Reverse World Convergence

Helping a Lost Puppy

After opening several incognito tabs, I opened up a popular hentai site that I assume still existed In this world. I immediately noticed that the recommended tabs and popular tabs featured cover art of cute guys. Young boys or men with boyish faces graced nearly every story. Moreover, the women on display were far more muscular. The average hentai ”protagonist ” featured a small chest and small hips while also having short hair. This was probably because women in this world valued strength over anything else so big breasts and other ”assets ” were viewed as useless fat at best and a sign of weakness at worst.

In this matriarchal society, cuter guys seemed to draw the most attention as they triggered a womans natural instinct to protect them. Taller more muscular men or typical hot guys were seen as ”wannabe women ” or men with an inferiority complex regarding their lack of powers.

Of course, these tastes didn extend to all of society seeing as how tags like, Male dom, Tomgirl, and others proved there was a minority of people whose tastes lied outside of the sexual norm. For many women though, the attraction to shorter more boyish guys was hardwired in. I suddenly realized why so many of my classmates were interested in me. Not only were they now the more proactive and horny sex but I also fell right in the crosshairs of most womens ideal man.

Short height, curly blond hair, large blue eyes, and a hint of baby fat. All my efforts to work out in the past yielded muscle mass but instead left me lean and devoid of most body fat. I was practically a legal shota by this worlds standards. Opening one last tab, I hesitantly searched for information regarding polygamy. Still illegal, though that didn seem to stop from many stories and hentai being produced around the idea. I wasn sure whether to be glad or upset. On one hand, having a harem of hot girls to fool around with. on the other, I didn want to become some egotistical jerk that went around picking up women left and right.

In harem stories, the main characters were always had peerless stamina, riches, strength, and charisma. Even if they started off as weak losers, they would often gain those things early on in the story. I however had none of that. As tempting as it was to go around and seduce every beauty I saw, could I really keep them all happy. Could I make anyone happy. Even if this world had changed, I was still the same. A virgin nerd with no friends. I had thankfully left my stuttering and slouching behind but I was still far from being at the top of the school cast.

would anyone even fall for me if they looked past my appearance. Would they hate me if they found out about the books I read. would they think I was gross if they knew about the anime I watched. I could feel my breathing start to quicken. Even if the girls in class were interested in me now, they wouldn be once they got to know me. They would think I was a loser, a nerd, they would laugh at me. Like she did. my eyes grew blurry and I clutched at my chest. A phantom voice played over and over in my head.

”you looked cute but you
e nothing special. ”

”do you really like this kind of stuff? ”

”Hey, lets end it. ”

”Are you okay! ”

The last one sounded real, almost too real. I jumped up startled. the voice had sounded so close and yet, I was alone in the stall. ”Is someone there? ” I asked. ”oh shit! ” a girls voice responded. I reached out my hand to swing the door open only for my hand to be stopped mid air.

”nnhhh! ”

I heard the voice moan as my brain registered the texture in my hand. flesh. soft and bouncy flesh. I nearly screamed as I tried to move back and slipped in the cramped stall.. Two invisible arms wrapped around me and stopped me from slamming my head into the toilet seat. ”Don kill me, ple- ” I tried to say before being muffled. Footsteps could be heard outside as two giggling boys entered the restroom while gossiping.

”Do you mind keeping an eye out for that pervert creep while I pee. ”

”yea, no problem. I still don see how she hasn been expelled yet. ”

”I know right, using her invisibility to peep on guys in the restroom how gross right. ”

The two laughed and continued insulting the girl that I now realized was the very same one keeping me held down in the stall. After they left, the invisible hand covering my mouth was removed. ”Why? ” I asked as I looked at the spot in front of me where I assumed she was standing. ”Im sorry, please Ill do anything. Money, do you want money? ” the voice pleaded.

”calm down, Im not going to report you. jest tell me why. ”

I reached out above be and found a mop of what I assumed to bea hair. ”during my freshman year. I had a crush on some guy, so I tried to show off my powers too him. I thought maybe he would find them cool, or something. instead, I accidentally heard him making fun of me behind my back. talking about how creepy my invisibility was. how ugly my face was, how awkward I looked. I started to worry about what other people thought about me, what other people said about me. so I started to use my powers to spy on them. looking for someone, just one person who didn hate me. Just one person that thought I was cool, or handsome, or funny. Just one person. ”

I could hear her choking on her words as she started crying. Tracing my hand down her invisible face, I wiped the tears from her eyes and said. ”Its wrong of you to spy on other people. But Im sure you already know that. Even still, I don hate you because I don even know you. Instead of worrying about the people that don like you, find the people that do. Not by spying on them, but by genuinely getting to know them and showing them what an amazing person you can be. ”

The crying stopped and the air suddenly shimmered before me. Appearing out of thin air was a tall gangly girl with small pert breasts, ginger hair, and an abundance of freckles. She was also completely nude. The girl lept at me and burried her face in my chest saying a muffled, ”Dank Fou Sho Mush! ” I looked up at the ceiling and muttered quietly, ”no problem, also, please put some clothes on. ”

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