When Shi Feng entered the school grounds of Jin Hai University, he found that the place looked the same as ten years ago. He could feel the air of youthfulness all around and hear the insects reverberating under the scorching sun.

Although the new semester had yet to start, many students could already be seen doing either self-studies in the library or participating in club activities. The small plaza by the universitys entrance was especially crowded due to the registration booths set up there. Many university applicants accompanied by their parents could be seen lining up in front of these booths.

Meanwhile, among the many registration booths, the one for the Gods Domain Academy was, without a doubt, the most popular. There were easily over a hundred applicants waiting for their turn in front of the booth. None of the other registration booths could come close to competing with this number.

While Jin Hai City might be an inconspicuous third-tier city, Jin Hai University was one of the more well-known universities throughout the country as its Gods Domain Academy had produced many talents. In the current era where Gods Domain had become a part of human life, Jin Hai Universitys performance would naturally attract the attention of many. Not to mention, Shadow, one of Jin Hai Citys top four Workshops, also originated from Jin Hai University. This contributed even more to the universitys fame.

Moreover, for those who successfully get accepted into the Gods Domain Academy, not only would they receive the guidance and nurturing rivaling what large Guilds provided, but they would also get to enjoy the freedom of independent players.

After graduation, students of the Academy were also almost guaranteed to become internal members of large Guilds, receiving priority nurturing and a salary far surpassing white-collared workers. And if one was fortunate enough to pass the Gods Domain Professional League Selection during their school years, one could also become a professional fighter, an entity akin to a celebrity.

Meanwhile, professional fighters were existences that even Super Guilds sought to recruit. This was also one of the primary sources Gods Domains various superpowers recruited their internal members from. After all, even the various superpowers were limited in their ability to recruit talented people. It was inevitable for the various superpowers to let some talents slip out of their radar. Hence, the Gods Domain Professional League was an excellent way to catch these talents.

After Shi Feng strolled around the familiar yet foreign school compound, he made his way to the Academic Affairs Office to register himself. And because of Blackies strong recommendation, Shi Feng got to bypass the many troublesome reviews and got directly hired as a junior instructor of the Gods Domain Academy.

”Instructor Shi, our Gods Domain Academy imposes much less restriction compared to that of rival academies, especially when it comes to our instructors. We do not look at a persons academic qualifications or history; we only look at their current abilities, ” Lin Yaoyue, the Gods Domain Academys director and a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties, explained to Shi Feng. ”You might be Shadows ex-Guild Leader, but we cannot provide you with any special treatment. You will be treated like any other junior instructor. You won need to hold lectures every day; you only need to hold two lectures a week. When you plan to hold a lecture, you need to notify one of the counselors one day in advance, then the counselor will make the necessary arrangements for you. As to whether the students are willing to attend your lectures, that will depend on your personal charm. ”

If it were the past Gods Domain Academy, someone of Shi Fengs stature wouldve been given the VIP treatment. However, that was no longer the case now.

Now that Jin Hai Universitys Gods Domain Academy had received investments from major corporations, even current Guild Leaders of second-rate Guilds were of little significance to the Academy. After all, many Guild executives of large Guilds were now frantically trying to apply for a position in the Academy in the hopes of forming a connection with the Academys investors.

If Shi Feng weren Shadows ex-Guild Leader, he wouldve had to go through a series of rigorous tests before he could become an instructor in the Gods Domain Academy.

Not to mention, even after struggling in Gods Domain for ten years, Shi Feng had failed to even reach Tier 4. Only those who had reached Tier 4 could be considered an expert in Gods Domains upper echelons in the current Gods Domain. As for Tier 3 experts, they could be found everywhere in Gods Domain. At most, these existences could strut around in small kingdoms.

”In regards to the benefits offered to junior instructors, you will receive a monthly salary of 20,000 Credits and free access to the Academys basic training facilities. While the Academy also has state-of-the-art training facilities and resources, you will have to exchange for those using Academy Points. An example of one of the available resources would be the popular S-rank Nutrient Fluid; each bottle will cost one million points.

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”There are two main ways for you to acquire Academy Points. The first way is to hold lectures. A junior instructor will receive ten points for each participating student per lecture, whereas intermediate instructors will receive twenty points, and senior instructors will receive fifty points. The second way is to take in students as apprentices and train them. This is also the quickest method to acquire Academy Points. If you can get a willing student to become your apprentice and guide them, every level your apprentice manages to progress in the Trial Tower will award you with a large amount of Academy Points. If your apprentice reaches the expert standard, which is the early stage of the towers fifth floor, you will be awarded 20,000 points. If your apprentice reaches the sixth floors early stage, then you will receive 100,000 points.

”Simultaneously, apprentices also play a role in an instructors promotion. Only instructors who have successfully guided three apprentices to the sixth floors early stage can become intermediate instructors. Meanwhile, only intermediate instructors and above qualify to exchange for S-rank Nutrient Fluids; junior instructors don have the qualification to do so. ”

Shi Feng was a little surprised when he heard Lin Yaoyues explanation. He didn think that the current Jin Hai University had become so wealthy and generous.

An intermediate instructor, is it?

Initially, Shi Feng thought he would have to become a senior instructor at the Academy before being qualified to exchange for S-rank Nutrient Fluids. After all, that was a resource that even master-level fighters had difficulty getting their hands on. In the current market where supply couldn meet demand, one couldn get an S-rank Nutrient Fluid even for the price of one million Credits per bottle.

By the time Lin Yaoyue was done explaining the Gods Domain Academy to Shi Feng, the two of them had also arrived at the Academys testing area for new students.

The Gods Domain Academy functioned as a place to nurture talents for Gods Domains various powers, so it was only natural for the Academy to take the path of the elite in its education method. Rather than treating its students equally, it would allocate resources to its students depending on their talent and capabilities. After all, the Academy had limited resources. Hence, after students registered for the Gods Domain Academy, they would have to undergo a test.

To put it simply, new students would have to challenge the classical Trial Tower of Gods Domain. This was also the best method to test a persons combat standards.

”Instructor Luo Tiancheng, this is our new teacher, Instructor Shi Feng, ” Lin Yaoyue said, introducing Shi Feng to a bald and robust middle-aged man standing in the testing area. ”I still have other matters to attend to, so I hope you can introduce Instructor Shi Feng to the matters here. ”

”No problem, ” Luo Tiancheng said. Then, glancing at Shi Feng, he smiled and continued, ”Instructor Shi Feng and I are old buddies! Leave it to me! ”

Hearing this, Shi Feng also glanced at Luo Tiancheng, faintly recalling that he was acquainted with such a person in this life.

From what Shi Feng could remember, Luo Tiancheng was one of Shadows frontline experts, and he was someone nearly touching upon the Half-step Refinement Realm standard. He was also one of Lan Hailongs trusted aides. Shi Feng never thought that the man would come here to become an instructor.

”Since you
e acquaintances, then Ill leave it to you, ” Lin Yaoyue said, nodding before leaving the testing area immediately. She had no interest whatsoever in the affairs of junior instructors. What she cared more about was the improvement of her own strength.

Meanwhile, after Lin Yaoyue left, Luo Tiancheng put on a big grin as he shifted his sights toward Shi Feng. Then, in a sarcastic tone, Luo Tiancheng said, ”Instructor Shi Feng! No, I mean Guild Leader Shi Feng! I really didn expect we would meet at this place. Im even a little surprised to see that our Guilds Sword Magician would fall to the extent of becoming a measly junior instructor at this place. Director Lan will probably cry if he finds out about this. ”

Shi Feng did not get angry at Luo Tianchengs comment. Instead, he calmly said, ”Its okay. This Gods Domain Academy is much better than I thought. Also, aren you here as well? ”

After having reincarnated twice, Shi Feng no longer felt anything toward the rise and fall of his life. At most, he would just have to start from scratch.

Although the starting conditions for a new independent player in the current Gods Domain were different from when Gods Domain first launched, Shi Feng had a much better start than other independent players. After all, he got to enjoy the benefits the Gods Domain Academy offered. The resources he had access to were much better than most newcomers in the current Gods Domain.

”Don think of celebrating just yet. ” Sneering, Luo Tiancheng said, ”This Academy isn as easy of a place to survive in as you think. Director Lin probably didn tell you this, but every junior instructor will need to recruit twenty apprentices when the new students officially enroll in the Academy. And if you fail to do so before the new semester begins, youll have to get lost! ”

There were currently less than three days before the new semester officially began. Most importantly, today was the last day for new students to register and get themselves tested. Hence, after today, the difficulty of recruiting apprentices would increase exponentially.

Not to mention, all new students would immediately seek apprenticeship from an instructor as soon as they completed their test. After all, the instructor they chose to apprentice under played a vital role in their subsequent education and development in Gods Domain. Otherwise, they would have to rely on attending theoretical classes while playing solo in Gods Domain.

Moreover, because of the Gods Domain Academy receiving investments from major corporations, the Academy had also gained many junior instructors. There simply weren enough students to share between all of these instructors.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng was nothing but a fired Guild Leader. He had no connections or resources to speak of in Gods Domain. He didn even have his account anymore. And even if he did, he had also only reached Tier 3 during his peak. With practically nothing to his name, how could he possibly compete against the various large Guilds executives in gaining apprentices?

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