At a convenience shop close to the road, the cars noise came to a stop. A handsome man got out of his car wearing a white shirt.

He entered the convenience store quickly and passed by the tall shelves that were stocked with a wide range of goods and essentials.

He came to a stop in front of a line of icy beverages. His bead cocked sideways and said, ”Coffee, juice, soda, or… ” Mineral water, ” he thought to himself.

After much deliberation, he finally removed two bottles of mineral water, two Coke cans, and a beverage known as remove hangover efek.

He sighed. He also grabbed some instant noodles and some snacks from the rack of boxed food as he passed it to stave off future hunger.

”Which is better, this or the other? ” someone mumbled.

He came to a stop. He made a side turn. A young mother standing not far from him was perplexed about selecting formula milk. The young mother was pushing a baby push carriage alongside her.

He got closer.

”Pick this one, ” he suggested.

He continued, ”However, breast milk will be superior to formula milk. ”

The young mother looked up and was silent for a moment. Her eyes widened suddenly with panic. She pushed the stroller in her direction.

He was startled. He felt uneasy. ”I apologize, Maam. I didn mean to interject. Im not really a bad guy! ” He waved his hands while shaking his head.

The young mother in front of him would have believed that he was a baby abductor, right?

The young mother is remained silent. He attempted a clumsy throat clearing. ”My name is Aiden. I am a docter. ”

She didn budge.

”Wait a minute, ” Aiden said.

A business card Aiden pulled from his wallet revealed that he was indeed a pediatrician and not a covert baby kidnapper.

She sighed. ”Sorry, ” she stated.

But for some reason, Aiden continued to sense the womans alert aura.

”Excuxe me. Give me a way, please. ”

Aiden cleared the way by moving aside.

Aiden was struck in the face by the loudness of the wind that came from the shops air conditioner.

He didn flinch as the young mother apologized and then swiftly walked away.

”Whats wrong, ” Aiden asked.

He didn understand the womans response.

He simply offered guidance, and it was completed after that. He didn intend to continue interfering, did he? Why is she so upset?

”Strange woman. ”

The vibration of the phone in his trouser pocket broke up his train of thought. In frustration, Aiden snorted. He pursed his lips and read the message from his best friend again as he glanced at the phones display.

Another impatient human, he reasoned.

Aiden ignored his ponsel. One of the formulas milk that the woman had not taken was quickly pulled out by the him.

He took it to the cashier while grumbled.

After paying for all of his purchases, Aiden has just realized. Why did he earlier purchase formula milk?

”Damn it! Aiden swore angrily.

drett … dratt…

He jumped at the sound of the phone ringing. As he left the convenience store, Aiden set down his purchases, pulled out his phone from his pocket, and slid the green button.

”Why was it taking so long? ”

Aidens ears perked ears heat up as he heard a gruff voice with his ponsel. He ended the call right away. grumbling once more, till his saw the black car he was earlier driving.

Titt, titt, titt

”Oh, my God! ”

As he observed the perplexed expressions on others who passed him, Aiden let out a few snorts.

Brak ..

The automobile door shut firmly.

e not going to be patient! ” Aiden said.

The groceries were thrown into the back seat. He then sent a annoyed when

his best friend who rolled his eyes unconcerned.

”Where is my medication? ”

The mans hoarse voice filled Aidens ears.

Aiden inhaled deeply and rolled his eyes in irritation.

”Im not your private docter. ”

Aiden opened the storage box on the dashboard of his car.

He grabbed a few packs of fever-relieving medication, and threw them out but sadly, his best friend noticed. He catch it.

The man mumbled, ”Thanks. ”

The bored Aiden rolled his eyes.

”Don come over to my house if you
e unwell. ”

Why had his best friend arrived at him residence in such poor shape was a mystery to Aiden. In addition to being ill, he was in a far worse predicament.

Aiden didn hold it against his best friend for coming so early and requiring him to take an impromptu leave from the hospital today.

”Hi! Did you know that there is a hospital in our nation that is still in operation? Just so you
e aware. Go there, not to my house, if you
e unwell. ”

As he listened to Aidens conversation, the man was silent.

His temples, which had begun to throb, were being rubbed.

Muttered and snorted in irritation.

His attention turned to the flitting smartphone display.

”Father. ” He said,

He has a grievance, problem against his own father.


He flung his phone into the backseat of the car.

”Lets go! ”

Aiden gaped, who owns the car here?

”Don just tell me what to do. Im not under your command! ”

”Im sick. You are doctor, need to realize that. ”

”Shitt. ” Aiden cursing.

He cast a quick glance towards his paler friend.

”Your fever is very high. You should see the hospital. ”

Aiden started the car. As he gently drove through a parking area full of midrange vehicles.

”Were you drunk last night? ”

The man didn say anything.

”Hey Saga! ”

”My head hurts, please stop talking, ” he pleaded.

Aiden grumbled. He truly had a question he wanted to ask. His closest friend, Saga, has an strange routine.

He will get a fever the following day if he is drunk, just as today.

Aiden didn care to find out why, though. His attention was distracted when he saw the suitcase in his cars trunk.

Aiden turned back to the road, ”So you
e leaving? ” he questioned.

Saga just nodded while softly rubbing his face.

To be continued….

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