The school day continued to be surprisingly uneventful. While girls would eye me curiously, there were very few that dared to approach me. The bell for lunch rang and I headed down to the cafeteria to grab something to eat.

Sadly, this world seemed to have the same shitty school lunches as my own world. As I twirled the half jellied spaghetti around on my plastic fork. A boy and girl sat down across from me. I recognized the boy from my first period class as the one who had tried to help me but the girl was unfamiliar. ”What a coincidence meeting you here Tracy! ” The lanky boy said.

”Yea, what a coincidence. ” I replied back unenthusiastically. I didn really see how it could be coincidental considering most of the students ate in the cafeteria during lunch. ”Oh, let me introduce you, ” he said while pointing at the raven haired girl next to him. ”This is my girlfriend Cynthia, and Im Jeremy in case you forgot. ” Cynthia nodded slightly and replied ”sup. ” She reached a hand around Jeremy and grabbed his shoulder pulling him closer.

He blushed slightly and tried to ignore her advances as he said. ”you
e new here so if you need anything, just let me know. ” His outgoing nature was slightly off-putting. I wasn used to people taking the initiative when talking to me so I wasn sure how to respond. ”Ok, thanks. ” I replied. ”Do you have any hobbies? ” Jeremy asked. ”Hobbies? ” I repeated. ”Yea, ” he said. ”you know, like where do you go when you get out of the house? ”

I winced slightly, and said. ”I don really get out of the house much. ” Unperturbed, Jeremy asked, ”We need to get you out more then, whats your insta and snap? ” I stared at him blankly. My what and my what? ”Sorry, I don use social media. I can just give you my phone number though. ” I recited my number as Jeremy eagerly typed it into his phone.

My phone buzzed as I received a message from an unknown number with several emojis attached. After saving the number, I slid my phone back into my pocket. ”So what do you do at home? ” Jeremy asked, still determined to learn more about me. ”Just play games and watch anime. ” I muttered. ”Im not really into that stuff but thats still cool. ” Jeremy replied. Cynthias eyes however seemed to light up. ”What kind of games? ” she asked.

”Mostly sci-fi stuff. ” She leaned forward and began listing off various games. some of which I had heard of and others I hadn . After an exhaustive grilling by Cynthia to try and determine whether I was really a gamer or not, she asked, ”Whats your username in - ”

”ehum ”

A sudden faux cough cut her off. both of us turned to look at Jeremy. His previously bright eyes were now incredibly cold and the frigid air around him made me shudder. ”Sorry but Cynthia and I should get going. Me and My Girlfriend have something we still need to do. ” he said in a sharp tone. Boys are scary, I thought as I watched the two of them leave.

The lunch bell rang and I threw the remains of my jellied spaghetti away and walked to my next class. The next two classes were pretty boring. My last class of the day however was P.E. I was somewhat nervous about the class considering my rather lacking physical condition.

The P.E. class I was taking was mandatory and had both male and female students. Most P.E. classes seemed to be separated by gender however this one was Co-ed because it aimed to collect all the students that hadn earned their credit yet like myself and stick them all together. I had even heard that some girls would purposefully wait until their senior year to take P.E so they could be in a Co-ed class.

Opening the large double doors, I looked around and admired the schools gym. It was fairly large and looked more like a modern training facility than a school gym. As I admired the large room however, I began to notice that most of the boys were already wearing their gym clothes. Even the guys entering the gym after me were already wearing their gym clothes, meanwhile, mine were currently tucked into my backpack. I mustered up my courage and approached one of the friendlier looking boys. ”were we supposed to change before gym class started. I thought there was a locker room here? ”

The boy looked at me and frowned, ”Oh, you haven heard, the locker rooms aren safe anymore. Apparently, the peeping Tom is in our class this year. ” As if on que, the gym doors swung open and a familiar lanky redhead awkwardly stepped in. A wave of murmurs began to pass between the students as she shuffled into the gym. Realizing there were only a few minutes until class started, I entered the boys locker room and quickly threw on my school issued shorts and jersey.

By the time I exited, the class had grouped around a taller older lady that I assumed to be the coach. ”Since todays only the first day, we
e all going to start with stretches. Everybody find a partner and grab one of the exercise mats from over there. ” The coach pointed her finger at a pile of blue foam mats in the stacked neatly in the corner. Most of the students were already with a partner. glancing around the room, my eyes settled on the only person I recognized. The invisible redhead.

I walked up to her and asked, ”Do you have a partner? ” It was obvious by the way she was nervously glancing around that she didn but I asked anyway. Maybe because I felt like it would be too forward of me to ask her directly if she wanted to partner up. It was funny how that deep rooted social anxiety I had worked hard to overcome still crept up every now and then.

Startled, she jumped upon hearing me call out to her. ”The boy from the restroom? ” she muttered as though in disbelief. I quickly put a finger to her lips and said in a hushed town. ”Just Tracy is fine. Please try not to say anything that people might misunderstand. ” We both glanced around but it didn seem as though anyone had heard her. ”Im sorry? ” She said while bowing. It seemed now people were starting to take notice of us and felt several sets of eyes on me. ”Its fine please raise your head um…. ” She stood up straight and stuttered. ”I-Its Heather. My names Heather. ”

Finally learning her name, I ignored my embarrassment as I asked, ”So Heather, if its fine with you. Would you like to be partners? ” Her eyes stared blankly as though she had just heard me speak a foreign language. ”Huh. ”

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