Alfian told Naomi to exit first when they got to the hospital. He left his automobile in the hospitals parking lot.

Naomi nodded in agreement. She inhale smelled of alcohol, carbolic and perhaps medication as she moved through the hospital hallways. the drab tone of the walls, the rows of chairs used as waiting rooms, and the same walls.

There are many patients walking past. Naomi pressed herself against the wall as a hospital patient gurney wreck passed her. The aroma of a viscous, scarlet liquid immediately filled her. Her nose were immediately flooded with the smell of the viscous red liquid.

”Naomi. ”

Alfian went nearer and dragged Naomi out of the corridor as Naomi turned her head in his direction.

”Where are we headed? ” Naomi enquired.

Alfian took Naomi to a hallway instead of the obstetrician, where she was aware that there were rows of rooms with pediatricians names on them.

Alfian halted his to the door of the room and turned to look at her before deciding to knock.

A nurse came over at the same moment and inquired as to whether they needed to take a position in front of the pediatricians room.

”We know Dr. Aiden, ” Alfian said.

The nurse questioned suspiciously, ”Did you have an appointment? ”

Alfian was silent for some while before shaking his head. Alfian softly urged, ”But if he knows Im coming, doctor Aiden will welcome us. ”

Naomi softly prodded her hubby. ” Our visit the pediatrician for what reasons? Don we have a consultation with the obstetrician scheduled? ”

”Wait a minute. I must visit Dr. Aiden, ” he whispered.

Alfian looked back at the nurse who was preventing him from entering after finishing his sentence.

”Would you kindly give Dr. Aiden a call? ”

After a few period of silence, the nurse inhaled deeply. ”Not meant to obstruct, Sir. But today, Dr. Aiden is on vacation. ”

”Vacation? ” Alfian asked.

The man furrowed his brows. His lips were tightly shut. Aiden loves his job as a pediatrician. It seemed strange that the man took time off. Even though Alfian wanted to ask the man a few things.

Alfian sighed softly, ”When did he apply for vacation? ”

”Err… this morning. ” She paused briefly, ”Looks like Dr. Aiden rushed to apply for leave after getting a call from someone. ”

Alfian was silent for a while. He smiled gratefully and looked back at Naomi, who was confused earlier.

”Oh, ” he exclaimed.

”Whats the matter with the pediatrician you asked about earlier? ” Naomi asked.

Alfian glanced up. ”Just a personal matter. ”

After a few period of silence, he let out a quiet sigh. ”You don know him? Aiden, he was in the same high school class as us. ”

Naomi is perplexed. She started to consider which men from their generation Alfian might recognize.

”Who? ”

”Aiden. Aiden Brounson, I guess. He is the most intelligent person in his class. Don you know? ” ” Alfian asked.

Shaking her head, Naomi Think again. She nearly forgot, but a little mist obscured her memory.

”Are you friends? ” Naomi Asked.

”Yes, other than at our headquarters, Aiden is rarely around me. Most of the time, he is either with Ethan or visiting the library. ”

Naomi rolled her eyes, She remembered now, ”Ahhh… I think I know him. ”

Alfian nodded in approval. ”Aiden is always in the same group as Ethan but often helps with your problems, the reason being that he wants to enrich the practice of doing other challenges and in the end, Ethan drags him away. ”

Naomi nodded. She remembered the figure of Aiden they were arguing about.

He is a chatty and handsome man who enjoys conversation—but only with people he knows. That seems strange to Naomi. At times, Aiden takes on the persona of the cold, prince of ice, cold. The genius walks. He was odd in his attitude, however, and seemed to care even a little awkwardly on one hand.

”Do you know each other?Did you haven recently crossed paths on the street? ” Alfian looked him a wary gaze.

Say something, he mumbled.

Dryly laughing, Naomi She couldn even recall his face, let alone his name. Someone who doesn matter to Naomi much is forgotten her.

”I cannot rememberd his face. Weve never met. Last see, I think, at the graduation ceremony. ”

Slowly clearing his throat, Alfian expressed his approval.

”Hes a doctor now? ” asked Naomi.

”Yes, specifically a pediatrician. ”

Of course, Naomi thought, ”Aiden is smart and his family is successful. ”

”Wait here. Ill talk to the doctor first. ” Alfian instructed his wife to stand in line while he went to the front desk to speak with the receptionist.


Time is passing quickly. There are no longer as many lines waiting. Naomi knitted her brows a few times because she couldn find her husband who had been in line for so long.

Naomi is frustration. She inhaled deeply. She asked the old lady beside where for the toilet because she had just come out of it.

Naomi ran down the long hallway until she came to a sign that indicated a restroom was nearby—perhaps just one more turn away.

When she heard Alfians voice speaking not far from where she was standing, she halted her steps.

Naomis brows wrinkled. She started down the corridor slowly, trying to find the source of the sound.

She halted moving when she caught a glimpse of Alfians back. Hes conversing with someone wearing a white coat.

”Perhaps later. Well give it another thought, ” Alfian exclaimed.

”Sir, we apologise for last night. We didn anticipate that man to get away. ”

Alfian nodded in agreement. It piqued Naomis interest in what they were discussing even more as she was spying.

”Sir, we can put it off. ”

”No! Well give it more thought, I guess. There are other methods besides in-vitro fertilization.


Naomi kept quiet. What topic was her husband discussing? In-vitro conception.

Naomi instantly raised her head. She was just brought here by Alfian for the IVF program. Does her husband object to doing it in the usual way?

Fists clasped in Naomi. Even though she just felt happy when Alfian asked him to have a child together, ”Outrageous! Is she not fit enough to be a wife? Naomi felt irritated. She was depressed after hearing that heartbreaking bit of news. Similar like the top layer of ice that was pooled on the frozen rivers surface, the sensation was trembling.

To be continued….

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