Female lead:Xao Ming

Male lead:Fu Chan

And others who hate FL and ML

In a dark pitch night, a voice shouted from water in which she was drowning. No! Xao Man.SAVE ME. Believe me, Xao Man I didn do anything. I wanted to see my baby which is in my tummy. Please for the sake of the baby. ”

ha! older sister if I save you, you will try to take my Li Jung away from me and you don know that all this was plan me ,my mom and guess who Li Jung. He hates you and don worry I know you didn do anything. I believe you because everything was done by me, my mother and Li Jung and our last step will also be done as soon as you die. Everything will be mine. Everyone hates you including your hubby and my love.Once you die with bastard kid. He and I will be marry. We think of this marriage when you were marrying him. Take care and this plan was made by your husba

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