Repeat My Sunshine

4. Never ready.

”Eonnie, Ive noticed you
e eager to support Kim He Soo, aren you his girlfriend? ”

Kim Na Ra laughed at the questions of a student who also screamed He Soos name nonstop in the lower ring, but Na Ra began to think that the age difference with he was only eight, didn she look older?

Twenty five years old, it seems like if Na Ra wore a high school uniform would still look decent, especially when that woman never wore extra makeup.

”Aniyo, Kim He Soo is my brother. ”

”Omo! ” The long-haired girl hung her lips and then went dark. ”Jinjja? ” She looked out into the field, at He Soo more precisely, then looked back at Kim Na Ra. ”No wonder Eonnie was so excited, I didn realize that sunbae had an older sister. ” She reached out. ”Annyeonghaseo, my name is Lee Hye Rin, Kim He Soos junior at school. ” She bends.

”Ah, bangawayo. Im Kim Na Ra. ” The women that twenty five-year-old also bowed back.

As Na Ra recalls a simple conversation with a high school student in the stands, she approached her and immediately asked with a curious face, knowing that if Na Ra was Kim He Soos sister, she was even more excited.

Lee Hye Rin, as tall as Kim Na Ra, he looks cheerful, friendly and warm. The bouquet Na Ra gave to He Soo was already in the girls hands, and He Soo gave it to her because he didn want to be seen as the male receiving the flowers from the girl, he thought it over, so it was best for Hye Rin—without thinking of how it would affect her feelings.

As Jung Tae Oh thought if He Soo really made the first team, its worth it for him to come home from work at the end of the day. Kim He Soo is a hard worker, if he wants something, then he tries to reach it without troubling Kim Na Ra.

Look how glad He Soo is as he moves in with some friends who also pass the final selection, they
e lined up almost down the street, theres two girls there, one of them is Hye Rin. He also distributed the chocolates he had received from his sister to his friends.

”Her face is shining clear. ” When he said that, Jung Tae Oh looked up at the side of Kim Na Ras face, he still noticed the brothers interaction that went about three feet in front of her.

”Huh? What? ” Na Ra turned her head, and she lost focus. ”Who? ”

”Kim He Soo. ” Not from the heart, the lips are the most vital limbs to tell a lie. ”Her face is reflected so clearly, everyone will see. ”

”Ah, right. He is Kim He Soo. ” Na Ra smiled again.

Jung Tae Oh walk with they, accompanied by Kim Na Ra. ”Did you hear about Se Youngs wedding tomorrow? ”

Na Ra nodded. ”Ill come. ”

”With whom? Your girlfriend? ”


Na Ra shook her head. ”No, Im alone. Ill take the train, Ill be in Gangnam in about two hours. ”

”Come with me. ”

”Then we can take the train together. ”

”No. ”

”Wae? ”¹

”I mean, today my car was fixed. So tomorrow well take the car, not the train. ”

”Oh. ” Kim Na Ra nodded. ”Besides being a basketball coach, you work somewhere else? ”

”I own a coffee shop. ” Tae Oh saw the admiration in Na Ras eyes. ”Next time come if you
e free, as long as you don practice basketball, Ill be there. ”

”Of course, Ill come. ”

”And you still work at the eo company? ”

”Yes, I was comfortable there, and besides, they always give me more if I get the job done. I don think moving to another place. starting over isn necessarily easy. Especially with He Soo, hes about to graduate and go to university. ”

”I see your point. You
e a hardworking older sister, so Kim He Soo must feel very lucky to have a big sister who always takes care of him. Hes well taken care of. ”

”Thank you. ”

They arrived at a bus stop, Na Ra thought Tae Oh would also get on the bus, but it turns out that the man was just walking with her because he saw He Soo was busy with his friends. Tae Oh explained that his friend is picking you up, so instead of Tae Oh, everyone else got on the bus and left him alone there.


Bar A, if it wasn for her cooperation, wouldn Na Ra come tonight, out of respect for the brands owner who used the service of EO Big Dream, Na Ra and some of the colleagues who helped her with her afternoon activities turned up at Bar A.

They sat in rows in corners, it was always crowded, and often had the Na Ra team visit them if they wanted to sing karaoke or receive a treat like tonight. There was no Sa Haessun, though she could gave come, but she did send a text message that tonight had a date with a doctor. Perhaps soon men all over the world of various professions will know the name Nam Sa Haessun.

”Cheers. ”

”Yes, a toast. ” People lift their glasses, a few bottles of soju are on the table, but theres also something to eat.

Kim na Ra didn say much as everyone was repeatedly busy praising the success of todays event, while the woman grew tired of listening, she looked down at the cellphone screen showing the crowd at her faculty ex group again.

Now they are busy showing off a couple to be invited to Se Youngs wedding tomorrow, Na Ra sniffed, she fills up her glass with soju before the drink wears off.

”Aish. ”

(Kim Na Ra, who did you come with?)

One of the friends tagged Na Ra and asked that question, but Na Ra didn want to retaliate even though she thought that Jung Tae Oh would ask her out.

”Team Leader Kim, why didn you say anything? Its to you. ” One of the staff made Na Ra smile awkwardly, everyones having fun tonight, why can she act normal like them. Se Young is getting married, but Na Ra is driving her nuts.

”It seems that team Leader Kim has a lot on his mind, you might want to apply for a leave, youve worked hard for the office. ” The other staff commented.

Kim Na Ra nodded. ”Thats probably right, Im exhausted, Im on leave, Ill think about it. ” She gulped down soju again out of a glass.

”Omo! So, they
e actually dating? ” In addition to Sa Haessun, one of the staff on team Kim Na Ra was also a gossip, lets say that Han Yoo Min, the should—haired one who collected photos of idols in her house. It is no longer public secret, without even asking, that Yoo Min is ready to tell it with pleasure, but since Yoo Min is a capable staff member full of bright ideas, she often proposed the theme event he most crazy among the staffs proposals.

”Mwo? ”² asked Kim Na Ra.

”Na Ra-ssi, have I ever gossiped with you? Because when you ask me something like that, my ears feel weird, ” she said something like that.

Na Ra blinked. ”Tonight, I want to gossip with you. Can I? ”

”Of course. ”

”Is it rumored by Yoo Min-ssi? ” asked the other staff equally intrigued, there were about eight people, and all women, they looked at Yoo Min in unison.

Han Yoo Min in clears his throat and then looks at the cellphone screen, and if this is the case, people have to put up their faces like waiting for the big secret of the country, and its just Na Ra who hasn followed Yoo Mins lead.

”Just now one of my friends on staff at the CU agency sent me a photo that he could secretly get, but I had to delete it immediately. Im not going to jail for handing out photos of someone who doesn want to be photographed, its illegal. Since you
e all curious, Ill just show you. Are you ready? ” Yoo Min looked at Na Ra, had team leader nodded confidently. ”Well, since Na Ra-ssi is the team leader, then youll be the first to see. ”

Yoo Min handed had phone to Kim Na Ra, she also explained. ”Na Ra-ssi, you know if Choi-sajangnim³ is that entertainments owner, he has a very handsome son, Choi Daniel, take a good look at him. ” Yoo Mins fingers pointed at a photo of Choi Daniel, without being told—from the second Yoo Min showed it, Kim Na Ras heartbeat stopped. He froze without anyone knowing. ”One of the actresses for CU entertainment has a special relationship with Choi Daniel, here. Oh Da Hyun, look at Choi Daniel coming out of vila Da Hyun, and news like this hasn reached the media. And news like this hasn gone to the press. So, very exclusive. ” Yoo Min isn paying attention to Na Ras expressions right now, she switched to showing the photos on her phone to someone else, and they
e all yammer and talking about the hot news.

While Kim Na Ra was still stunned.

Choi Daniel, why did your name and face enter my life again after three years.

Na Ra grabbed the soju bottle, gulped straight from it, then went up and said, ”I went out for a while, had to call someone. ” She left the bar, and she got distracted because of Yoo Mins actions.

Kim Na Ra doesn care who Choi Daniel goes on with, just hearing the mans name causes her pain, and Yoo Mins bad luck at the same time shows a picture of Choi Daniel.

Since she was in the Bar A, the drizzle had fallen, and now Na Ra was standing alone under the drizzle, she fled, not knowing what to do, and Na Ra felt torn inside out. Shee shouldn care about her voice, so everything will be fine. Or, dhe shouldn have come tonight, so theres no need to hear or see anything that makes her so devastated.

Choi Daniel, do you know… I don think so, cause you
e only thinking about yourself forever, god damn it.


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