beautiful and handsome faces. As she positioned her sniper towards him, she only saw the figure. She wanted to see his face before ending him so she intensified the snipers lens to magnify the view of the figure.

”What is she still waiting for, we are almost losing the target, ” Carmi muttered as she saw that in no time he was gonna leave the open hall back into the hotel and this was their only chance of getting to him as the security there was strict and tight. If they were to miss him now then thats final. Carmi looked at the other side of the deck and saw her still looking at the target as if studying him.

”OMG, Lets hope its not what Im thinking! ” Carmi muttered frustratingly as she saw how interested she was in mopping at the target. Ever since their childhood, Elsa had been obsessed with beauty and handsome faces while she was more of a deceitful smile type. She sure could deceive any man with just her smile. So lets hope she wasn having her time looking at his handsome face.

As Carmi studied her closely waiting for a signal, what she saw made her heart skip a beat. She saw Elsa back off and gasped for air like she was dying. What was happening?

As soon as Elsa saw his face, she was shocked to the core. ”No No this can be him. Oh my God, I think its him ” Elsa said as she gasped for air due to the shock left by what she saw. She couldn believe her eyes. Why must it be him?

”This isn happening. How can he be here? ” Elsa cried inwardly as she looked again to confirm her sight.

Immediately her boot phone connected over to her bosss side.

”Elsa, have the job been carried out? ” he asked. ”Are you there? ” Her boss asked over the phone when he heard no response from her.

”Boss, I don think I can carry out this task. The target in question is the person I told yo… ” but before she would finish uttering that word, a bullet was put through her skull. She lost balance due to the shot and fell into the sea.

Carmi left her hideout and came running towards Elsa when she saw her state. She was terrified. The distance between them wasn that long but it sure could take some minutes to get to her by running. She watched as Elsa picked up her boot phone and answered a call, before she could finish her speech she was shot in the head.

Carmi cried as she ran faster toward her to hold her. She fell into the sea before Carmi could get to her. Her friend was dead.

”Elsa!! ” She cried as she watched the sea she fell into. ”Whoever did this must pay! ” She screamed as she scanned the whole arena to see where the shot had come from. Unknown to her she was next.


A bullet came flying towards her after which she also fell into the sea.

The guests on hearing the snip shot disorganized as fear gripped them. No one knew who was next.

Deon was immediately escorted back into the hotel since he was the only public figure that might be in real danger with the whole scenario.

Back inside the sea, lay a half-dead body falling slowly, and deeper into the sea. Elsas mind was unable to process a thing as everything happened fast. Was this how betrayal is? She had seen a shadow moved at the far end of the other deck not too far from the one she and Carmi were in. She knew who had shot him as it was no other than the Shadow blades. Shadow blades were the only gang that operated in shadows and their leader was no other than her boss.

”This is betrayal, maybe in your next life you couldn be foolish enough to trust easily. ” her mind scolded her before going numb. Elsa was dead.

A moment passed before she started hearing sounds. At first, it sounded like distant chattering but with time she realized it was human voices.

”Am I finally in hell because of all my misdoings? ” she thought.

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