Repeat My Sunshine

2. Jung Tae Oh.

Kim He Soo had just brushed his teeth as the knock on the door made him go open, and the scene served him was Kim Na Ras smile and wet top and bottom. Even so, why does Na Ra keep smiling, perhaps pointing out that her situation was not a problem—that is, considering the distance from the entrance to her house was so far, about ten meters.

”What are you looking at? ” asked Na Ra.

He Soo squeaks. ”My goodness, big sis. Why don you call your brother and Ill bring you the umbrella. ” He looks upset.

Na ra is being naive. ”Ah yes, you
e right, He Soo. But, I didn think to call you, I just wanted to get home so I bought meat, I can make a gopchang for you like I promised two days ago, right? ”

Soo snapped his forehead unhesitantly. ”I know that Noona¹ keeps her promises, but its not like this. Unfortunately, I don think youve been in the rain. Youve made me a bastard of a brother. ” Kim He Soo, he was in high school, their age gap was about eight years old, and they were left alone after their parents died in a series of accidents that killed some of the bus passengers on a rainy night.

The rain may hold a lot of bad memories for na ras life, but it still penetrates even when a painful memory lurks behind her back.

At that time, though their uncle offered to take care of both, Na Ra refused, and she was reluctant to turn her over to anyone. She insisted on taking care of had own life, one good thing at the time was that Na Ras college days had touched the last year, and she had the status of an apprentice in the company that now gave her a lot of experience and money. So Na Ra felt she could bear all of her own, their lives and school. Though it had to stay on the move because it was often late to pay the rent, Na Ra managed to find a home for them all year without having to pay more rent. A simple two—bedroom house, and Na Ra doesn have to walk her around with their things anymore.

Na Ra blinked. ”Well, its not on purpose, so your SINS as the insubordinate brother go off the record. ” She took off flat shoes and moved past her brother, the floor became wet because of Na Ras actions, but she refused to blurt out the tiredness on Na Ras face. Its not the first time Na Ra comes home late, its often like that—especially if the brother his a project to do, and He Soo becomes a doorman waiting for his sister to come home.

”I need a shower before I make gopchang for my sweet little brother! ”

The lively Shouting vanished as Na Ra entered her room, while He Soo cleaned up him act on the floor.

”Gopchang?² Why does she keep talking about gopchang, when Im sleepy. ” Kim He Soo locked the door, and after mopping the floor, he went to his room without wanting to sister gopchang again.

”It doesn matter if my lips feel spicy. ”

Na Ra didn leave the room until after twenty minutes, putting a towel on her wet hair, the woman looked around. She didn see Kim He Soo everywhere, slowly opening the door to He Soo, but the high school kid had drowned under his blanket when it was raining outside.

”Ah, so he doesn want the gopchang for tonight, which means tomorrow morning, ” She says, although she still finds the kitchen, her brown wrapping paper is still on the dining table.

Na Ra opens the refrigerator, she inserts almost everything she bought went in there.

Soju³, three bottles of soju. Lettuce, meat, cheese, mildew to milk. Na Ra will always be grateful to the twent four-hour store for giving her the opportunity to fill the refrigerator when her time at work can be dispensed with justice.

”Even so, I must also eat, for rejecting Lee Hwang Ins request, my stomach is starving. ” She spoke of the man who was her superior, their age by only two years, and Hwang In is the owner of the EO office named BIG DREAM.

Na Ra had a few packages of ramyeon, she cooked them, and it was good that there was instant kimchi in the refrigerator, so just add the mixture to the ingredients so that the ramyeon would be enjoyed when the rain fell more enjoyable, alone when the clocks short clock was nearly eleven.

Letting the water boil over, Na Ra pulls the phone out of the sling bag and returns to the kitchen. Guess right if it wasn Kim He Soo calling, it was Hwang In.

”What? Didn you meet me at the office? Whats he gonna do? ” Na Ra pulled up a chair behind the dinner table, she sat there and checked several messages from Hwang In, the man had a habit of worrying.

(Have you arrived?)

e not in the rain?)

(Why don you answer my phone?)

(Hey, Na Ra.)

(Have you arrived?)

The woman put down her phone with no intention of answering her messages or calling Hwang In back, and it was getting late, and she didn want to pressure herself to hear the mans story on the line. Its better if Na Ra makes ramen because her stomach keeps rebelling.

Na Ra was really enjoying ramyeon* by herself without trying to wake up He Soo, her younger brother was no less tired from his school activities, yesterday He Soo said if he has attended basketball selection to make it to the schools main team, after class was over they went straight into the field.

”Se Young is getting married? Thats good news. ”

The index finger led hundreds of chat groups whose ex friends in college, rarely crowded, but once crowded could be hundreds of them in a day. Now her friends are talking about Se Youngs wedding taking place the day after tomorrow, in one of the Gangnam areas luxury buildings.

”Who should I go with? ” Na Ra squeaks, yet shes burdened. ”What dress should I wear? ” She raised her chopsticks, when ramyeon went halfway through her mouth, Na Ras activities stopped for a moment, something wrinkled her forehead.

Then ramyeon gets down her throat. ”What if they insult me for not having a date? Holy shit! ” She dropped her chopsticks on the table, her last thought disturbed na ra. ”Theyve all been showing off the pre-fiance in the group, while I? ” She pitied herself.

”How sad is your life, Kim Na Ra. How can I face them. ”


(Hey, Na Ra-ssi. Who are you going to Gangnam the day after tomorrow? I meant se youngs wedding.)

Its about time Kim Na Ra cursed after reading her friends message.


”Eat a lot. ” Na Ra holds a piece of lettuce, puts a piece of gopchang and mushrooms on it, and pours the sauce there. ”Here, to my sweet brother. ” She got up early enough to make his brother gopchang, so He Soo could finish everything after school.

”Noona, pray for your brother to make the first team. This afternoon is a decider. ” He is handsome in his school uniform, he carries a pretty heavy backpack. They sat behind the dining table, enjoying a breakfast that always kept two together.

”Of course, my little brother will pass the selection and join the schools main team. That would be so cool. ” Na ra did the same thing to the food.

”If I make the first team, everyone will know me as the talented and handsome Kim He Soo, then the girls— ”

”Girls? ” Na ras forehead was wrinkled. ”You talk like popularity, you like someone? ”

He Soo shook his head. ”No, I wish I was. I can have a girlfriend if you
e engaged to someone. ” That damn promise is still Kim He Soo remember, this is dragging down bullshit.

Na Ra squeaks. ”Can you not remember that crazy promise? Besides, you shouldn be dating, you high school teen, better off working your ass off until you graduate with perfect grades so you can get into the best college. Ive been single all this time for you, he soo. Didn you see it? ” Na ras emotions are showing, but they
e not even scream.

She thought of Kim He Soo, of looking after each other, of trusting each other and of being a good brother. Its just that when it comes to couples, Na Ra is so sensitive and irritable.

”Oh, whats with that tone of voice, Im starting to freak out. ” ”It was you, after all— ” the knocking kept out Na Ras voice. ”Let me see who the guests are this early. ”

She approached the main door, and the scene she saw was Lee Hwang Ins smiling face. Its time for Kim Na Ra to swear again, deep down.


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