Reverse World Convergence

Research for Cultured Men

The girl next to me smiled. ”Yes, Ill be your teacher this year. My name is Ms Adeline. Its a pleasure to meet all of you. I looked at the class awkwardly as though I hadn just teleported in. I could see some of the girls in class whispering and murmuring. ”go ahead and find an empty seat! ” Ms Adeline whispered to me.

I scanned the room and quickly saw an empty seat near the back. I walked with my head down and was about to sit there when I noticed there was a backpack already on the chair. A girls hand quickly darted out and grabbed the bag before flinging it out of the chair and under her desk. ”Sorry, ” I said as I turned to her. ”were you saving it for someone? ” she looked surprised upon realizing I was talking to her. ”No, I was. I mean, I wasn saving it for anyone. You can sit there. ” The girl in question was almost as short as me and had brown hair that fell in loose bangs covering her face.

I sat down and thanked her. The first thing I noticed upon surveying the class was that most of the girls were looking at me. That or starring daggers at the girl next to me. Her eyes darted nervously around the room before settling on me. ”Are you really fine sitting here? ” she asked. Realizing that I was in a Reverse World, a million cheesey pick-up lines cycled through my head. Ultimately, I cast them all aside and responded, ”Yea, why wouldn I be. ” The teacher began calling roll as my seatmate looked at me excitedly. ”Then you haven heard about, nevermind… you
e new here right? ” she asked.

”Yea, I transferred here this year. Whats your name by the way? ” I asked the girl. ”Jennifer, but everyone just calls me Jen. You can too, if you want. ” She replied ”Its a pleasure Jen. I don have any friends here so hopefully we can get along. ” I said as I extended my hand towards her. Jens eyes sparkled at the mention of being friends and she hesitantly reached out her own hand. ”O..o..of course, I would like that a lot. Um, whats your name though. ” she asked while grabbing my hand. Her hand was soft but her grip was strong, almost as though she was trying to show off. ”Jennifer Collins ” Ms Adeline called while looking around the room.

”Here! ” Jen squeaked as she raised her hand. unfortunately, it was the hand that was still clutching mine. I fell out of my seat at the sudden force of my hand being jerked and somehow, ended up taking Jen with me. The two of us collapsed onto the aisle between our seats and like something out of a manga, I ended up flat on my back with Jen straddling me. Her soft brown hair tickled my nose and I realized in this position I was able to finally get a good look at her face.

Incredibly cute. Her light blue eyes were similar in color to mine and the hints of baby fat on her face made her look like a small animal. I was filled with the sudden urge to watch her eat and see if she took small nibbles of her food or stuffed it all in her cheeks like a chipmunk. ”Get the hell off him bitch! ” A girl said as she dragged Jen off of me. Another girl with short hair picked me up and asked, ”Are you okay sweetie, she didn hurt you did she. ” I shook my head no, still slightly dazed. ”Be careful around that bitch, her power increases her luck but she only uses it to perv on guys. If you ever run into trouble with her or her perverted friends, just let me know. Names Amanda by the way. ”

A surprisingly loud clap resounded through the room before Ms Adeline said, ”Everyone back in your seats. What happened was clearly an accident so lets forget about it and continue with attendance please. ” Amanda and the other students that had gotten up drifted back to their seats. I snuck a glance at Jen but her head was hung low and she simply stared at her desk. Several names were called before the teacher eventually got to mine. ”Tracy Winters. ” I raised my hand ”Here. ” The rest of class was fairly normal though I didn talk to Jen at all after the incident. I could however see several girls sneaking glanced at me or whispering about me.

After class ended, A few of the brave individuals came up to talk to me. ”Give him some space please! ” A boy slightly taller and significantly lankier than me said. I followed him out of the class. ”Thanks for that, Im still not the most social person so I get overwhelmed easily. ” I told him. He giggled which I found slightly off-putting and said, ”Girls are all such perverts. A cute boy shows up in class and they all immediately try to dive headfirst into his pants. ” I felt my right eye twitch as he called me cute. ”Im not cute. ” I said as though that would magically change his mind. ”Boy, you are totes adorable. I would def be jelly if not for the fact that I already have a girlfriend. ”

He called me cute as though it was a good thing. Wait, in this world, was it? I was aware of some of the changes in this world but there was still a lot I didn know. Especially about what each sex desired or detested. As I noticed a bathroom sign out of the corner of my vision, I quickly excused myself and ducked inside. Sitting in a stall, I pulled out my phone. If I wanted to really know about how different this world was there was only one place to start. Clicking the top right hand corner of my phones browser, I hesitantly opened an incognito tab. It was time for a bit of research.

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