Xao Ming remembering all this felt disgusted. Even she wanted to forgive him she cannot. Even she wanted to spend time with him, hug him, have a good life with him she cannot.

All of a sudden she wanted to cry. She wanted to have these days of her life when they were so pure and amazing and but maybe….. maybe that all was a lie. That young youths who promise to stay with each other was a lie.

In her old life, he pushed her away and hated her, now she will pushed him away and feel disgusted towards him.

When they reached at Garden. Li Jung was stunned at the scene of how beautiful Xao Ming was looking with her long silky hair and top of it background of flowers just made her too pretty like a ancient goddess but her aura.

She was looking like a angel with wicked Aura.

Her aura was like a devil but her surrounding made her like an angel.

”Oh boy! it is like I am falling in love no….no that can do ” thought Li Jung.

Even Xao Man who came home right after shopping was stunned to see Li Jung father. When she asked about Li Jung she found that he was at Garden she quickly said Thank you and went to found Li Jung.

Even Xao Man did not said hello, Li Jung father was not angry because she always come home to play and Li Can know how good she is. But seeing her like this her father was naturally embarrassed and said I am sorry about her, She might be in a hurry but she is a very good daughter ”.

Li Jung father naturally don mind and and said I know she always came at our home and naturally is amazing. You are blessed with two talented daughters. ”

Hearing Li Can saying that Xao Man father gradually relaxed and they started resuming their conversation.

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