Repudiated One

Fallen Quest

The soft glow of a campfire, basked the entire room with an orange glow clashing with the soft blue glow of the luminous blue of the limestone that lined the whole cave system. 5 different flags hung upon the circular cavern wall.

Each newer than the last, each an updated version of the previous. Crimtroys tribe symbol, from the silhouette of a goddess, basked in light, to the silhouette of the devil, to a silhouette of a half-elf, half-demon, to the symbol of a snarling demon face, now it was nothing more than clawed demon hands reaching out from the shadows. The symbol of the 5th generation of Crimtroy.

A fit old man threw another log over the stone table and into the campfire that lay right the in the center of the round stone table.

Around the table sitting in stone chairs, sat the 6 Elders of the village, and right in the middle sat their Chief Bloodfist. Their middle age, bulky Chief sat there with a grumpy expression upon his face and he waited for the Elders to come up with the solution for their inconsistent and unreliable food supply. Since stealing supplies from other kingdoms and tribes can be a permanent solution, no matter how hard anyone convinces.

Elder of War strategies ” We should just raid, pillage, and conquer new lands! ”

The elder fit man suggested as he pounded his fist upon the stone table to give his suggestion some impact. His blood was boiling, thirsting for action like the good old 4th generation where they brought about fear and mayhem. The tribe Crimtroys name rose to the most dangerous dark elf tribe in existence and they were proud of it. Even though, they were the cause of the birth of a new law in every light elves committee. The law that all dark elves were to be purged on sight.

Elder of Health and Family Welfare ” Just like our forefathers did and where did that land us? We are cursed beings, no matter how far or where we go. Whatever paradise we land on turns into a desert within 6 months. ”

The middle age lady reminded as she drums her fingers upon the stone table. Silently cursing the goddess who placed this curse upon all dark elves. The very same goddess that they were devoted to. They were so devoted that they would sell their soul to the devil in order to protect her people and lands during the God war. And this was how they were repaid, outcast and cursed.

Elder of Defence ” 6 months is a pretty long time, Im sure we would be able to find another solution for it. ”

The thin elder man interjected as he stroked his long beard and shifted in his hard stone chair. Even though it was uncomfortable for his frail old body, he made no mention of it. For this was the exact stone chair and table his forefather sat upon when they had nothing but the clothes upon their backs.

Their forefathers had no choice but to leave their birthplace (the Grand Tree) and come to this patch of land, that was close to the sea. Before the whole part of the ocean dried up because of their curse. Everything they have now was through generations of hard work and all elders and even chief were constantly reminded of this by their own meeting table. A table that their forefathers, carved out with their bare hands, as a reminder of their determination to survive.

Elder of Law and Justice ” And if we don find a solution? What are we to do then? Keep moving until the whole world becomes nothing more than a huge desert? ”

The young adult questioned as he leaned back in his stone chair. Hiding his annoyance that they had been going around for circle these past 2 hours.

Elder of innovation ” Perhaps forging a bond with another god could be our salvation? ”

She softly said in a tone that made her suggestion seem more like a question.

Elder of Inventory ” Perhaps. ”

Because he could even say anything everyone around the table immediately interrupted him.

Everyone else in the room ” You were timed out. ”

They all reminded him, making him frown as he crossed his arms.

Chief ” We are in this mess because we left you in charge be grateful that its only a time out and nothing more. ”

Unknown ” Sir. ”

A voice calls out from the entrance of the meeting room. A young face peeks through the curtains, which served as a door since the Chief blew apart the last one, during one of his outbursts.

Chief ” Yes? ”

Unknown ” One of the scavengers wishes to report something to you. ”

Chief ” Send them in. Its not like this meeting is heading anywhere. ”

He grumbled as he waves the young maiden in. Philomel enters the meeting room, kneeling on the ground and bowing to all Elders as a sign of respect.

Chief ” Approach. ”

Philomel made her way to the Chief with her head bowed, when she reached his side she whispered into his ear.

Philomel ” The light elf savior prophecy has come true ”

Chief, grim expression quickly changes as his eyes widen, and pass a glance at the young maiden. As calmly as he can, he waves her off and Philomel disappears out of the room as quickly as she came.

Chief ” Wise Elders, I have come across terrible news. The prophecy of the young Messiah has come to pass. The boy was born and you all know the horror we will face if he comes to age and brings about peace. ”

The Chief calmly stated as turmoil and panic spread through every Elder in the room. Immediately know what doom it would bring about if this Messiah delivers all light elves to the holy lands.

Elder of War ” Well not only lose our only reliable support in supplies from Luxtorious and we could be sealed within our doomed area! Well be stuck here in the middle of nowhere! In these sand storms! Forever! Where we will soon run out of food. Our future looks extremely grim knowing that we will turn against each other as we all eventually starve to death. We must take action now! Take over that forest that is rightfully ours! And put a stop to the girl!… or boy… or whatever gender that Messiah is. ”

Elder of Health ” Are you mad? We haven the weapons nor the manpower to strike against a whole kingdom! Did you forget were a small diminishing tribe?? Doing so now, well only be fighting a losing battle and lose whatever supplies we have left along with it! ”

Elder of Defence ” Then what you suppose we do?! Wait, around this table until the boy comes to age and puts a stop to all that we fought so hard for?! ”

Elder of Inventory ” Or we could. ”

He was interrupted, yet again.

All Elders ” Not you! ”

Elder of War ” You been time out, so less with the yapping and more with the zip it. ”

He reminded as he glared at the Elder of Inventory from across the table.

Elder of Inventory ” But. ”

Elder of War ” Ah! ”

He pointed threateningly at the Elder of Inventory. Elder of Inventory pouted, feeling extremely underappreciated.

Elder of Law and Justice ” We could strike slightly before the boy turns of age, by then we surely would be ready to strike. ”

Elder of innovation ” And how can you be sure of that? What if the demons come back to collect the rest of their ridiculous cost for our dark magic or our inner demon turn against us? Or some other crisis that needed all of our knights, what then? ”

Chief ” Silence ”

The Chief said with a gentle tone, but immediately all the Elders stopped bickering as the room filled with a heavy atmosphere.

Chief ” Theres nothing to fear, as long as we
e together. No one can take us down. Not even this so-called Messiah. There say in the future hell live on in tales and become immortal but what if we cut him short… Before he has a tale? ”

The chief questioned calmly with a grin.

With a tap on the flat rock table, Elder of Defence immediately stood up and slowly made his way out of the room. The elder man shuffled towards the bustling main cabin.

Slowly but steadily, the man did rise, his nobby legs shivered and strained as he climbed. Up the steps towards a trunk that was once a tree but now nothing more, than a stub. Its only use served as a stand. Located upon an elevated part, within the nook of the vast craven. The prune-faced man gazes down upon his people. Zooming about their normal routine, the man regretted for breaking such a peaceful scene. With his lips pursed, he lets out a low whistle. Within such a craven, its tune causes quite a heckle. The tune echoed throughout the entire catacombs, catching everyones attention in such a subtle way.

Immediately the entire place quiets down, stopping in their tracks. They didn hear the whistle of a man but rather a summon from a beast.

Elder of Defence ” All manner of beast hear my call, forefathers blood all flows as one. Descendants of the great but now our power flickers and wane. No more does our skin blossom and bloom as our forefathers. We have lost the dark impenetrable blue of our demon skins. We have lost much and now we are all thats left. Even so, the grim reaper knocks upon our door, calling for the demonic blood that flickers in our veins. The price of our ancestors deal with the devil.

But are we to stand here and allowed ourselves to be purged? ”

He rasped out, yet no one turn away nor doubt him.

Citizens ” NO! WE SHALL NOT WAVER! ”

They all cried, still carrying on their forefathers determination to survive.

Elder of Defence ” Then we must take a stand against this grim reaper! Light elves hearts joined as one brought about the legendary miracle of a Messiah. His light will find us, and so will his knights to purge everyone in sight. ”

As soon as the words left his lips, everyones face twisted in a grimace as the echoes of wailing from couples of men and women vibrates throughout the catacombs. The elder clears his throat once more and the whole place fell into silence again. Everyone straining their elf ears to hear, hanging on every word. The words that will determine their faiths.

Elder of Defence ” One thats slick that no shadow can be traced, sneak to the babes place and bring the end to his tale before dawn breaks. Fail and return then your fate is sealed. Another will follow upon news of the priors death. Decide amongst you all who is willing to take up the quest. But do keep in mind, the consequences that shall befall you if you were to fail. ”

With a solemn warning, the elder step away from the tree trunk and shuffle his way back to the darkest part of the catacombs from whence he came.

Immediately the entire catacombs started buzzing with fear and anxiety. Pushing each other to take the task, knowing what would happen if they don decide before dusk.

No man nor woman wanted to go, knowing that they would be walking to their deaths if they take this quest. One person against the whole kingdom of light elves. Trying to kill their Messiah. Its close to impossible not to be caught especially since with their dark skin they stuck out like a sore thumb.

And yet if no one goes, the Chief ….. Fear shook them to the bone. As their knees wobble like jelly just recalling what he did to the last person…

A burn mark in the shape of a person upon the wall of the main cavern reminded them of the terrors of their Chief. Or rather the fearsome power of his inner demon. An inner demon he would lose control of if he was enraged.

Someone must go, but who?


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