Yeah, the song is heard again from the phone that was deliberately left on the sling bag, while her thin hands hugged the paper wrap contains some items that he bought from a twenty four hours store about a hundred yards from the bus stop site, where she currently stands.

Na Ra had been running away from the exact drizzle that fell when she went out of the shop, and now was pouring, not a big deal at all, much less waiting for a bus, and a shelter roof protected her from a rain attack.

This time, however, circumstances took her into a state of mind. Though the cell phone rings are still ringing, Na Ra would hesitate to bring the object out, she noticed raindrops touching the asphalt, getting colder and colder.

Her memory is far away, a situation like this occurred a few years ago, but its hard to forget.

Na Ra looked across the street, there was no one there, but several vehicles passed in front of her. The girl looks tired, really tired, shes been working all day for her event, working in an EO office is not what Na Ra wants, but already accepted. Extra million is to be dismissed if the event is successful, but it also takes responsibility to become the team leader they call team Leader Kim.

Anything that catches up with an office calling her that, everyone can called Na Ra-ssi¹ or Eonnie.²

Na Ra glances at her watch, ten past the hour, shes rehearsing she seemed so ordinary, whoever it was sure it wasn Kim He Soo, her brother. He never called Na Ra… even though she came home late, he understood what she was doing.

The girl looked back at the rain, the spray from the friction of the car with the asphalt barely touched it, she had a reflex, she didn want to go home soaked like a dog, it was ugly.

”You knew, huh? You knew? ” Moments like these, the voice haunted her again, made Na Ra swallow, and her brain invited her to pl

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