be separated from my baby. Shes my life, Al. Please… ”

”Naomi! Naomi! Listen. ” Alfian let go of his embrace and gently shook Naomis shoulder while looking at her.

”Everything will be fine. Nothing will separate you two. You can still see her for some time. Airin won mind. ”

Naomi refuses. That means the baby will still be taken, right?

Naomi was silent. Her chest still felt tight, even though she already knew that fact. But still, the wound opened again when her husband sided with the woman named Airin. Alfians first wife had just met a few days ago.

Stupid, very stupid!

Naomi never thought something cruel like this would be experienced. She also never thought that she would have another relationship with the figure of Airin Sabrina Matthew.

The perfect woman is someone who has everything beauty, a good body, and also wealth. Her parents were the owners of the number one property company in the country and even penetrated the states.

Its only natural that Airin used to date Alfian Adams. They were a couple goals in high school. A harmonious couple that makes other people choose to step back slowly, including Naomi, who is only a secret admirer of Alfian Adams.

After graduation day, Naomi thought it was over. She can continue her life without the shadow of the man she loves.

Time passed. In the end, Naomi was reunited at a cafe where she used to listen to a song to cover her past longing.

Their meeting was so magical every time. Where he is, there is Naomi.

Alfian took her home several times. Their relationship went very far. Until Naomi herself, she was never suspicious of a proposal statement that seemed rushed after a month of dating.

Naomi accepted, of course. She was overjoyed, her heart was overflowing, and she felt as if she were in a dream after hearing a request from the man she had admired for so long.

Alfian Adams….

The figure was her biggest dream. Naomi never even questioned the strange things that happened during their marriage.

Alfian seemed to cover a lot of things. Her husband never even introduced her to his mother-in-law.

Time goes by faster, but Naomi still doesn mention Alfian, who rarely comes home and never introduces her status as a wife to Alfians parents or outsiders.

Even until this moment, Alfian has never given her any inner support or sex. They only sleep in the same bed and never do anything further than hug. Naomi remained patient and did not offend her husband, even though deep inside her curiosity was starting to haunt her.

Is there something wrong with her that her husband refuses to touch her?

Naomi wanted to ask directly but was reluctant. Even in their first year of marriage, the relationship was not very close, almost foreign without talking too much.

Another oddity emerged when Naomi found her husband kissing another woman in the mall fitting room.

Naomi goes on a rampage, berating them in public. But what she got was just the opposite.

Alfian, her husband, admits that Airin is his wife and Naomi is someone else.

She can imagine how hurt Naomi felt at that time. But she didn scream anymore. She just sighed and left with a disappointed look.

To be continued…

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