”Th-this… Oh, n-nothing! Yes, it was merely a thing to be tossed away, but that didn happen. ” Naomi stammered and quickly turned her head aside so her husband wouldn see her lying.

Alfians eyes grew shut. He fixed his gaze on his wife, who appeared to be concealing the parcel.

Long sighs could be heard. His wife moved back a bit when Alfian entered their home.

Naomi followed behind him. ”Have you eaten, Al?

He slowly nodded. ”How about you? ”

”Err… already, yes. ”

”Whats your breakfast today? ”

For a brief period, Naomi was silent. She is feeling odd as a result of Alfians recent attention. Her husband, on the other hand, seems unconcerned and disinterested.

”Naomi? ”

W-why, ”Eh? ”

Alfian slowly shook his head, ”Ignore it. Your appearance is poor. Do you feel ill? You have an extremely pale face. ” As soon as he stood up, he touched Naomis forehead.

”Wh-why is this, eh? ” In shock, Naomi let out a gasp.

Alfians hand fell on her forehead more quickly, almost out of the way.

After some while, he finally spoke after raising his eyebrows: ”Not hot? However, you
e pale. ”

”Of course Im tired. ” Naomi grumbled.Because she had thoroughly enjoyed the events of yesterday night, Naomi remembers that mysterious man. They got horny up in the cries of heaven on earth and of regret for her spouse.

Naomi choked and spat in her mouth. She seemed embarrassed.

Alfian went back to his position. sitting next to him on the sofa, patting himself. ”Take a seat for a while. I want to share something with you. ”

Naomi gazed upward. Its unpleasant to feel. How about that?

”We. Lets discuss our partnership. ”

Naomi timidly blinked her eyes. ”Al… ”

”Sit down. ”

Does Alfian want to divorce her?

”Why do you feel tense? ”

”I simply want to settle our domestic dispute. I apologize for what occurred at the mall at the time. ”

Naomi was once more instructed to sit down by Alfian after he paused his discourse and smiled bitterly. Even yet, she declined to take a seat next to him.

”I recognize my wrong. Airin is not in wrong. Shell just get hurt if I don stand up for her. You are aware of how she acted in school? ”

Naomi nodded. Airin disliked being made to feel inferior.

”You didn kiss your ex-girlfriend at the mall for that reason, though. It bothers me. ”

Alfian groaned loudly. ”I didn give her a kiss. I was merely assisting with the jewelry installation. ” He said, ”I just so happened to be here. ”

”Necklace? ”

Alfie nodded. ”Believe me. We just met, help her. Nothing more. ” He smiled gently.

This week, Naomis emotions had been inconsistent, but now they felt more stable.

Slowly, her lips began to curve.

”But you haven expressed regret. ”

”Okay, if thats what you ask, ” Alfian said with a smile.

Alfian stood up. He took a step toward his wife and bent down in front of her.

Naomi shrieked quietly, ”Al! ”

Alfian frowned, ”Let me formally apologize. So, your wife, will you please beg your pardon? ”

Naomi feels moved. She agreed by nodding. She was led by Alfian to sit on the couch.

”So, what do you want to discuss? ” Naomi asking.

Alfian remained silent for some while. Before posing the query, he took a few deep breaths. ”Naomi, will you become a mother? ”


”W-what? ”

Naomi did not mishear, right?

”I want to make a good first impression on you. We have been wed for a year. Do you not want to have kids?

”Eh? ”

Before returning to the earth after a few period of silence, Naomi appeared to be floating in the air.

”WANT!! Yes, of course, I mean. ” Naomi exclaim .

Nature turned out to be still on her side. Naomi was unaware of the wind that caused transformatio her husbands.

Better and, of course, nicer treatment of her is required.

Alfian grinned. ”So lets head to the hospital, ” he said.

Naomis smile vanished from her face right away. ”Hospital? You didn need to go there, why? ”

Fear grips Naomi. Why are you required to visit a hospital? Will she be put to the test by her husband?

Naomi swiftly shook her head. cannot, because liquid traces of her love from last night will be visible if she is inspected.

Naomi urged tensely, ”Al… you better not go to the hospital. ”

”Why? You
e not fond of it? We merely want to determine fertility. ”

”Fertility? ” Naomi recurs. It still takes me too long to digest.

”You mentioned requesting a pregnancy program. Is that accurate? ”

”Eh? So!! Yes, of course. I guess I was just nervous. Sorry. ” Naomi made quick repairs. ”When will we be visiting the hospital? ”

”Now. ”

”Wait until I take a shower first, ” Naomi said.

After finishing her sentence, Naomi moved to the rear towards the kitchen. Alfian drew a big breath after examining his wifes back. He slowly made his way to their room to change before visiting hospital.

When he entered the room, everything was organized as normal. The little things his wife does are nothing new to Alfian.

Alfian started to walk toward the large cabinet when he tripped over something, which caused him to halt. Alfian bent down to check. He furrowed his brows. It turned out to be a watch with quite a limit design.

”This watch…. ”

Alfian swiftly pursed his lips. His wifes footsteps could be heard moving toward their chamber. When Alfian heard the bedroom door open, he hide the watch in his pants pocket.

”Ahh… you
e here. ” Naomi said half embarrassed.

Alfian nodded, ”Im already going out. Ill be waiting in front. ”

After saying that Alfian acted quickly. His feelings were mixed with confusion. Alfian reached into his right pocket for his phone and dialed a number.

”Hello. ”

”Hm … honey why? She already agreed? ”

From the other side, someone said.

Alfian didn respond to the query.

”Honey, do you remember the watch you gave Aiden? ”

”What are you talking about? ”

”The watch we gave last year to congratulate Aiden on his success as a young doctor. ” There was a quiet pause before the voice agreed. ”So what? ”

”No! Its just that I found the same clock in Naomis room. ”

To be continued….

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