Reverse World Convergence

Waking up In Another World

I awoke with a splitting headache. The kind that left you miserable, doubled over in pain and wondering what in the hell you did to deserve it. Stumbling out of bed, I managed to crawl my way to the cabinet and retrieve a bottle of high dosage pain medicine. Cupping water from the tap in my hands, I washed down two pills and collapsed on the bathroom floor. The pain began to dull after a few strenuous minutes at which point I managed to stand up and study my reflection. There were no visible wounds or bruises so it certainly wasn an injury that caused me to wake up feeling like shit. I had also never drank, not that I had the money or friends to do so with, so I wasn hung over.

As the pain continued to fade, I decided to just take a shower and hope everything went back to normal. As I scrubbed myself down, it dawned on me that today was also the start of senior year at my new highschool. Maybe my sudden morning headache was the result of stress? I remembered reading about some mild illnesses being caused by stress. It sounded unlikely but I wasn experiencing any other symptoms. After changing and making sure my backpack was packed, I entered the kitchen. sitting on the table was a note from my mom.

Have a good first day at school sweetie 🙂

despite clearly being my mothers handwriting. the note felt off. she was definitely kind but had always been more formal. The smiley face at the end looked especially weird. Maybe she was just worried, I thought as I poured myself a bowl of cereal. I was a loner after all. After eating, I opened the door and stepped outside. I watched in utter shock as a woman in a business suit floated by our apartment, hovering several feet of the ground. I immediately slammed the door shut and ripped open my backpack. ”what the ** did I just take ” I asked myself while pulling the bottle of pain pills out. I triple checked the dosage and expiration date. It wasn the pills.

I hesitantly opened the door and peeked outside. Thankfully there were no flying women. What I did see however was still surprising. A young girl with bunny ears walking next to her father. A lady in a sports bra, running so fast I nearly didn see her. A shopkeeper extending her arms to almost inhuman lengths and thrusting newspapers in an anoyed passerbys face. ”Oh, Suzies boy. You
e up early. ” I turned and saw the apartments owner moving her hands and creating a small dust tornado that absorbed fallen leaves and loose trash. I had only met her once when we first moved here several weeks ago. ”Um, yea. ” I responded, still in a daze.

She moved the small whirlwind of trash over an open trash bag in her arms and deposited it inside. ”Its been a while since Ive seen you, still as cute as ever. Has school started yet? ” She asked. I nodded while clenching my fist, ”It starts today. Im a senior. ” I wasn a fan of being called cute. especially because my short stature and face led many to believe I was younger than my actual age. ”Oh, Th

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