Luke found himself on the floor of an unknown location. He opened his eyes and stood up, seeing everywhere was pitch black except for a small light that seemed to be blinking in and out of existence, he started walking towards the light.

After walking towards it for about two hundred meters, the light had gone slightly bigger.

”How far is this damn thing? Seems to me like a dungeon. ” Luke was now frustrated and panting like a stressed-out donkey. He decided not to give up running once again. After running for who knew how long, he came to the source of the light, it was a white curtain.

A single question popped into his head. What kind of place was so big that it took him only the gods know how many meters he had to run just to get to the exit which is this small exit. The only answer to that question was that it was a dungeon but he didn dare to believe it.

He felt intimidated just seeing the curtain. There was no way he could look at this door with his eyes fully opened so his eyes remained closed halfway. The light coming from the other side of the curtain was just too blinding. With his hands covering most of the light from his eyes, he decided to go into it.

Now standing on the other side of the curtain, the scenery wasn what he was expecting to see. Yes, it had been a dungeon but what the hell was he currently looking at? He was standing, looking forward, feeling glued to the floor. His mouth fell open, his jaws dropped to the floor and his organs could be seen at the moment.

The exit of the dungeon he had passed through, opened into a dead land stretching for thousands of miles. He was standing on a cliff on a mountain thousands of miles away. He was sure that behind him, the exit still stood there but he couldn even lift a finger at the moment.

A war was ongoing and on the battlefield, he saw nine majestic beings at the back of one of the army.

Although Luke wasn awakened neither could he sense Mana, the pressure coming from those nine beings was enough to make him want to turn back and run away.

One, in particular, had no aura or pressure at all, making him more terrifying. That being looked in his direction and then looked away. Although he was far away from them, he felt fear toward that being.

They had one-fiftieth of the number of their opponents but they had the upper hand. They were all wearing golden armor. Their armors radiated throughout the battlefield.

Those nine beings wore helmets of different patterns and designs. They were also putting on golden armor but each of them had another unique color on the armor to distinguish them from the other.

Behind them were two warriors each. They also had golden armors and on those armors, the same color as the beings they were standing behind were on them.

One of those nine beings with a blue color on his armor, the one who looked in Lukes direction previously, had four warriors behind him.

The pressure from those four was on par with the other eight beings. These nine beings along with the warriors behind them were on nine chariots of different designs. These chariots had the same design as the helmets of the nine beings. These beings were the commanders of their army while the warriors behind them were their generals.

The opponents were in the tens of millions but they were losing badly. The opponents had their generals and a single commander. Each of them was wearing pitch black armor. The armor of these warriors looked like they were robbed from the body of dead warriors. The commander of the enemies had purple lines drawn all over his black armor in a bizarre pattern.

Their commander was also on a pitch black chariot accompanied by four horse-like creatures. These creatures were extremely horse-like with six legs and purple flame as eyes. Their generals were already fighting desperately on the battlefront but they were still losing.

As the battle went on, Luke discovered that the warriors on the battlefront wearing golden armor had different colors on their armor matching the colors of those nine beings.

Those warriors with a blue color on their armor were the most scarce ones and also the most terrifying ones. The opponents did their best to avoid any warrior with a blue color on his armor but all their attempts amounted to nothing. Their squad leaders were currently fighting with the generals from their enemies and had the upper hand in the battle.

Luke did not know why both sides had engaged in this one-sided massacre but he was amazed at the strength of these warriors. They were outnumbered fifty to one but they were prevailing. He had never seen nor heard of such a one-sided war. Even in his world, there was hardly any war.

The only massive fights were in a dungeon but it was never up to this scale. Only in unexpected situations did monsters break out of dungeons and it could result in massive battles but never to this extent.

He could only watch from afar. Even the weakest warrior from the enemies could kill him by throwing a pebble at him. Even if he wanted to move, his legs wouldn obey him at the moment. All he could do was watch.


Luke who was lost in thoughts suddenly raised his head to be shocked once more.

That sound reverberated through the battlefield. The being with brown color on his golden armor had waved his hand. The two warriors behind him had joined the battle immediately.

That explosion was a result of their first attacks. The first attack they unleashed immediately shattered every hope of their enemies. The battle had gone on for over four hours since Luke arrived but the appearance of just these two individuals made it look like the main enforcements just arrived.

”This… This is not possible. How can people be this powerful? ” Luke was looking at this scene in awe.

These two warriors completely turned the battle into a completely one-sided battlefield. Their opponents could only wait to die at their hands.

Wherever the first one slashed, inextinguishable flames followed burning everything in his path. The others slash contained ice that froze everything it touched. They were killing machines. They both swept through the battlefield reducing their enemies at an alarming rate.

Ten minutes had passed and these two had succeeded in bringing tens of thousands of enemies to their deaths. This immediately brought more battle intent to their subordinates. The morale of their squads soared into the sky. The enemies were being cut down faster.

”Stop those two!! ” The enemy commander finally roared. He couldn hold back his anger anymore.

Luke became startled. The enemy just now hadn spoken his language but somehow he understood.

He suddenly noticed a white light from the battlefield approaching him. He focused his eyes to see what it was and then…

The light passed through him and exited his back. He looked at himself and a huge hole was where his stomach shouldve been. He had been stabbed but no blood could be seen. He was losing strength very fast and he dropped to the ground. His eyes closed for the last time and before he died, he heard someone speaking to him.

”You shouldn be here at the moment. DEPART! ” Again, that strange language he seemed to understand.

Then he died.

”Hey, wake up and leave. ” Someone tapped Luke. He opened his eyes and found himself sitting on a chair just outside a tall tower-like building.

Breathing deeply, he sighed. ”That was close. ”

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