I slowly opened my eyes as I woke up. I slapped my forehead when I felt dizziness and headache. ”O-ouch. Why does my skull seems breaking? ” I could not stop myself from groaning.

”Calm down. ” I automatically turned to the one who spoke. Who is this?

”Who are you? ” I asked the driver. He is familiar.

He smiled in my direction so I raised an eyebrow at him. It was as if in an instant, my dizziness was replaced by annoyance.

”I am Andrei Williams, ” he introduced. ”And by the way, you are currently riding in my car. ”

My eyes widened because of that. For a second, my sleepiness was gone. ”So, it means, this is not my car?! ”

”Obviously. ”

”What the . . . ” Okay, no cursing as of now. ”In that case, where is my car? And May, my friend, where is she? ”

”Shane, do not panic. I am here! ” I glanced at the backseat where I heard the voice. I quickly glared at May who I saw sitting there smiling. Uh, what is the smile for?

I turned my attention back to the front. I was dizzy again. Next time, I would not drink anymore.

”Your car was left behind. Just get it tomorrow, ” Andrei said.

”May, you should have just woken me up, ” I stated to the woman smiling in the back. Honestly, her smile was somewhat creepy.

”My gosh, Shane. You are so drunk, ” she reasoned out as she rolled her eyes.

”How many bottles did I have? ” I questioned. All right. Let us see who is drunk among us.

She sneered at me before replying, ”Three. ”

I smirked after I heard it but my gaze remained on the front. I still remember how many bottles I had. ”You are wrong. Two and a half, ” I corrected her.

”Oh, then you are not the drunkard one. Oh, what about this? Do you remember what did you tell us? ”

”Yes, I do, ” I proudly replied. Of course, I am not an amnesiac.

”Do you remember that you said everything about your dream? ”

I immediately turned to her. ”Wha-what dream? ” I asked, confused. Speaking of . . . I have vague memories of what happened in the bar.

She laughed for a moment. I was even more lost. ”So, you do not remember. ”

”Oh, come on, May. Of course not. This is why I reacted like this, is it not? What did I open up? ”

”Thanks, your spirit has awakened, ” she exclaimed.

I heard Andrei laugh but he also stopped when I glared at him.

”What is funny, Mister Williams? ” I seriously asked.

”Why not ask her instead? ” He smiled and pointed to May with his eyes.

May also smiled at me. ”You told everything about your heavy feelings earlier. Everything you feel since the time Charles disappeared. You also told us about your dream. ”

After that, all of a sudden flashback to what happened earlier entered my mind. How shameful! It was too embarrassing!

I shifted my attention to the view outside the window. I could see our house.

When the car stopped, I swiftly opened the door and went out. I slowly walked towards the gate but because of my extreme luck, I fell to the ground.

I felt dizzy again until my vision darkened.

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