[Elizabeth Hospital, January 1st, 06.00 a.m]

Today is the best and worst New Years celebration that has ever been experienced by Naomi Aurora. Who would have thought that on the day she gave birth to her daughter, on the same day she would find her husband betraying her. Naomi never thought things would change so quickly.

Even though she was overjoyed with the birth of the baby she had been anticipating for two years of her marriage, but this morning it crumbled to dust, blown away by the winter wind.

The woman is standing with shaky legs in the hospital hallway, dragging her infusion pole slowly. The atmosphere seems lonely. Not many stayed in the hospital considering it was still New Years morning. There were only a few officers on guard as well as emergency patients who couldn go home like her.

Naomi sighed. Her initial intention was only to visit the princess, who was still in the nursery. Her daughter was born premature and small, almost dying. Because she needs an incubator in the long term to be healthy like a normal baby.

But what she saw right now wasn her daughters sweet face, or a room full of holy babies. But it is the destruction that will drag her down into the abyss of hell.


The teardrops mixed with the dripping infusion fluid that was nearby.

Naomi looks at the two of them in disbelief. He was wearing a shirt that was rolled up to his elbows, displaying muscular arms. His hair was slightly wet from the slightly dripping rain.

Thats her husband, Alfian Adams. The only child of one of the countrys second largest real estate developers. The woman he was talking to was Airin, her husbands ex-girlfriend during high school. Thats what Naomi found some time ago before tonight.

Naomi didn scream. She stepped slowly closer, planning to eavesdrop with trembling steps.

This wasn the first time Naomi had caught her husband meeting the woman, but her heart still ached.

”Please, Airin … we can wait at least two more months. The baby was born prematurely. She needs to be in the incubator longer. Sorry. ”

Naomi stopped in her tracks, furrowed her brows. Why is her husband talking about their daughter?

”Alfian, my goodness. Its been too long. Ive been waiting for more than three years. Airin quickly refused, ”I can wait any longer. The baby is mine as you promised. ”

Degh …

Naomi is surprised. She covered her mouth with one hand. How could a woman want her baby?

”Airin, please wait a moment- ”

”No? Why? Did you change your mind? Do you like your secret lover? ”

Alfian shook his head. The man gently gripped Airins shoulder, looking at her full of love and affection.

Naomi saw it. How stupid she was to think that her husband loved her after what happened.

This is betrayal…

”I promise to stay with you forever. I love you, and so does the baby. Shes yours, ours. Our daughter forever. ” Alfian gently pulled Airin, hugging her right behind Naomi.

It was like being hit by a pile of floodwater falling from above. He screamed, clutching his body in the darkness. Freezing, almost suffocating, can breathe anymore.

Naomi pressed her chest. It hurts to see your own husband hugging and professing love to another woman right in front of you.

”You promise? ”

Alfian nodded with a faint smile. ”Yes… Angel is our forever daughter. ”

”NO!!! ” Naomi shouted loudly.

They let go of their hands, staring in shock at the angry figure of Naomi.

”N-naomi… ” Alfian muttered quietly.

Naomi came closer, tugging at her infus stand. Her face was red with anger and overflowing emotions.


Naomi slapped Airins right cheek hard. The woman almost tripped.

”How dare you ask for my baby!! You bitch! ” Naomi shouted loudly.

”NAOMI!! ” Alfian shouted. He immediately grabbed Airin and stroked the cheek that his wife had slapped gently. His eyes were red with anger.

”What are you doing now? ” He hissed angrily.

Naomi was silent for a moment. Her gaze clouded. Her grip tightened on the infus stand.

”You slapped me? Damn it! ” Airin shouted annoyed. ”Alfian! ”

Alfian nodded, let go of Airin, and gripped his wifes arm roughly, almost falling if she didn hold on to the infus pole.

”Al! ”

”Shut up! ” ”Sorry! ” he exclaimed, pushing Naomis body right in front of Airin.

Naomi stared in disbelief. Her tears couldn stop coming out. Whats this? Why does her husband defend his ex-girlfriend more? Was he so in love that his own wife was considered useless trash?

”Why shut up? Kneel down and apologize! ” Alfian snapped a little louder.

”W-why are you doing this? Whats my fault? Why do you want to take my daughter? ”

Naomi can no longer contain her emotions. The fact that her husband prefers this woman makes Naomi unable to think clearly.

The woman took everything, her happiness, her marriage, and now she also wants to snatch the daughter she has just given birth to.

”Because she is our daughter! Angel is my daughter and Alfian! ”

Naomi turned around. Her dark eyes stared at Airins figure. She just spoke. The woman grabbed Alfians arm and hugged him tightly.

Naomi narrowed her eyes in disbelief.

What is this? Even her husband didn refuse Airins hug at all.

”Ah… you don know. Even though you gave birth to Angel, the baby is my child. ”

Naomi glared, ”Angel, my daughter!! My own flesh and blood! How can I be your daughter! ”

Airin laughed softly. She took her bag and opened it. Then she showed a piece of paper right in front of Naomi.

”You signed it yourself. Angel will be our daughter, right dear? ” asked Airin triumphantly.

”Naomi couldn believe any of this. She signed the contract in her name. How could that be? She never even remembers signing any of it.

Shes crazy if that happens. Which mother would happily give her child that she had been wait for months, that she gave birth to at the risk of her life, just like that.

”Ah … another Naomi. Alfian is my husband. We have been married for more than three years. Airin said.

Degh ….

Naomi looked up, the paper in her hand sliding down hard. ”W-what? ”

e just a secret lover, just so you know. ”

Naomi was surprised. What did the woman say? secret lover? She?

Naomi glanced quickly at her husband. Ask for an explanation.

”Sorry Naomi, this is our decision, ” Alfian said. He sighed softly, ”I married you only for a baby. We want you to bear a baby for Airin, only that is nothing more. ”

”You are outrageous! ”

Naomi couldn speak anymore. Her tongue suddenly stiffened after listening to a direct explanation from her husband, Alfian.

She was a secret lover all along, even though she didn know anything about it until now.

”You really are outrageous! ” Naomi growled. Her grip tightened until her knuckles turned white.

”Sorry Naomi, its our decision. ”

Naomi was angry, ”Then don expect you to give birth to my child! ”


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