A mans promise can look like a sturdy branch or it can be an old leaf that has turned yellow and is waiting to fall.

The sun had just appeared when Naomi woke up. He glanced at the bed beside him. Alfian was still there, crouched with his back to him.

Naomi took a deep breath. Time passes quickly. Alfian changed in a better sense. Her husband spends most of his time at home, almost three days a week.

But still Alfian never touched her, never gave her inner support. Only his attitude had changed to not be as stiff as before.

They no longer talk about children or IVF. Everything went smoothly and as usual. Naomi never asked either.

Naomi closed her eyes. Silence for a while then immediately got out of bed, into the bathroom before stepping into the kitchen.

Arriving in the kitchen he was surprised to find the kitchen clean. But not in a good sense.

”Finished? ” Naomi muttered. The woman sighed softly when she found the refrigerator empty. Completely empty float.

Naomi remembered that she rarely cooked at home during this time. He prefers to eat out because he is lazy.

Naomi immediately jumped up and took the jacket and purse.

”Where are you going? ”

Alfian suddenly appeared behind him. Makes Naomi almost heart. The woman rubbed her chest. Neutralizes the sudden beating of the heart.

”You startled me, Al! ” cried Naomi.

Alfian furrowed his brows. Stepping closer as his wife rummaged through the grocery bags. ”Get me Als jacket. ” he exclaimed.

Alfian quickly returned to the room to get the object his wife mentioned.

”Together with the wallet! ” Naomi shouted again when her husband was at the door. The man mumbled softly.

After getting Naomis jacket. Alfian handed it over. ”Where are you going? ” he asked again.

”Mimimarket, our fridge is empty. ”

”By what? ”

”Walking, what else? ” Naomi slipped her hands into the long sleeves of the jacket with great difficulty.

The woman glanced at her husband briefly. There is a different expression than usual.

Naomi was confused. Alfian looked at her like she was a poor woman who needed to be pitied as well as feeling guilty.

Naomi took a deep breath. Anyway this is whats weird. Walking is his daily life so far. Besides, the distance between their house and the mini market is not too far.

”Ill deliver, ” said Alfian quickly. ”Wait for me to get the keys first. ”

Naomi was silent for a moment. His little brain thought fast. Before he could digest it all Alfian had passed, returned to the room.

”What was that? Al offered to drive? ” he asked himself.

”Impossible…. ” he mumbled.

Alfian has really changed in the past few weeks. Even in her dreams, Naomi never thought that Alfian would offer to take her shopping. Though usually her husband did not care at all.

”Shall we go now? ”

Alfian appeared not far from him with neat clothes, looking dashing and charming. Naomis daydream was instantly shattered. Then nodded awkwardly.

”Y-yes… ” he squeaked.


After Naomi went to the nearest minimarket to buy groceries with Alfian, it was over. Naomi was seen at the point cafe in front of the mini market.

The woman was sitting on a chair in the courtyard of the minimarket while enjoying her chocolate drink. Naomis eyes couldn stop looking around. He was waiting for the figure of her husband who said goodbye looking for something that wasn there twenty minutes ago.

”What took you so long? ” I don know how many times Naomi had read the hands of the clock that was wrapped around her wrist. The cold morning air had turned warmer than before.

Naomi sighed softly. He did not bring a cell phone or anything that could contact Alfian.

”Naomi? ”

Naomi turned when she felt someone calling her name.

”Naomi isn it? ”

Naomi furrowed her brows. A woman with short hair was seen walking quickly towards him.

Naomi narrowed her eyes suspiciously. ”Who? ” he asked quietly. The woman laughed out loud. He sat on the side chair without asking his pardon for approval.

”Fix, you really are Naomi. Since shes the only one who forgets other people quickly, well no, at least theres one you don forget quickly. ” The woman chuckled.

”Mona? ” Naomi asked uncertainly.

Naomi begins to remember what Mona looked like when she was in high school.

A chubby body with blooming curly black hair. But now?

Naomi feels like shes just looking at someone else. In front of him was the figure of a beautiful angel with a slim body, straight blonde hair and slightly wavy hair with charming gray contact lenses.

”Y-are you really Mona? That Mona Lisa? ” asked Naomi.

”Well … why? Not similar is not it? ” The woman named Mona chuckled as she waved her hand.

”You are very beautiful, very different from before. ”

Mona laughed softly. ”Your expression is cute you know. ” he exclaimed. ”By the way what are you doing here? ”

”Shopping. What else? ”

Mona shook her head, ”It feels weird to find you here. Usually you prefer hanging out at fast food restaurants. Enjoying chicken with mineral water instead of coffee. ” Mona said it through a glance at the coffee ordered by Alfian, her husband.

Naomi smiled a little. If he didn admit it, it would be the same as telling his relationship with Alfian.

”Err….lets just say you want to change the mood. ” Naomi exclaimed awkwardly.

Luckily Mona didn discuss anything. The woman took a piece of paper from her bag and put it on the table.

”Whats this? ”

”Reunion invitation, what else is there? ” Mona exclaimed. ”You bring it. Its just an old friend. Who knows, youll find your soul mate, ” he joked.

Naomi chuckled softly, her friend clearly didn know that she had sorted out and had a husband.

”Im not sure. Maybe I should talk to someone first. ”

After the small talk was over. Alfian came with some groceries.

”Sorry for the long, long queue at the cashier. ” Alfian explained. Naomi just smiled like before.

”Is my coffee still there? ” Alfian accidentally glanced at his wifes table. Where there is an invitation paper that is quite unique.

”Whats this? ” show it.

”Ahh… its a reunion invitation. ”

”High school? ”

Naomi nodded slowly, agreeing. ”Do you want to go with me? ”

Alfian was silent for a while, thinking hard before narrowing his eyes. ”I don think I can. I have a busy schedule. Sorry… ”

”It doesn matter. I don want to come along anyway. ”

From the start, Naomi really didn want to go unless her husband did. Alfian had decided to stay in the office, so there was no point in him going to the reunion.

Wasting time. Besides that, Naomi also doesn have many friends she can meet other than Mona, of course.

”Well its been decided to stay in this place instead of attending a reunion somewhere else. ”

To be continued….

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