Before Abaddon even starts pondering over his situation, he felt a sharp pain lancing through his head, like thousands of needles were being stabbed into his brain.

The pain arrived without any prior notice and brought many strange memories along with it. Abaddons eyes rolled up, almost fainting from the sudden downloads of countless scenes and images.

” Is this reincarnation? ” Abaddon remembered very clearly that the last thing he had seen was the shocked and angry expressions of the emperors before he died.

It was impossible to survive such a detonation generated by the Legendary Energy Dagger, cause its even countless times stronger than detonating his own Cultivation base.

” Only two explanations exist for such a thing. Its either that the Dagger was the one responsible for this, which is not an impossible situation, or reincarnation really exists and I simply happened to experience it. ” He then pushed those reincarnation thoughts aside and started concentrating on what he had control over.

Generally speaking, the Legendary Energy Dagger contained one of the most profound techniques in the Sacred Realm. It was after all a dead Saints inheritance that all emperors wanted to obtain so they can reach that stage as well.

However, the Dagger itself was what made Abaddon suspect that it had the possibility of such a thing. Cause the energy it was made of and what was contained inside of it was something he had never seen or heard of before.

The reason why no Saint showed up to rob him out of that inheritance was the fact that all saints had similar Cultivation techniques so that one is literally useless for them and isn worth their time.

Yet, if they saw the energy that the Dagger was made of, a fight that will shake the whole world would have for sure occurred. But it made no difference for Abaddon anyway since he was dead either way.

In fact, what everyone didn know except Abaddon that he began suspecting such a thought. Was that the technique written down inside of the Dagger surpassed even their techniques.

But he still only comprehended a fraction of the technique, so he doesn know much about it yet. And he doesn know the techniques that the Saints use, so he can never compare it anyway, not yet at least.

Abaddon took a deep breath and closed his eyes, organizing the new memories in his mind. Trying to gain some insights about his current situation.

His name was Chester, 86 years of age, an ordinary old man with no background. His life in the past 15 years was happy and carefree, living in the forest with his only granddaughter, until a few days ago when a young master of the Fang clan visited with the intention of marriage.

Overthinking the situation, Chester believed that his granddaughter will be taken away from him, and she will be experiencing a life of pain and sadness.

That took a toll on his brain and especially his heart. Thus, he passed away in his sleep. In his final breath, he was filled with hatred and resentment towards the Fang clan.

Chester is a fair-skinned man of average height, wearing an ordinary white robe. He is an elderly man with a bald head, visible wrinkles, and a hooked nose. He has red eyes, long white eyebrows, a mustache, and a long white beard.

Abaddons eyes flashed with demonic glee.

” Hahaha, Light Emperor. No, all the Emperors and especially that Alex whose power was totally not what a cultivator with his realm should have, just wait for me till I regain my power and behead each one of you. ”

Abaddons mad laughter echoed in the house and the surrounding area, making all the birds on top of the trees scatter in fright.

” Wait, no. Revenge should never be the goal that I pursue, surpassing everyone and standing above all was always my real and only goal, revenge will only be something secondary along the way. ”

He remembered a saying from a certain Saint that made him subdue his hatred and push away the impulsive thought of revenge.

To live for revenge is only one road, while to live for others is limited, but to live for ones self, the possibilities are endless.

” His words were indeed true back then, I should have listened. If I didn live for Lilith, waste my resources and time on her growth in the name of love. I would have given way more attention to myself and Cultivation, and I would have never been betrayed. ” Abaddon sighed over his stupidity for following the useless feeling of love.

A cough escaped his body, cutting his train of thought and bringing him back to his current situation, ” This is not a good sign, this old man is 86 years old, yet he had never cultivated, Im literally in a mortal body. ”

On the Saint continent, almost everyone could cultivate. Even farmers would have a 1st or 2nd layer in the foundation establishment stage. It was nigh impossible to find an old man who never cultivated once.

He couldn even do a quick check out on his internal organs cause of the fact that this body never cultivated and thus has no spiritual energy.

” Based on the memories of this old man, the world structure isn totally the same. Here, poor people will never have the ability to try Cultivation, thats in itself is a major difference from my realm. ”

” I already have a Cultivation technique, however, it will take some time to break through to the Qi condensation stage and increase my lifespan a little bit. I need an alternative method that will fasten my Cultivation process. ”

This time around, a voice came from outside disturbing his train of thoughts, ” Grandpa, wake up, today is an important day in my life. ”

After the voice subdued, a pretty girl that was 1.68 in height pushed the door open. She directly jumped on top of her grandfather, hugging him tightly.

Hahaha, my luck isn that bad after all. The alternative is already on top of me. Abaddon thought, a tiny plan formed inside of his brain, already drawing his next moves and the path he will be taking for the time being.

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