Like an ordinary person who misses the moon. Likewise, with Naomi Aurora.

The same is true with Naomi Aurora.

The poor woman is awaiting the arrival of her husband at their home. Alfian actually hid his face for a period of more than three days.

He decided against returning home and turned off his cellphone so Naomi couldn get in touch with him.

Naomi felt as though she had been slashed with a razor-sharp knife.

”Talk! ”

Naomi yelled angrily. When her husband arrived right on the fourth day, she threw a few things.

Naomi is upset, disappointed, and enraged. She finally became enraged. First during their union.

Upon opening her eyes, Naomi heard birds chirping. She drew a deep breath after turning to gaze to the side but failing to see her husband. She was still sound asleep, but it was clear that her husband had been gone for a while because the mattress was cold. Maybe morning, ” Naomi thought.

She keeps quiet. Her eyes grew smaller. Alfian, do you feel bad for what you did to her?

Naomi shook her head hastily. All of it is just dread. Alfian could not have regretted spending the first night with his wife. As soon as she sat up, Naomi hurried to tidy up her disheveled room, which was the result of a passionate night spent with her husband. Her face instantly became red, but it also did so in a flash.

Her eyes widened as she fixed her gaze on the black jacket that was conveniently positioned next to the mattress foot under her feet. Since her husband was not the owner of the jacket, Naomi was afraid.



Naomi got up. silent for a moment to be motionless. Her thoughts became disorganized, and he could hear her heart pumping harder. Her legs were almost like jelly and couldn support her weight.

Naomi paused to reflect. Feeling depressed, she bit her lower lip. She didn realize that the scent of the man she was with last night was very different from that of her husband, Alfian.

Naomi had never had sex before, but she was already familiar with Alfians scent because she had slept in his bed many times. Naomi identified the smell of fresh grass and the cinnamon-toothpaste mixture emanating from Alfians body.

The man who spend hot night with sex last night had a rather strong scent, citrus and musk notes combined with rain and mint aromas as well as a faint alcohol undertone. Naomi had doubts. Alfian was he drunk? She couldn understand why the smell was different when them was already horny. She couldn possibly be thinking that the man who kissed her wasn her husband, could she?

On a night of heavy rain and thunder, nobody went to someone elses home.

Naomi briefly averted her eyes. The blanket was wrapped around her torso as it rose.

She needs to be certain, Naomi thought.

Leaning her head out of the bedroom door and looking around, she cautiously opened it.


Naomi raised an even more skeptical eyebrow. What if the man she had sex with the previous evening was a total stranger? What happens if her husband knows? Is she getting a divorce?

”No!! ”

Naomi hurriedly ran around the room. The kitchen, living room, bathroom and also the front yard where even the grass is still wet from the heavy rain last night.

Theres no sign of her husband here. Even the usual car parked in front was nowhere to be seen.

Naomi was getting paler. That means Alfian never came last night.

So shes been sleeping with a foreign man?


Naomi fall silent. She choked on her own spit, not knowing what else to do. One hand covered her mouth. Prevents loud, desperate shrieks from being heard.

”No! This is a lie? No way!! ”

Naomi flatly rejected the thought. She doesn sleep with strangers. She doesn make out with strangers.

She slammed her chest. She was feeling the tightness. Tears were ruminating on the eyelids and were about to leak out.

Naomi cast a critical eye. She froze, roughly sitting on the floor. Weak sobs started to appear. Her bare body was covered by a blanket that she held in her hands.

She had the notion, ”Don let her husband find out, ” all of a sudden.

Naomi sprang up right away and hurried back to her room to hide the black jacket. Wrap it up with plastic carefully. It will soon be disposed of in order to remove any traces.

Naomi started crying. She positioned her body against the locked bedroom door. regretting the heated night she had the night before.

”Sorry, ” Naomi repeatedly said to herself.

For the rest of her life, keep the things that happened last night a secret.


Naomis current situation is not favorable. like a snowstorm directly descending on her head. Even though it is only the middle of June, spring is still in full swing here, and there is also no snow, summer heat is already felt.

Naomi had barely opened the front door when Alfian entered. He was dressed in a sharp suit and had on gleaming shoes. Slowly, the scent of toothpaste, grass, and cinnamon drifted in.

Naomi exhaled forcefully. Her wide-open, startled eyes widened.

”How can Alfian be here? ”

What if her husband is privy to all of this? Naomi being afraid. Her body started shaking terribly right away.

Alfian gave her an odd look as he observed her. His brows arched in a doubtful manner.

”What are you doing, rushing? ” Alfian enquired. His eyes quickly moved over his wifes entire body. He inquired again as he unintentionally glimpsed the plastic bag that Naomi had brought.

Eh? ”W-what? ”

”What do you have on you? in the rear.

Naomi held the plastic bag containing the enigmatic black jacket firmly in her hands. worried that her husband would take her and demand to know the truth.

Naomi could not stand to be abandoned. She rapidly blinked.

To be continued….

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