[ Ding! You managed to successfully provoke Ben Fang without suffering any damage. Ben Fang lost 10 points in fortune value. You received 50 destiny points!]

” Hm? What is this now, Ben lost 10 points in fortune value and I gained 50 destiny points. What does that even mean!! ” Abaddon inwardly yelled, confused about this whole matter of points.

As seemingly detecting the questions that Abaddon was asking about the fortune systems way of working, an answer to his confusion was directly sent to him.

[ Via reversing the destiny of various children of Fortune, you could earn destiny points. Destiny points are the system currency, which is used to buy all kinds of things… ]

As the fortune system kept explaining various different things about the workings of points, Abaddon was astonished and especially shocked by what he was reading in front of him.

This is madness, was Cultivation and following the path of the strong always this easy? If this is true and what Im seeing in front of me is really the case, then my revenge wouldn be as far off as I expected it to be.

He couldn help but look in disbelief at the various sentences that were written on the screen and what can he get with destiny points.

Not only could he use the points to buy various martial arts or Cultivation techniques. No, it didn stop there.

Cause he could also use it to buy various bloodlines, weapons, and even pills. It basically said that he could get with those destiny points everything he can think of to make him stronger and aid him on his path of Cultivation.

Whos even capable of giving different things out of nowhere? No, that shouldn be what Im concerned about right now, I should check if this is real or not first.

He pushed the thoughts of wondering over who can do such an impossible thing to the back of his mind and began pondering over various things.

He isn ignorant, he knew that thinking and wasting his time imagining or lamenting about such a thing would make him lose out greatly and even cause his death.

Thus, not wanting to take any chances with the words that were popping out in front of him and the death threat that could really hit him if everything was real.

He began asking questions to understand what he was dealing with. After all, this is the second time when he wonders about the various sentences in front of him and gets an answer with another small screen appearing in front of him.

Hence, without wasting any time, he gave it a try and asked about the things that he wasn understanding. For example, Fortune Value, system shop, and especially more explanations and details on the mission part.

After a few minutes of bombarding the system with various questions, he got a general understanding of what was happening to him and what he should be doing.

To summarize it in a few words, its high-risk high reward. He should destroy those so-called children of fortune and in exchange for that, he would get various rewards and points that he could use to strengthen himself.

As if he chose to ignore this whole matter and do his own thing, he would die without any question, and his second life would have been wasted without achieving anything.

Yet as he thought about Alex and the emperors, a demonic smirk appeared on his face for a split second, and he couldn help but inwardly laugh like a maniac.

Penalty of death? Thats like giving me additional motivation and fuel to get stronger and behead all of the people in that damned continent. I couldn ask for anything better than that as fuel for my revenge.


” With this strength alone and you actually want to marry my sister? Pathetic. ”

In the middle of what was previously a rich forest, only barren land could be seen around. The place was filled with deep trenches and holes that penetrated the ground so deep to even reveal the orange color that was deep down below the soil.

Thick pillars of smoke rose up from many different spots, adding a more gloomy touch to the place. Seeing this from high above would make anyone suspect that it was hell invading the middle of heaven.

It was obvious with a single glance that a brutal battle just took place in this former beautiful forest, especially with the many broken bodies and scattered limbs all over the place.

In the middle of such carnage, three figures stood in the center. One cloaked person hovering mid-air, his face cold and indifferent about how bloody and devastated the ground around was.

In front of him stood in mid-air hundreds of meters apart from each other, a gigantic weird-looking tiger that had the vibe of a ferocious beast with a tail shaped like a Spear dancing behind him. He was a literal monster, one that would scare many people to death if they were witnessing this scene right now.

In between the two, a broken figure of a young man lay helplessly and powerlessly on the ground. His body was totally hacked in many spots, drenching his tattered white robe with his red blood.

Just with a casual wave of the tigers tail shaped like a Spear, the body of the heavily wounded young man was picked up from the ground and took a full circle in the air before finally getting thrown back on the ground. The tail penetrated his shoulder like an unstoppable spear.

” Simply amazing to watch, I couldn ask for more than this scene and your current state as a gift that would make my day. ”

The clocked man said in satisfaction as he saw the young man struggling at deaths door, barely holding into his last breath, being toyed around like a mouse in front of his tamed beast.

The huge monster hovered in mid-air like a merciless god, appearing like a mountain that was blocking the moon . He wasn that big to begin with, but at this very moment, it felt like an insurmountable being in the eyes of the heavily wounded young man.

” How did things turn to such a state in a span of a single night? ”

Despite such a clear disparity in power between the two, the young man felt bitter, he felt deep anger, sadness, and yet helplessness penetrating his very soul and heart.

He, after all, did everything he could, and yet at the end of the day he was completely pushed to this fate, falling from the highest points of heaven to the deepest and darkest place of hell. Just cause he was in love with a woman and tried to approach her.

Yet, before he could even say a word to the woman and after giving consideration to her parents, thus humbly heading to their clans mansion to express his will and desire to marry their daughter.

On that very night of the day, which is this night, his whole clan was no more, their clans territory was devastated without recognition. While everyone in his clan from his parents to blood-related individuals were brutally killed without the womans clan even batting an eye.

” Was I really the cause that everyone I have ever known and grown to respect and love since young died on this night? But why, what wrong did I ever do to deserve such a fate? ”

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