”Thanks. Maybe next time. Well give it more thought. ” Alfian objected.

The doctor gave a sympathetic nod. ”Sorry for this unfortunate incident, Sir, ” Dokter said before leaving Alfian alone.

Alfian inhaled deeply. Up till he turned around, he pressed his nose. When he discovered Naomi in front of him, obstructing him, he came to a complete halt.

”Na-Naomi? ” Alfian muttered.

Naomi maintained her position while remaining silent. Her eyes were piercing. ”Is this what you had in mind? IVF at Alfians? Wow, seriously! ” Naomi yelled angrily.

”Please, Na-Naomi! ” Alfian instructed, ”Listen first. ” As she attempted to flee, his hand caught hold of his wifes arm.

”Go!! ” Naomi strained to release herself from Alfians hold.

She couldn see clearly. Tears started to form in her eyes.

”Al, you
e taking it too far. Why use IVF when there are other options? ” Naomi paused in her sentence.

She raised her head to assess her husbands countenance before quietly sighing. ” Is having the title of wife so unimportant to you? ”

”Please Naomi! Don think that way. ”

The arm of Alfians wife was pulled. He gave her a long look before inhaling deeply.

His wife started crying softly, which caused the situation to become chaotic. After some time of silence, Alfian finally motioned for Naomi to take a seat on the closest available chair. letting him cry until he finally stopped.

He stroked his wifes hair that barely covered her face. She wiped her tears.

”We will not use IVF. At least for the time being, because- ” Alfian suddenly stopped his words. He took a deep breath as he closed his eyes. The tense atmosphere turned silent.

”Al, for what? ”

Alfian blinked open his eyes. ”Well talk about that later, I guess. ”

”Al!! ”

”Naomi, not now. We won use in-vitro fertilization, so don worry. ” Naomi was persuaded by Alfian.

”So why did you discuss in-vitro fertilization with the doctor? ”

No way Naomi could have misheard. She was able to hear the doctor apologize and offer IVF the next day.

Naomi awoke right away. Her spouse was unable to attend Alfians arrival this morning because of their contentious argument the night before and during the previous few days.

Naomis eyes grew smaller. ”Is this your objective? ”

”Naomi… ” Alfian attempted to grip Naomis arm, but she swiftly and violently pulled her away.

Naomi got up from where she was upright and focusing her gaze on Alfian.

”Don touch me!! You must respond first. Is this the reason you want to reconcile with me once again? you want me to consent to IVF? ”

”…. ”

”Al, answer to me! ”

When her husband gave her no response to her question, Naomi lost her cool.

”Yes. ”

Naomi chuckled. She let out a startled gasp. She ought to have seen this coming. because she has come to the realization that her marriage this year seems unhealthy.

Her home life is significantly dissimilar from the homes of regular people. No warmth at all, not even a touch or a kiss.

Naomi frequently discovered that her husband never come at home. He offered no answer at all.

Naomi cried quietly. Her eyes began to brim up with tears, and she eventually found it difficult to contain them.

What is wrong about it?

Why was she subjected to such brutal fate?

Her own family has abandoned Naomi. When they are on holiday, her stepmother has the abandon her on the beach. Not even her father was aware of it.

Naomi was too young then. When it got dark out, she didn even know how to beg for assistance. alone in the chilly evening.

Fortunately, a good fisherman saved her and brought her up. When they died, she was alone once more. The family of the fisherman was unwilling to adopt her.

Up until she graduated from high school, Naomi resided in an orphanage.

When Naomi is an adult and wants to learn more about her biological family, A piece of bad news was found. They revealed to have relocated precisely at the time Naomi had been missing for a year.

The woman ceased speaking. She was lost in her own grief until she heard Alfians voice. Naomis red eyes, which were on the point of tears, were visible when she looked up.

Not all things are like that. Alfian bellowed. ”My first desire was to participate in an IVF program. I spoke with the doctor about it today. But I changed my mind. ”

”Cancel? ” Naomi asked, her brows pinched in uncertainty.

”Not so Naomi, I suppos. ”

”Why? ”

”Well, we haven yet discussed that. It wouldn be fair to you if I made the decision alone without consulting you as well. ”

Naomi again ceased speaking. She had conflicting ideas. She was at a loss for words. Should he accept or reject it.

”Then why did you want to see doctor Aiden the first time you came? ” Naomi asked. ”You ought to have seen another doctor first if you had an appointment with him. ”

”He is My friend. ” Alfian said.

”I know, but why did you- ”

”Its been a while since weve seen each other. I also don have Aidens phone number. ”

He continued, ”I heard he was work in this hospital, and I wanted to see him first before seeing our doctor. We haven spoken in a very long time. ”

Alfian persuaded Naomi without a shadow of a doubt once she had given it some thought. Finally, Naomi nodded.

”What will we do following this? ”

”Go home. Before making decisions, we need to think again, ” Alfian said.

Alfian assisted Naomi in standing up while firmly holding her hand as she made her way down the hospitals lengthy hallway.

In an the mood changed to relaxation.

”I think you are going to adopt a child at this institution in addition to desiring IVF. ” Naomi mulmed.

Alfian rubbed his forehead. ”Why do you believe that? ”

”Doctor Aiden. He is a pediatrician. ”

Alfian laughed. ”That won take place. Since we haven spoken in a while, I just wanted to meet Doctor Aiden. ”

”Im just afraid, ” Naomi had anticipated that things wouldn stay good in her life forever. It appeared as though no one desired her.

To be continued….

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