”My mistake coming here, huh? I should have stayed in Switzerland. ” Saga said.

What Aidens best buddy was trying to say eluded him. He didn say much more than occasional nods.

”Do you wish to go again? Really, though, go? You just came back. ”

Saga gave a strong nod. He averted his gaze. sitting next to Aiden in the passenger seat, leaning. Because of his problems with his father, Saga left this country a very long time ago.

And he just returned, but already have the urge to go again.

Aiden was at a loss for words.

”You don want to see your father? Uncle John is still your father, even though espite his stern he is tough. He must be sad having a distant son. ”

In order to avoid upsetting his friend, Aiden struggled to find the appropriate words.

”Its not a big deal. Hell get used to it eventually. In addition, my father may not have missed me at all during. ” Saga answered coldly.

”Its possible that he misses his golden child more than his own biological child. ”

Aiden didn fully comprehend the way of thinking of his best friend. despite the fact that they have always been be friend.

His family issues are likewise erratic. Saga always chose to keep it to himself.

e a bother, ” Aiden said.

”Please help me once. I won bother you anymore after that. This is the last one, ” Saga responded briefly.

In frustration, Aiden snorted. As he approached the airport entrance gate, he reduced his cars speed. In a designated parking space, Aiden parked his car.

”Do you want to call the others, or are you sure not to? ” Aiden asked.

They were now close to the departure waiting area.

”How is your mother? ”

Saga made a quick blink. ”Which mother are you referring to? My biological mother is not here. ”

”I know. ”

His stepmother Saga is now living in the Matthew family mansion, and he hate her.

”Ah, Airin, maybe she must miss you. ”

Saga refuses. ”Im leaving. Meeting him will only hurt my feelings again. ”

Aiden realized where this was headed this talk.

”Oh, right. ” he said.

he contteded, ”You won be returning again? ”

”Yes… for all time. ten years at the very least. ”

Aiden nodded. He shouldn be as depressed as he is. Because his best friend had always been that that. When he gets into difficulties, its in his nature to flee and vanish.

This one is no longer a mystery to Aiden.

”So amusing. Saga, you
e still in your a teenager. ”



When Aiden stepped out and opened the back trunk, Saga just let out a quiet snort.

”This is all you have? ” Aiden queried.

”Hn… ”

”By the way, where jacket did you borrow last night? Its my favorite jacket. Why did you take it unauthorized? That parasite, you! ”

Aiden murmured as he moved the tiny bag belonging to his best friend. He double-checked passports and tickets as well.

”I forgot. Perhaps I leave it. ”

”Where? Your house? ”

Saga Silent. ”No. ” He gave a quiet sigh. He said, ”Probably at someones house. ”

”Hah?? ” Aiden rolling his eyes.

”The watch too, then? ”

”Did I take your watch? ” Saga asked, shrugging his shoulders.

Of course, damn! Even the watch is a limited edition. Aiden vigorously rubbed his face.

He inhaled deeply, held it for a time, and then slowly exhaled.

”Try to recall it once more. Where did you leave the pair? I still have the ability to part with my beloved jacket, but my watch— ” Aiden brushed. ”Its a gift and its expensive, dammit! ”

”How much will I change afterwards, ” Saga snorted.

”Oh my gosh!! It doesn matter the price.But even more valuable than my life is the watch I received reward for the title for the first time, worth even more than my life. ”

”You expect me to lay down my life? ” Saga asked.

”No!! Oh well, nevermind. It is irrelevant. ” Finally, Aiden gave in.

Sagas argumentative nature is akin to that of a young child who has stolen his candy. Saga is much more obstinate than a five-year-old boy.

The conversation is over. Aiden unsure of who was to blame for the disappearance of his two favorite items, he could only snort.

Where did Saga stay overnight the previous night? Aiden murmured.

He turned to face his best friend, who had already passed security at the airport.

At lunchtime, Saga visited him at home. His friend came like jailangkung, not picked up but asked to be delivered.

Saga borrowed his clothes. Thats normal. He said his suitcase was still left at his fathers house. And he didn want to take it because his father had come from out of town.

Meeting his father is something that Saga dislikes.

The following morning, early in the morning, Saga returned to find him in a dreadful state, pale and feverish, with the smell of alcohol and a trace of sex.

”Saga couldn possibly employ a prostitute? ”

Aiden swore at his own mind. Saga is not an asshole. He is vindictive, obstinate, and quick to anger. Saga has just a few close pals and no romance.

”My only concern. Hes just drunk, nothing more. ”

Aiden was certain. After the Saga flight took off, he left. He ran into an old friend on the way. A reunion invitation is sent to him.

”Who is arriving? said Aiden.

”Many people have confirmed. Especially our classmates. ”

Aiden drank instant coffee. They were seated close to the convenience shop.

”I don have many memories of our friends. ”

”Don be like that. ” he patted Aiden on the shoulder and murmured

”She come too. ”

Aiden arched his brow.

”Who? ”

”Naomi. Naomi Aurora. Will, not really, but Naomi will receive the invitation directly from us. She is arriving. ”

Naomi Aurora. She is a girl he had once glanced at in high school. It was the only thing that attracted his eye.

”Oh, I see, Naomi. Does she date anyone? ”

”Why do you know that? ”

In displeasure, Aiden sagged. He prayed the report wasn accurate.

”This morning, I intended to send the invitation. But a man with blonde hair emerged from his home. ”

Aiden remembers Saga and her blonde hair. ”Saga? But he doesn know Naomi. ”

To be continued….

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