Just right outside of the magnificent ancient-looking green forest, a road made by the constant stream of carriages that traveled on the same path was created.

The green ancient-looking forest was famous for its peaceful and beautiful environment. Which in turn was given the name Ancient Rainforest.

The ancient part was only given cause of the rumors that always hovered around this forest in some of the books and even around the people themselves.

The rumors were ever-changing in how people choose to spread them or portray them to be, but one thing was in common about all of them.

And that was the existence of an ancient dragon living deep inside of the forest, never leaving his lair and only sleeping there for thousands of years.

Dragons in this continent that was called Sleeping Chaos were fearsome creatures, and only a handful of people could openly say that they can fight one toe-to-toe.

However, those dragons in this continent that people fear were only the ones that were seen and fought against by the Strongest people in the continent.

Yet, a legend says that ancient dragons that were way more frightening and powerful than those ones existed. And every one of them could even destroy an entire continent with a single breath.

And one of them is in the deepest parts of the forest. However, these were all rumors and no evidence was ever shown to prove if they were valid or not.

Matter of fact, it can never be proven even if they want to, cause if the rumors are true, then no one will ever come back alive from the dragons lair.

A few kilometers away from Ancient Rainforest, a luxurious carriage that was being pulled by two horses could be seen closing in on the safest entrance and path of the forest.

A loud voice could be heard echoing inside the room of the carriages, a dissatisfied tone could easily be distinguished from it.

”Big brother, why are you insisting on marrying this poor girl? She has no background to speak of nor any cultivation level, isn taking her as your wife a huge loss for our clan? ” The kid looked at his big brother with deep helplessness.

Its not his fault, his older brother chose to marry a girl that brought him no benefits whatsoever, only cause he loved her and wanted to be with her. Which was a stupid and selfish decision to make.

Cause instead of actually choosing a girl to marry from the other surrounding clans, make an alliance with them to strengthen their clan and expand their territories. His brother threw all of the clans benefits into the garbage and chose to instead prioritize his own happiness.

” You don understand Ben, even if the emperor thats ruling over the twelve great clans comes himself to recruit me and help me out. I won ever do it if he doesn accept to take in Mia as well, you will understand one day when you meet the love of your life. ” Bam tried to explain that nothing will come between him and his love, not even the thrill of power and status.

” This conversation is pointless, I tried my best to change your mind. Hope you always remember that you chose a random girl that you had feelings for over your flesh and blood. ” Ben sighed in disappointment, leaned on the comfy sit, and closed his eyes to take a nap.

” Im really sorry Ben, but I simply can forsake her for anything, and even our father and mother approved of my decision. ” Bam tried to calm his little brother down by mentioning their parents.

Ben however ignored him and didn open his eyes. He knew that their parents only approved of his decision cause of how much they care about their eldest son.

Yet, deep down, they would rather make an alliance with another clan and expand their territories, which in turn will expand their resources. Rather than marrying a girl with no background nor cultivation.

The room became silent again, Ben taking a nap, while Bam was deeply lost in thoughts.

In a house, a little deep into the forest, casually existing between nature and the wilderness. An old man and a girl could be seen drinking tea at a table that was situated right in front of the house.

Abaddon already planned his future moves if everything went as planned. The first thing to do is to accept the marriage between Mia and Bam, which will secure him a safe spot for development.

Even though he got his heaven cultivation technique that will help him greatly with his speed of cultivation, at the beginning its simply impossible to rely solely on it and thats cause of a few reasons.

For starters, his body is super weak and old, and even if he started cultivating through the foundation establishment realm, he doubted that he will be any stronger than the cultivators in the same layer in strength.

The second motive is that his only weak point which is his body will be forever gone whenever he steps into the second realm. Which is the qi condensation stage, and all martial arts cannot be cultivated before that realm anyway.

Thus, all he had to do is take advantage of this clan for a few months, and obtain resources from them to alleviate his cultivation speed even more, till he reach the Qi condensation realm, and then his journey will for real began.

Looking at the greenery forest in front of him, Abaddon lightly laughed, ” The moment I pass my current crisis, my walk on the path of supremacy will begin! I will sweep the earth and laugh at the world. Bath in blood and sharpen the demonic soul even more; lift the flag and sing in triumph; defy fate, defy the universe! ”

The girl asked confused, ” Grandpa, this is the first time I hear you reciting a poem. But why did it feel creepy, even my body uncontrollably shivered? ”

” Haha, its just a poem that I just remembered from back when I was a young man. So, tell me about the reason why is this day important to you, you got me curious. ” Abaddon chuckled, already knowing this ant train of thoughts like the back of his hand.

Well, in the first place, everyone could predict what made this girl excited for the day. Yet, Abaddon was confident that no one could surpass him in terms of intelligence except those old saints that lived for countless years.

His insanely strategic planning and luck were the main reason that played a role in him locating the Legendary Energy Dagger in the first place. Luck was in terms of stumbling upon its location. Planning was in terms of the multiple traps and hardships that he had to go through to get it out of there.

Mia replied, her cheeks turning red from embarrassment, ” Thats a secret, you will soon find out why. So just patiently wait grandpa. ”

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