Repudiated One

Crimtroy - Dark Elves Haven

A breeze picks up, shifting ripples of clouds as the hot afternoon sun shines down upon a shimmering Kingdom. The Holy capital of light elves, Luxtorious. Even though this hash sunlight bore down upon these fortified lands, no citizen mind for the streets of the entire kingdom were empty upon this fateful day.

*Thump thump thump thump*

The sounds of unified stomping feet, the taps of staffs, and the banging of armor. Shook the outlands of Luxtorious as each citizen took up this rhythmic beat. Light elves from all different shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds all stood together as one as they beat in unity. Standing in the front of the entire crowd keeping the citizens pace, stood the high priestess of the light elves. One of the founders of the kingdom Luxtorious, Haldir.

As she stood facing, what once used to be a grand oak tree that reaches out to the heavens with its withered branches, each tap of her ornamented stall sent its hooped blessed rings to bang against themselves, letting out a melodious jingle. With each jingle clouds forms above them in an ominous swirl, darkening the sky above this dying oak tree.

High Priestess Haldir ” Restituzione à nous. ”

She yells between a beat in an aged voice that still held authority and power.

Citizens ” Restituzione à nous. ”

They began to chant the voices of the old, the young, the rasped, the shrill, the gruff and even the softest. Their voices all combined into a blur of pitches and yet the message was clear.

”Return to Us ”

They chanted on as they all hoped with all their hearts. Believing in one unison truth.

The breeze picks up in a more violent, threatening flow, blowing hard on each and every light elf threatening to carry them off to the swirling crackling clouds above if their hearts weren true.

Sparks of lighting ripples through the clouds above them as a deafening clasp of thunder roared, undermining the crowds determine chat to the mere squeaks against such a thunderous sound. Even so, the crowd still kept chanting, still kept screaming for change! For a miracle.

*Crack sceeeeeeeen BOOM*

A single blast of lightning fell from the heavens in such a blinding light it made the old thought that they had become blind. It fell with such speed that no heartbeat could catch up to it. It fell upon the oak tree so hard its rippling impact knocked everyone off their feet and blew them all 10 feet away.

The buzzing sound of eardrums rang in everyones ears before it slowly disappears into an eerie silence that only the pounding of heartbeat against ribcage and fearful breaths broke.

All eyes were upon the now split scorched Oak tree that was still standing tall even though it lost a couple of its branches. Burning embers that scattered upon the oak tree slowly die off, leaving only the pitch black darkness of soot. The cloud above slowly parted upon a gentle soft breeze. The harsh afternoon sunlight bore down upon the oak tree. Lighting it up like a holy sign from the heavens.

Have they done it? Did the Goddess finally answer their prayers?


The shrieking wails of a newborn emitted from within the oak tree. Send the ripples of exclamation, cries of joy, and laughter throughout the entire crowd as the High Priestess Haldir scramble towards the oak tree to greet their savior.

The prophecy that has been long foretold has finally come to pass. The savior of the elves is finally here. Here to save them all and deliver them to a prosperous new age of peace.

High Priestess Haldir, the babe within hands, wraps a cloth around the shivering babe as she gently rocks him to sleep. The fussy babe cried no more, his eyes dropped, falling into a slumber. The crowd immediately gathered around eager to see the sweet chubby face of their savior, chatting with excitement about what his destiny could be and what wondrous things he will accomplish in the future.

High Priestess Haldir held the babe up high for all to see. Their chubby soft pink cheeks, raven-haired sleepy savior wrapped in a blue warm blanket.

Such a glorious day for a miracle and there was no unhappy face within sight at such a wondrous occasion. However, there was one frowning face, glaring with hate and despise at such an occasion. Standing further back hidden behind the walls of the kingdom stood a young veiled maiden. Comfy perched upon the rooftop, giving a clear view over the rampart and overlooking the outlands of the Kingdom.

She huffed grimacing at such a sight as she flipped her dagger in the air just to catch it with her right hand, a couple of times. Over her left shoulder, grasped tightly in her left hand was a huge sack filled with stolen supplies from the temporarily abandoned kingdom.

Unknown ” The Elders aren going to like this. ”

She mutters to herself as she slips off the rooftop of a royals home. A few jumps between the rooftop of the covered parapet walk, a flip under the corbel before scaling down a buttress, and just like that she disappeared down a dark alleyway.


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