Repudiated One

Utter Torment

Philomel holding on to the window ledge, pulled herself up to peek through the window, just to narrow duck her head when candlelight was suddenly lit. The two of them hung under the window, hearts beating fast as they constantly scan the area, fearing of someone seeing them and being caught.

Unknown ” Circles, in circles the world goes round

calling the sun to seize its smile

Morning, evening, star bright night

we all depend on his sweet light

Birds, bugs, beasts, trees, grass flowers

Each being pulled around

Spin in circles

Calling spring, summer, fall, and winter. ”

A soft lulling voice sweetly sings the ancient song of life. Amon hearing the lyrics stared at Philomel silently wondering why would anyone sing such a strange song. Curiosity soon got to him as he lifts himself up to see who it was. A cloaked elf softly sings the song over a crib as she changes the babys clothes.

Unknown ” Circles, in circles the world goes round

calling the sun to seize its smile

Morning, evening, star bright night

we all depend on his sweet light

Birds, bugs, beasts, trees, grass flowers

Blossom flowers, become sweetened fruit then die.

born, grow up, and die.

Still, the wind blows, still, the rain falls

still the world goes round

Lifetime come and go in turns. ”

The elf suddenly stopped singing, as the sound of distance approaching footsteps echoes from the hallway. Her hand movement suddenly became irregular as she panics. She dashes to the candle quickly blowing it out before rushing out the door. The approaching footsteps soon pounded the wooden floor of the hallway. A holy Knight appears from the doorway and Amon quickly ducks his head.


The floorboards screamed under the weight of the man and his armor, then silence. Amon held his breath, trying to hear what was going on inside the room but he kept getting distracted by his heartbeat.

Amon held his breath, trying to hear what was going on inside the room but he kept getting distracted by his heartbeat.

*Thud thud thud thud thud*

The whole place echoed as the knight suddenly sprinted down the hallway. Amon and Philomel slowly peek into the room, confirming it was empty. Philomel slowly climbs onto the window frame sitting on top of it as she signals Amon to climb up.

Amon enters the room and as soon as his feet touch the floor boards they creek under his weight.

Amon ” What now? ”

He whispers to Philomel.

Philomel ” Get the baby. ”

Amon ” What?! Why ?! ”

He exclaimed in the softest, harshest whisper he could muster.

Philomel ” Just do it, quickly! Before they come back. Ill explain to you when we
e safe. ”

Philomel lies through her teeth as she gestures for him to hurry it up. Amon wasn happy about it but he was satisfied with her promise about explaining and so he tiptoe to the crib. Two light elf babies lay, sleeping ever so peacefully. Amon glances down at one and then at the other. Both of them looked identical in every way, even the clothes they wore were the exact same.

Amon ” Which one? ”

Philomel ” What?! What do you mean which one? Theres only one! ”

Amon ” I don know about you but Im extremely sure about my abilities to tell the difference between one baby and the other. And Im telling you, there are two! ”

Amon gestures the number two to her, in a frustrated way. Philomel quickly close the distance between them and peer into the crib, extremely shocked that there really were two babies there and both had raven hair.

Philomel ” The hell? ”

Amon ” Told you! So which one? ”

Philomel ” The one with the special birthmark. ”

Amon picked up the one, on the right as Philomel picked up the one, on the left. They took off the babys clothes and looked everywhere for a birthmark but they couldn find one.

Amon ” Should we check under the nappy too? ”

Philomel ” Do you know how to tie back a nappy? ”

Amon ” No. ”

Philomel ” Then no. ”

Both babies after being lifted up and moved around slowly started walking up. They open their little droopy eyes as they yawned looking curiously at Amon and Philomel.

Amon ” Look, one has green eyes. The other has blue. ”

Philomel ” Ok, which eye color means has tons of magic? ”

Amon ” What? Theres no such thing as having a certain eye color makes you a stronger mage. ”

Philomel ” Its like an indicator like how elves descended from half-demons skin are darker. ”

Amon ” Touche. ”

Philomel ” Yes, so which is more magical? ”

Amon ” Blue! ”

Amon immediately answered without hesitation as he held up the blue-eyed baby in his arms.

Philomel ” Why blue? ”

Amon ” Well your eyes are blue and you seem pretty magical. ”

Amon plainly admits, really believing that Philomel was indeed magical in some way. Believing that no other scavenger has her speed or stamina. But in reality, all scavengers received training until they become so.

Philomel ” What is that supposed to mean?! ”

Philomel exclaimed slightly offended.

Amon ” Well what I mean is. ”


A holy knight suddenly yells from the doorway, alerting all other holy knights. The holy knight immediately draws his long sword, charging toward Amon, luckily the knight was wearing heavy armor and was much slower than Philomel. Philomel in one instance puts down the green-eyed baby, flipping a switch on both her gloves, her daggers immediately sprung out. She spun around Amon and blocked the knights sword between both her hidden blades.

Philomel ” Go! ”

Amon didn need to be told twice, baby in arms, he dashed and leaped out the window. With his free hand, he grabs the drain pipe and slides, safely, down to the ground. Philomel followed shortly after, leaping out the window and doing a quadruple flip before landing in front of Amon.

Philomel ” Come on! ”

She yelled at Amon as she grabs the baby from Amon and darted towards the sewers. Amon quickly follows with a team of holy knights right behind them. Philomel and Amon both slid down the ladder and run down the pathway. The Holy Knights follow them down as well but as soon as their feet touch the ground. Alligators suddenly came out of the river by the hordes attacking them.

Amon ” What the? ”

His gaze then snaps back at Philomel scanning her from head to toe and then only noticing a glowing blue crystal embedded on her waist amour.

”That isn decoration! Thats a magical item! So thats why she said 3 minutes! ”

Amon realized.

Amon ” Mel! ”

He called out, making her slow down and come to a halt in the middle of the bridge. He closes the distance between them about to ask about the magical item and how she came across such a thing.

But then he noticed her trembling hands, her place expression, and quivering lips as she gazed down from the bridge.

Amon ” Mel are you? ”

Amons gaze immediately focus on her hand when she lifted the baby, Amons eyes widen as she held the baby over the bridge. In that second, he finally realises what she was about to do.

Amon ” NOOOO! ”

But that didn stop her and she drops him down, towards alligator filled the river.


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